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The Signs As Classic Rock Bands (requested)

Aries: ACDC

Taurus: The Grateful Dead

Cancer: The Eagles

Gemini: Bon Jovi

Libra: Lynyrd Skynyrd

Virgo: Aerosmith

Leo: Black Sabbath

Scorpio: Iron Maiden

Sagittarius: Rush

Capricorn: Led Zeppelin

Aquarius: Van Halen

Pisces: The Doors

Heres a pic of my album collection!
From top to bottom:
Iron Maiden- Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son (1988)

Megadeth- Peace Sells…But Who’s Buying? (1986)

Iron Maiden- Somewhere In Time (1986)

Megadeth- Endgame (2009)

Iron Maiden- Powerslave (1984)

Metallica- Kill em’ All (1983)

Iron Maiden- Brave New World (2000)

Metallica- Master Of Puppets (1986)

Megadeth- Countdown To Extinction (1992)

Death- Symbolic (1995)

Megadeth- Killing Is My Business…And Business Is Good! (1985)

Iron Maiden- Iron Maiden (1980)

Led Zeppelin- Celebration Day Live (2007)

Van Halen- Best Of Both Worlds (this is my dad’s lol)

Metallica- Through The Never Live Movie Soundtrack (2013)

I Also have:
Iron Maiden- The Number Of The Beast

Slipknot- .5: The Gray Chapter

Metallica- Ride The Lightning, …And Justice For All, The Black Album

Megadeth- Rust In Peace

Exodus- Blood In, Blood Out

Overkill- White Devil Armory

Stratovarius- Infinity

Pantera- Far Beyond Driven, Far Beyond The Great Cowboys Vulgar Hits!

System Of A Down- Mesmerize, Hypnotize

A7x- Waking The Fallen, City Of Evil, The White Album, Nightmare, Hail To The King

I think there maybe more but idk 😂


Some of my favourite Iphone 5/5s wallpapers Part 1

Tooken from google, but if you use these, reblog or like, and post a picture and tag me in it so I can see how rad it looks as your lockscreen :)

- Steel Panther

- James Hetfield Metallica

- Eddie Iron Maiden

-House of The Holy Led Zeppelin

-Eddie Van Halen

-Vic Rattlehead Megadeth

-Motley Crue


-Slash Guns N’ Roses

all of my cds - SO FAR. there are many albums to be added to the collection.

from the classics to the moderns, i adore music. the middle stack contains many of my favourites! do you see an artist that you like?

Things We Have in Common (hint: there’s a lot)

The two of us: (I've highlighted the really funny bits/weird coincidences)

- have the same shoe size
- no seriously we actually have a matching pair of shoes. if we swapped them we wouldn’t know. i think we have at one point.
- are obsessed with biking
- teach chemistry
- chug the last cold sip of coffee when we forget that we still had some
- have the same color hair
- have blue eyes
- tuck our feet under practically every chair we sit in (I’m sitting next to him right now and just witnessed him do it)
- emphasize things with the same hand motion
- hate Windows/PC
- love the same football team
- no seriously we’d die for this team
- use too much sarcasm
- think inside jokes are the funniest kind of humor
- love teaching
- have the exact same taste in music (iron maiden, van halen, led zeppelin, Queen, etc.)
- think the other is adorable when one of us is laughing
- drink the same brand of coffee at home
- love love love elk steak
- say “him” the same way (this one i picked up from him)
- say “no” the same way (he picked up that one from me)

- hate having our hair too long where it touches our ears
- stand against walls the same way
- keep eye contact with each other far past what is necessary
- literally, never take off our watches (he came to school one day after he broke his and was watchless the entire day and believe me when I say it was really weird to look at him and see it missing)
- would rather take the picture than in it
- look up and stare at space when we’re trying to remember something
- hold our head in our hands the exact same, very weird way
- LOVE yogurt from a local factory
- get really nervous when giving a “speech” but don’t even skip a beat when talking to an entire class about chemistry
- write with nothing but pilot g2 pens
- that last one is actually a really funny similarity because we swap them all the time and get angry at each other when we steal each other’s pen
- wow this list is way longer than I thought it would be
- hate biking without music
- teach in the same fashion (we’ve actually assimilated this one from each other - people always tell me I’m a mini Halt and that when I’m gone it kinda feels like I’m still there because he pauses mid-sentence like I do)
- bounce on our toes when we’re standing and get bored
- literally, despise this one teacher down the hall