Asgardian Iron Man Cuirass
Custom Leather Armor by Prince Armory

Quick FAQ: 
What’s it made of? It is made from leather and brass hardware.
Will there be a full suit? The full suit is complete and pics will follow so be sure to watch our page! (also see previous images for other components and WIPs of this project)
Is it for sale? This piece is a one-off and is not for sale. - However, if you would like something made for yourself we take very limited orders but have a long wait list. (Facebook)

Edit :  Asgardian Iron Man Completed Full Armor added

In the “Avengers: Age of Ultron” bath bomb pack, you get all six Avengers themed bath bombs from my shop for a discounted price! You’ll get the following in the pack:

Project Rebirth: Bathing with this bomb will be like becoming a super soldier yourself, just like Captain America. With scents that are said to boost your immune system and bring relief to your muscles, you will feel like you’ve accelerated your body’s healing functions yourself! The scent includes the following essential oils: Cinnamon Leaf, Clove, Eucalyptus, Lemon, Rosemary, Helichrysum, Peppermint and Wintergreen.

Bomb of Thunder: You can practically hear the thunder rumbling overhead with the scents this bomb creates, a mix of rain and thunder storm watch. This bomb would be perfect to use on a rainy evening or during a gentle storm, relaxing as Thor rages into battle overhead.

Doesn’t Play Well With Others: Apparently he’s volatile, self-obsessed, and doesn’t play well with others…but Tony Stark is more concerned with where he’s getting his next scotch. This Iron Man themed bomb smells like a long night out at a fancy gala, expensive cologne with even more expensive chardonnay, with overtones of hard whiskey.

Target Practice: Give a boost to your early morning start as you head to target practice with Clint Barton. This purple and white bomb may look like it carries a light scent but Hawkeye needs something strong to get him going, and keep him going, so this bomb is scented like a blend of coffee beans!

Widow’s Bite: Natasha Romanoff’s Widow’s Bite is nothing to mess around with, just like this bomb! The scent of sexy perfume lures the victim in and you can barely make out the whiff of leather and flash of a black catsuit before you’re out like a light. But really, this bomb smells very nice and is far more relaxing that the sting of the real Widow’s Bite!

We’ve Got A Hulk Bomb: Bruce Banner could use one of these bombs or five, to help him relax and lower his stress levels to keep The Other Guy at bay. Drop this bomb into your bath to help with stress relief and take a long, deep breath! Essential Oils included in this bomb are: Bergamot, Patchouli, Blood Orange, Ylang Ylang, and Grapefruit.

Get your Avengers: Age of Ultron Bath Bomb pack HERE!

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Pepper eventually says, “I really do have to go back to work.”

“Nooo,” Bruce whines softly.

Pepper strokes his face and says regretfully, “I know, honey, I wish I could stay. You remember what I told you about Rhodey and Tony though, right? They’ll take very good care of you.”

Bruce glances over his shoulder at them, both hands wrapped tight around the fingers of one of Pepper’s hands. “They took care of Steve,” he agrees reluctantly.

“I’ll tell you what,” Pepper says, kneeling down. “If you get scared, tell JARVIS to ask for me. Okay?”

“Okay,” Bruce says and hugs her quickly.

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