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I’ve been thinking about how some bantering between Stephen Strange and Tony Stark would go. I hope they do that in the next movie and I imagine it would be hilarious. I am interested in how you think it would go. -Requested by @punken316

“… So.”


The tension in the air was almost tangible. Maybe it was a bad idea to convince your new friend Stephen Strange to meet your good friend Tony Stark. But Stephen was a sorcerer, and could be a potential valuable member to the Avengers. After all, he already saved the world once. The only problem was getting past the awkward first-meeting stage.

Tony cleared his throat after a long, uncomfortable moment of silence. “… So you’re friends with (y/n), I see.”

Stephen kept his gaze even, like he was trying to stare into Tony’s soul. “Yes, that’s right.”

“That’s… cool.” Tony shifted in his chair. “And… how long did you say you knew each other for again?”

“A month.” 

“That’s… nice.” Tony turned to you. “And you trust this guy that you’ve met for a month, right?”

You nodded your head, “With my life. Stephen’s a good guy, Tony. You can trust me on that.”

“Mm.” He studied the sorcerer with contempt. It was all-too obvious that he didn’t like the guy. “So Stephen, tell me about yourself. (Y/n) mentioned you were a magician. Do you do, like, party tricks or something?”

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Two Worlds

Prompt: Uncle Tony Stark comes to visit

AN: This came to me in the middle of the night. I love how it turned out.

Words: 1259

          You walk through the building with an authority that comes from having mesmerized the halls when you were two. You don’t even pause, as you swipe your clearance card and pass through the doors. Tony had always been a tad sentimental, but not revoking your security clearance is just stupid.

          You ignore the gaping mouths and push open the office door. The sight that greets you makes you pause. Stiffening your shoulders, you don’t even bother with a greeting. A hand goes to your hip and you ask, “Where is he Pepper? From the look of things, I’d say he hasn’t stepped foot in the building in years.”  

          Pepper just stares at you, “Y/N, but you …”

          You sigh, “Went to another dimension, the dimension that is fusing with this one, and I need Tony to make sure the world doesn’t go kablooey.” When she just keeps staring at you, you snap, “Pepper!”

          She snaps back to reality and simply says, “He’s off the grid.”

          You smile “Then give me the coordinates for the new one. My email is the same.”  And then without another word you leave. Dialing the number, you know by heart, the phone rings three times before your husband finally picks up.

          “Did you get ahold of him?”

          You sigh as you slide into your car, “Of course not. Nothing with Tony is ever easy.”

          Bruce just chuckles, “I thought you said I reminded you of him.”

          You smirk, as you hook your phone to the bluetooth, and pull out onto the road. “Exactly, Bruce.”

          Your husband just laughs, “Well, Alfred always said you’re the only woman in the universe that would be able to put up with me.”

          You smile as the coordinates pop up on your phone, “The coordinates just came through, I’m off to see brother dearest.”

          “Good luck.”

          You turn off your phone and allow your mind to drift. Tony had been born three minutes after you. He’d always been smart, and always filled with a mind that was moving faster than everyone else’s. He’d never been able to stay still for long, and by the time he was sixteen he’d begun going through women faster than he went through red bull. Your parent’s death had sent him further over the edge.

          It had left you running the company. An accident in an experimental area had sent you careening through dimensions and had landed you in a world very similar to your own, but oh so different.

          You’d found an entry level position at Wayne enterprises and worked your way up in a matter of months. It had taken some time but eventually you had earned the trust of Bruce Wayne himself. It hadn’t taken you long to figure out his secret. He wasn’t nearly as good at hiding it as he thought. You had waited in the shadows until he needed you. You had never expected to fall in love with him.

          Fifteen years and seven kids later, found you still madly in love with the man, and still just as dedicated to protecting the new world you had become a part of.

          Then, the dimensions had started melding, and you had found yourself staring down a home you long thought was lost. Two weeks of research showed exactly how much had changed in your absence. Your brother had become a hero, aliens had invaded New York, and your brother had built a machine determined to destroy the world.

          Your brother had always been brilliant, and honestly you were thrilled to see that he had found something he had been passionate about. And now, he was needed again.

          The dimensions seemed to be erasing key events and people to compensate for how many things were melding. There was a chance to stop it from happening, if you were able to get Tony’s help.

          It takes you several hours to reach the building. Slowing to a stop right outside, you exit without a second thought. Guards are on you in seconds, and you simply raise an eyebrow in question, before the first Avenger steps out. You believe he’s called Vision.

          Stepping around the guns aimed at you, you walk right past the computer, machine, man, thing, and move into the building. You track his phone to a nook surrounded by windows. Stopping beside him you simply say, “So, I hear you’re still building things.”

          Tony just turns to you and says, “Did Y/F/N Margaret Stark just make a joke?”

          You smile, “I made an observation.”

          Tony finally turns to you, and you can’t help but sigh at what you see. His face now has lines, there are bags under his eyes, and he’s much too thin. When you don’t say anything he says, “So you were trapped in another dimension?”

          You nod, “The one that is slowly becoming a part of this one. And soon it will start erasing people, to compensate for the population increase.”

          “How sure are you about that?

          “99.99% It’s already started happening where I live.”

          Tony sits down on the window sill and looks up at you, “So this is how it is. My big sister comes back from the dead, apparently married,” he points at your ring, “and I don’t even get a hello, or at the very least a cookie.”

          You let out a deep breath before sitting down beside him, “I didn’t mean to vanish.”

          He nods, “I know. I got the reports. A scientist off his rocker started experimenting off the books, and when you went to fire him after finding out, he started the damn machine up, and it ended up killing three people, and you … well you just disappeared.”

          You cross your ankles, “I tried to find a way back, Tony.”

          “For how long?”

          The question catches you by surprise, but you answer anyways, “About two years. Until I got married. Until I felt like I was home for the first time since I was a kid.”

          “You ever think about me?”

          You smile, “Of course I did, you’re my little brother. And whenever my kids would do something especially stupid or especially bright I would tell them they were acting just like their Uncle Tony. They want to meet you by the way.”

          “So I have little nieces and nephews just running around.”

          “Nephews and niece,” You correct.

          “And the guy?”

          You smile’ “Head of a big company. Family owned like ours. He’s a really good guy, and an amazing father too.”

          Tony nods, and goes silent for a few minutes before saying, “Okay, let’s go.”


          “Save the world. I’ve got to find this phone first. And then I have to meet this husband of yours. Something tells me I might need his resources from his world. I also have to deal with the secretary of state…”

          You pull a card out of your purse and hand it to him, “Have her call him. She’ll take care of it.”

          Tony just looks at the card for a minute before saying, “Amanda Waller.”

          You smile, “Any man within their right mind would be terrified of her.”

          Tony just shrugs, and extends his arm. You give him a half hug as the two of you walk out the building, “And just so you know sis. When all this is over, I reserve the right to kick this guy’s ass if I don’t like him.”

          You laugh, “You’re welcome to try.”

          Tony scoffs, “Try? I’m a superhero.”

          You smirk, “So is he.”
[FIC] Understanding
By Organization for Transformative Works

Summary: Tony needs a friend who can… understand. Someone who knows that every person has both good and bad in them, and that how they act on it is what ultimately matters.

Diana Prince understands.

Word count: ~4k

Notes: I made a post about this concept and a number of people seemed to like the idea, so I thought I’d write a one shot exploring a possible friendship between Diana & Tony!! 

When Universes Collide (part 2)

Paring: Avengers, X-Men X Reader

Prompt: In this story, Avengers Universe and X-Men Universe finally collide together during the Avengers’ Civil War.

Warnings: Some swearing

Length: 2,466 words

Introduction / Part 1

Your name: submit What is this?

“ … and the ban on Mutants will take effect.” Echoed in your head as you leaned up against the rails that is wrapped around the fencing of the upper level of the facility.

The Avengers were sitting in the living room with Tony laying down on one end of one  couch and Natasha siting on the other end. Across from them was Vision and Wanda on the other couch with Steve siting in a single chair between them. Sam and James (also known as Rhodey) were arguing about the Accord while the others were siting in silence while Steve was looking through the pages.

‘I don’t know why he is even bothering.’ You glanced at him over your shoulder before turning back to looking out the window.

“Secretary Ross has a Congressional Medal of Honor which is one more than you have.” Rhodey points at Sam and you rolled your eyes.

‘And yet I can name ten men who don’t have anything like that and they’re ten times better than Ross.’ You thought to yourself and sighed.

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I present to you two very similar beans who deserve better, being 184529367% done with their friends’ talking, in a very similar fashion

Dean Winchester 12.07 / Tony Stark CA:CW


“Uh, what are you doing?”

Danny didn’t need to look up from his work to know that Tony was giving him The Look.

Since he had started living with the world famous heroes, he had grown accustomed to that look. Steve did his with a raised eyebrow. Natasha just stared at him. Clint and Wanda had most of their faces twisted into something that resembled confusion. And Tony had that, but like, a million times worse. Danny’s goal was to make it permanent on the playboy’s ‘perfect’ face.

“Absolutely nothing,” he replied innocently.

It was only the same thing he had been working on for the past month. He was lucky to have inherited his parent’s knack for technology. It wasn’t on Tony’s level, but one, he was only nineteen, and two, he did paranormal technology. Tony’s was more based off of whatever the hell he wanted.

“What are you building? You know, in my lab, with my tools?” Oh, he sounded irritated. It made Danny chuckle on the inside.

“Something convenient,” he answered with a shrug.

He could tell that he was pissing Tony off, and it kind of amused him. However, he was kind of surprised to see that he hadn’t figured it out yet. He’s seen the one at his parent’s house. You don’t see many octagons cut into the wall with the standard yellow and black striped border.

“Are you building one of those ghost portals?” Tony asked.

“What gave it away? The giant octagon in the wall or the blueprints I borrowed from my parents?” Danny lifted his mask and turned to Tony.

“Why? Why do we need two portals?”

“Because I can’t go all the way back to Amity all the time, and ghosts are everywhere. I’ve been in the thermos, man, it’s not comfortable. Despite my parent’s beliefs, us ghosts do feel pain. Dude, my back hurt for like a month after being stuck in there. Clint has horrible aim when he doesn’t have a bow in his hand, apparently.”

“Actually, that was because you said his dog drawing looked like shit.”

“Well, it did. But anyway, yeah it’s for convenience. Plus I can get to visit Frostbite more often.”

“Yeah…Okay…Well, I’m gonna go now. Just, don’t break anything, okay?”

“Yeah, sure,” Danny waved him off. “Whatever.”

Tony nodded and left, and as soon as he walked through the threshold he heard a huge crash, and a string of curses in Danny’s ghost jargon.

Tony just kept walking.


Not gonna lie, I have no idea what this is, but it’s raining and I needed a distraction of the severe weather warnings so here you go



Danny Phantom crossover with the Avengers :D

(I’m so sorry for the suit! First time drawing it… so… it’s just not good x’D)

I love the Danny/Avengers Crossovers and I especially love it when Danny is just minding his own business (flying around, catching ghost, the family-business) when one of the avengers has to investigate the suspicious entities that have been showing up lately. And than they screw up his whole easy half-dead-teenage-life.

… and Tony - for once - beeing speechless :D

“Wow, those are some very veeery interesting weapons - I think? The shield is kind of confusing. Don’t you use that to defend or is it more like a deathly frisbee?”

“Who - no - What the hell are you?! And how did you get into my tower?!

“Well- you see- my parents have a portal and I- you know what, it’s a long story so-”

“And what was- is that a thermos that can shoot lasers?!

“Oh no no, it’s more like a vacuum. To get rid of ghosts. Well I suppose you could use it as a thermos but-”

“And BOXES?! Why the hell BOXES?!”

“Tony, calm down!”

CALM DOWN?! A dude in a tailor-costume just flew into my bedroom, threw every box he could find at me, wrapped me in bubble wrap while screaming ’Beware!’ before this kid casually pointed a vacuum-thermos at mentoined Tailor-Suit-Guy! Even for Avenger-standards that’s uncommon.”

“He calls himself ‘Box Gost’ and yeah that guy is pretty annoying. Keeps getting out of the ghost zone just to be a huge pain in the- err… I should get going. You are giving me the ’I’m too confused to think rational and might accidently shoot’-look so… Bye.”


Buuuut he already left the place :D

Another Danny and Avengers crossover! Danny is with his class on a field trip to New York. But he’s not getting ghost-free-time ‘cause it is Danny we are talking about. At some point he follows the Box Ghost - who thought hiding in the biggest skyscraper he saw would be a good idea, freaking the shit out of the residenst - and that’s everthing I needed for this picture to happen :D

I got lazy with the background and didn’t even bother to shade anything because I’m that kind of horrible person. Also I forgot about the boxes lyring around when I finished Dannys expression so… ME OUT!


Title: A Whole New World pt. 1

Summary: Crowley decides to wreak havoc for the Winchester Brothers by making the Avengers appear in their world.

Warning: crossover with the Avengers and supernatural for right now.

Auothers Note: Some character’s will be as my oc.

Fandoms: Avengers, supernatural, teen wolf, underworld

Paring: Avengers x hybrid reader, supernatural x hybrid reader, teen wolf x hybrid reader, underworld x hybrid reader, teen wolf x hybrid reader


There Crowley sat in his throne pissed off, once again the Winchester brothers have ruined his plans and not only that but they had killed off some very important demons.“Those bloody Winchesters always ruining my plans.”
While Crowley ranted to himself a certain witch walked into the room and it was Rowena.

“Fergus are you complaining again?”
Rowena raised in eyebrow in questioning at her son. Crowley’s head snapped toward the direction of his mother. “How many times do I have to tell you, my name is Crowley!” Rowena rolled her eyes at crowley’s stubbornness, “I gave you the name Fergus at birth not Crowley, therefore you’re name is Fergus.”

An annoyed groan left the back of crowley’s throat as he rolled his eyes at that annoying name, he cleared his throat again before straighing up his eyes now trained onto the witch, “What are you doing here anyways?” Rowena waved her hands in the air and gave a sickeningly sweet smile which made shivers go up the demon kings back. “Well you know it gets boring being locked all up in a room all day, so I decided why not come and visit my dear son.”

Crowley once again rolled his eyes, “Then on my way in, I just so happen to hear my son complaining about the Winchester brothers.” Crowley sat down in his throne while his mother walked circles around him before stopping behind him, her hands placed onto his shoulders her red painted nails digging into his shoulders.

“Why don’t you get revenge, hmm Fergus?”

Crowley raised an a eyebrow in questioning but then a thought popped into mind, “Hmm revenge,” a smirk made it’s way onto his face now, “And I know the perfect way to get it.”

°•°•°•° Timeskip since I’m lazy °•°•°•°

After that oh so lovely chat with his mother, Crowley disappeared from hell and appeared in the back of an alley way, no one seemed to notice him which was good didn’t need any unneeded attention on him. After walking out of the alleyway and into the crowd of humans he walked straight up to a large tower which towered over most of the building around it, rolling his eyes he smoked his way up toward the top of the buidling.

Not many people noticed it and if any did they hadn’t said anything about it, now standing on the balcony of the tower he made his way inside when a voice broke out through the room, “Who are you?”, Crowley turned his head toward the sorce of the voice and saw a group of people crowded around the room, but the voice who had spoke up belonged to a blonde tall man almost around Sam’s height.

“You all will do.”

With a snap of his fingers the group better known as the Avengers disappeared from their living room.

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