iron horse trail

“This is about 4.5 years ago and I was 19 at the time.

I’m driving back from the gym one night at around 1 Am, decently foggy. I pass by a crosswalk for our local trail called Iron Horse trail that has sensors that light up if someone is going to cross. They go off right as I pass it. I look back in my rear view and there’s a person standing right there in the middle of the crosswalk. He’s not even ten feet behind the car and it would have been impossible for him to be there with my having just driven through. I fucking punch it.

I get to a stop sign about 100 yards away. I take a deep breath and look behind again. The same person is now under a sidewalk stoplight not even fifteen feet behind me. I floor it again. I’m freaked out.

I drive. I just drive. I run a stop sign and keep going. I’m way past the turn for my house and I’m at least five turns off. I just stop at the next stop sign to back track And turn right.

I fucking lose my breath because mid turn I see him In the middle of an unlit street with his back turned to me. I just feel thousands of shivers go down my spine and hold the gas down. I blow right past him or what I thought was him.

I keep going down this long stretch and I look back. He’s just standing there. I stop. I watch this outline just stand there and suddenly I blink and he’s gone.

I don’t even have a second and I feel something land on my roof with a metallic clang while the car violently shakes. I gas it. I see a person roll off of my roof and off my bumper. I just drive and drive for half an hour and hurry home when I calm down.

I finally fall asleep in my bed(I was still living with my parents) and wake up the next morning to my mom saying “Matt were you racing around last night? I heard you car a few blocks away. Why does the roof look like something fell on it?” I’m groggy but get up thinking it was like a bad dream.

I go into the garage with her and look at the roof. It’s got marks on it like something like landed on it. Light dings and small dents like hail. I look at my rear window and see a very clear hand print on it and a boot scuff on my rear bumper with finger marks trailing by the bottom of it on the accumulated dust. I lost any and all words I had.

I didn’t tell a fucking soul. I still get shivers thinking about it and couldn’t drive that way for a week.”

By: megamarines (What is your creepy unexplained childhood experience?)


A handful of pictures, since I’ve been so busy. I owe y'all an update on life, one of these days - the short version is, remember how I billed myself as a journalism student interested in learning to talk to crows? I sorta am in the process of leaving journalism for history, which is more fun and less soul-scouringly… soul-scouring. BUT ENOUGH ABOUT ME. Photos!