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The Evolution of Iron Man in Television & Film [source]

“An exhaustive retrospective collecting the many incarnations of Tony Stark, from the recent Marvel movies and nostalgia-laden 90s animated series (holy shit, just listen to that bitchin theme song) to some pretty old and obscure examples.“

How they would react to a pyro.

  • For your first time working along with S.H.I.E.L.D you didn’t see Tony for a long time, you just put it down to him being on a mission. That was until one day you met him and he was in full Iron Man armour that was surprisingly ‘fire proof’. Nevertheless he warmed up to you and on every mission without fail he calls you ‘sparky’.
  • Bruce discovered your pyro like tendencies when he caught you setting fire to something in his lab. As you can imagine, he wasn’t very impressed. A couple of days went by when you didn’t speak to each other but Bruce only shot evil looks your way. Guilty, you went to his lab to apologise and although he was still annoyed a first, eventually he offered for you two to do some experiments together.
  • Peter Parker thought you were absolutely hilarious. When he met you he’d always say something like ‘hey, do the thing’ and you’d get out a lighter and perform some fire trick. It was bizarre how much he laughs but it still makes you giggle.
  • You and Wanda test just how far her powers can compete with your fire. Things are hard for her since you are well trained in the art of fire and how to spread it. Every training session is exhilarating. Once you accidentally burnt down a whole room and Fury banned you both from missions for a month. You and Wanda are very close friends.
  • Close to your relationship with Wanda, T’challa asks for you to help design his suits so that they are fire-proof. In return he helps you build tech for all different kinds of fire uses (as long as you don’t use it for evil). When you help do the suits it’s quite funny. You’ll be using a large blow torch burning vibrainium red hot while having a simple conversation about what pets you both have.
  • You and Clint are the dream team. On a mission once you threw a flame of fire up into the air and he shot an arrow threw it and still managed it hit the enemy with an alight arrow. As long as you don’t burn anything in his apartment, you’re always welcomed over.
  • You got the mission done and that is all that mattered to Vision. He wasn’t bothered by your tendencies. Though you once really tried to get him to use the mind stone so you could see what it was like with fire; he wasn’t too impressed by that.
  • Steve preferred to put your abilities on the field aside and just focused on who you were as a person. This resulted in you both actually becoming very close friends and spending a lot of time together.

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