'AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON' running time finally officially revealed by Joss Whedon. IT'S LONG JUST OVER 2 hours running about 142 minutes!


First thing that came into my head when the wood chopping/dick measuring footage surfaced last year. Steve has always hated that Tony used Extremis on himself. Then the first trailer leaked with the hammer lifting/more dick measuring scene and my first thought was ‘how is Tony powering that gauntlet with no arc and no evidence of any form of RT rig?

Then I saw the IM3 deleted scene with Maya sending Tony’s email  the Extremis file. And then the last trailer footage popped up and damn but that new armor looks organic.

Hey, a girl can dream.



The Evolution of Black Widow in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

IRON MAN 2 (2010), Mary Zophres
This costume seems to very much be about creating a form-fitting silhouette for actor Scarlett Johanson. The belts don’t interfere with the silhouette much at all, except for the holster. This looks a little more like a dancer’s outfit than combat gear.

AVENGERS (2012), Alexandra Bryne
Byrne wanted to emphasize the Black Widow as a field agent for SHIELD. The zipper is raised higher. Areas are padded not only to help with combat stunts but to tone down the actor’s curves. The belts and bracelets (the Widow’s Bite) now look more utilitarian rather than accessories designed to complement the silhouette.

The Black Widow uniform here is once again more form-fitting like in Iron Man 2. But there’s also a utilitarian nature with padded areas for combat protection and more belts to carry weapons, similar to her costume in The Avengers. This seems to be a compromise between the two earlier designs.

AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON (2015), Alexandra Bryne
Alexandra Byrne is back for the second Avengers movie but she hasn’t just dusted off the costume she used before. She’s made improvements. It may have some people making Tron jokes, but now Natasha’s suit looks powered up and ready for action that needs a superhero rather than a spy.

Which version of Black Widow, do you prefer?