Captain America: Civil War Bloopers

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Bucky was hurt. He has been TORTURED. How can you defend Stark for what he did to Bucky! Stark is a spoiled rich boy. He couldn't understand what Bucky went through so he beat him up. Stark is a bully.

Of course, you’re absolutely right. There is no way Tony Stark could understand his freedom being stolen from him. How could he possibly know what it is like to be taken from everything that is familiar and warm and home. How dare Tony assume to know what it is like to wake up, strapped down in a cold and unforgiving place. To be absolutely terrified and out of his mind with agonizing pain and to know that no-one is coming as he screams for help.

Tony has no clue what it is like to be held down and tortured. To feel his mind withdraw. His mind. His genius mind that can see and rationalize and leap on so many, many levels. To know what is coming before it happens and be able to do nothing about it.

I mean, how could Tony understand what it is like to be unmade and to emerge from the nightmare as a different person. To actually witness it happen. To see the bright red arc of his own blood splash across his vision. A vivid testament of the pain searing through his chest. To feel the cold intrusion of metal into his body, that no matter how much he cries. No matter how much he struggles. No matter how raw his throat becomes from screaming will no always be a part of him. How could Tony Stark, ‘spoiled rich boy’ possibly know how that feels?

How can Tony begin to understand the pain Bucky went through if he has never suffered himself? That’s what you’re saying right? I hear you. Bucky lost everything and everyone he knew and Tony knows nothing of this because he has lost nothing, right?

To sum up. Tony Stark has never suffered at the hands of others?

And Tony has never lost anyone he loves. Has never had a loved one snatched away from him never to be able to see them or talk to them again. To feel the brush of a hand against his cheek or the scent of them in the air. To wake one morning and suddenly they are gone. How could Tony possibly know how that feels?

You were saying?

raise your hand if you still don’t understand the motivations of the people on Team Cap in cacw.


  • Person:*insults me*
  • Me:meh
  • Person:*insults my family*
  • Me:meh
  • Person:*insults my integrity*
  • Me:meh
  • Person:*insults my favorite character*
  • Me:Okay, first of all...

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