I love how no one noticed the glaring plot hole

Regarding Hydra.

I imagine that some Hydra board meeting had to go like this shortly after Iron Man 1:

Hydra Leader 1: Ok guys, you remember that rich kid whose parents we had the Winter Soldier kill a couple years back?

Hydra Leader 2: Yeah, Tony Stark

Hydra Leader 1: Yes. Well, his mentor’s plot to murder him failed and now he’s flying around the globe in a nearly invincible suit of technologically advanced armour hunting down terrorist organisations. I vote that we mobilize the Winter Soldier to take him out immediately.

Hydra Leader 2: No need, canonically we’re not as big a villainous organization in Tony Stark’s plot lines as AIM is, so as long as we don’t actively involve ourselves with him we’ll be good.

Hydra Leader 1: What?

Hydra Leader 2: Sorry, fourth wall broke. Don’t worry, we won’t ever have to fight Iron Man.

Hydra Leader 1: Very well, if you say so.

*After the first fight in Avengers: Age of Ultron*

Hydra Leader 1: Dang it Bob!

Hydra Leader 2: It’s not my fault you stole the scepter that he had just taken from Loki!