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Hi! I'm so glad y'all are my go-to for all these Marvel Netflix answers! :D I've finished Iron Fist and I'm wondering, was it ever implied that Madam Gao was part of The Hand during both seasons of DD? Or was it just Nobu? And if Madam Gao IS Hand, as per Iron Fist, does that mean she's in a different faction than Nobu, and from Bakuto? How many factions are there, besides The Nail, in the comics? And Danny also mentioned Crane Mother a few times, is it safe to assume Madam Gao isn't her? Thks!

    You’re very welcome! We didn’t notice any previous hints that Madame Gao was connected to the Hand (and trust us– we were looking), so that was a nice surprise. We know that her faction is working at cross-purposes with Bakuto’s, since he locked her up and tried to steal her position of power at Rand Enterprises. And considering their shortage of on-screen interactions, it’s safe to assume that she and Nobu might be rivals as well… or at least not close allies. They seemed okay working alongside each other in Daredevil Season 1, but they never directly helped each other as far as we know. Gao referenced “Nobu’s clan” as if they were a separate entity. And she certainly seemed unconcerned one way or the other about his activities in DD Season 2. This makes us wonder about the events of The Defenders, and what role Madame Gao will play. The Elektra/Black Sky situation seems to have been a Nobu project. But at the same time, we know that both Gao and Nobu are tied to whatever’s going on at Midland Circle (which was listed as a source of Gao’s funds on the tablet Danny stole). How closely will Madame Gao be involved in the Hand’s Defenders activities? Whose side will she be on? There are still so many Hand-related secrets that anything seems possible. We love all of the complex politics that Iron Fist introduced, which allow for all kinds of possible alliances that we may not know about yet.  

    We’re also intrigued by the way Crane Mother is being used, and we’re asking the same questions you are. We know that the Seven Capital Cities of Heaven exist in the MCU, but rather than being connected to K’un-Zi, her 616 home city, here she seems to be a patron figure for the warriors of K’un-Lun.

    We’ve essentially only been assuming that Gao is Crane Mother out of habit, and from a lack of evidence suggesting otherwise, and we are currently reevaluating that assumption. She could be anybody. (We played around with the possibility of her being the August Personage in Jade for a while, which would have been awesome, but it was just a pet theory and now seems unlikely– since, obviously, Danny would recognize her. Or maybe she’s a revised version of Master Khan? Anyway. The possibilities are endless…) Since we now know for sure that Gao is a member of the Hand, it wouldn’t make a ton of sense for her to also hold a powerful position in K’un-Lun. However… we’re still not ready to rule anything out, particularly as far as Madame Gao is concerned. She’s like Nick Fury. Her secrets have secrets. We know that her home is “a considerable distance farther” from New York than China (DD Season 1)– a description that we’ve always assumed alluded to the dimension-traversing Capital Cities. We know that she is very old and very powerful.

(By the way, we want to hear the rest of that story!)

    We know that she has had run-ins with previous Iron Fists. And more to the point, we know that she once (or maybe more than once?) took a very pleasant-sounding trip to K’un-Lun.

    If she’s nothing more than the high-ranking Hand thug that she presents herself to be, what the heck was she doing there? Why does she speak so fondly of it? Did K’un-Lun have a different relationship with the Hand at one point? Was this before she joined the Hand? And you can’t just stroll into K’un-Lun– the mere fact of her having been able to get there is significant. While it’s seeming less and less likely that Gao could be Crane Mother, since Gao is with the Hand and we don’t even know what form Crane Mother might take in this universe, or if she’s even still around, the fact that they both have ties to K’un-Lun means that the possibility can’t be ruled out quite yet. In any case, whoever Gao might be, we know that there’s got to be more to her than what she’s revealed so far. She has displayed a flavor of superpowers that we haven’t seen from any of the other high-ranking Hand characters, and her connection to the Capital Cities brings up all kinds of exciting questions.    

    In the comics– as, it seems, in the MCU– the Hand is a giant, global organization with any number of smaller factions and a notable amount of in-fighting. Incidentally, the Nail isn’t so much a faction on its own as it is a smaller, roving unit that serves the Hand. While the whole organization does tend to work toward the same goals, and they will fall in behind whoever is in charge at the moment (because the Hand is big on duty and has some pretty severe punishments), it is far from unified. Officially, there are five regional factions (Japan, Eurasia, Africa, North America, and South America), plus Snakeroot– a secret, select group at the heart of the Hand that handles Beast-related activities. Any number of splinter groups have popped up within these official delineations. The regions have been known to disagree, occasionally working at odds with each other. A relevant example here is the 616 version of Bakuto, the short-lived head of the South American branch. Comics Bakuto was a young, stubborn guy with very little respect for tradition, who was completely willing to butt heads with the other Hand leaders on matters of policy and the future of the organization.  

Takashi: “And you, Bakuto, must abide by the daimyos’ decision. Your sensei, Izanagi, understood that. We were unanimous.”

Bakuto: “Izanagi is dead, old man. Now I am daimyo in his place… and you are no longer unanimous.”

[Daredevil vol. 2 #505 by Andy Diggle, Marco Checchetto, and Matt Hollingsworth]

    As we mentioned, we are loving all of the in-fighting in the MCU Hand, so we’re really happy that this is an element from the comics that is being expanded upon.  

Just finished Iron Fist

A show that shows us the negatives of being cluelessly privileged

A show that has a main character who is suffering from PTSD and survivors guilt

A show that has a redemption arc for an addict

A show where the Hand went from being “scary yellow villains” to a multinational crime syndicate with several interesting and likable characters.

A female asian lead who is every bit as interesting as the white male lead.

Iron Fist is a legit good show. It has its problems but so does every Netflix series.

So yeah. Tell me I’m awful for enjoying a show about one of my favorite characters.

How the first episode of the Defenders should go:
  • *Luke is let out of prison*
  • Luke: Thanks you guys, it's good to be free again-who the hell are you two?
  • *points at Matt and Danny*
  • Jessica: Don't look at me, I don't know either. All I know is that Claire needs our help.
  • Claire: Okay, Luke, Jessica, this might sound strange but we have a situation on our hands.
  • Luke: Claire...please. I'm a walking bulletproof man.
  • Jessica: And I took down a man with mind control powers.
  • Luke: Exactly. You'd have to really TRY in order to weird us out anymore.
  • Claire: Okay, in that case, I'm gonna let Matt and Danny explain what's happening.
  • *Matt and Danny step up*
  • Matt: The city is under attack from an ancient, Japanese cult of ninja called "The Hand".
  • Danny: Right now, they're trying to harness the power of the "Black Sky" from a woman named Elektra Natchios, who was killed but later resurrected through a blood ritual involving some weird, ancient pod.
  • Matt: Also, Elektra's my ex-girlfriend. And she's part of an ancient organization called "The Chaste", who are the Hand's nemesis.
  • Danny: Oh, and did I mention that I was raised in a mythical city by monks and I can charge my fist with mystical chi energy?
  • Matt: And I'm blind but my senses have been heightened to the point that I don't need sight. Oh yeah, and I'm Daredevil aka the Devil of Hell's Kitchen. Are you with us so far?
  • Luke: ...
  • Jessica: ...I need a drink.
  • Luke: Same.
If Iron Fist ever gets a season two

First off, kick Scott Buck out of the showrunner role. Also, if we can fire him from the Inhumans show, that’d be great.

Second, hire Gareth Evans (director of the Raid series) as the new showrunner.

Third, get the fight choreographers from the Raid series to take over the fight choreography on the show. Add Tony Jaa just in case. Also, take notes from Daredevil and keep the camera steady during the fight scenes. If the actors aren’t good enough at fighting to the point that you need shaky cam…

Fourth, drill Finn, Jessica, and anyone else who is going to be involved in the fighting scenes. Like, boot camp the fuck out of the cast. If Julie Estelle, who had NO martial arts experience before “The Raid 2”, can learn Pencak Silat just in time to film her fight scenes for the movie, then the cast can improve their fight choreography for season two.

Fifth, introduce Shang-Chi for the sole purpose of building him up for his own show (like the Punisher). If you want to court the controversy with the Asian-American community, you don’t have to punish Finn or anyone else involved with the show for it. Just greenlight a show featuring one of Marvel’s Asian heroes, that’s more than enough of an apology.

Sixth, less boardroom politics, more strange, mystical martial arts stuff. Delve into the Hand mythos, that was more interesting than what was going on at Rand enterprises.

Seventh, add Misty Knight

Eighth, add Luke Cage…albeit in a recurring or guest role since he has to do season two of his own show.

Ninth, write Danny and the whole show in the style as the movies. Yeah, I know the Netflix side of the MCU is more grounded and Danny is definitely the most lighthearted of the Defenders but his show should not be as grounded as it was. Iron Fist has a fucking glowing fist of power, was trained in some ancient mythical city, and he’s a billionaire kid. His show should feel more like Agents of SHIELD or Arrow, not a poor man’s Daredevil. Not saying the grounded style is bad, it’s just Iron Fist isn’t a hero that should be grounded.

Tenth, give Danny a sense of reflection about his own privilege and the fact that he’s a white guy with powers from Asia. If you want to combat the white savior trope, have Danny at least recognize these things about himself and never have him talk over the Asian characters (like Colleen) about being Asian. I like that Colleen did call him out on some things but Danny himself should recognize that he’s a white savior. Have him LEARN from this.

Eleventh, add more Asian characters to the main cast. Upgrade Madame Gao, Lei Kung and add Shang-Chi and Blindspot. Throw Amadeus Cho in there too. Point is, Colleen should NOT be the only Asian character in a show that features mystical, Asian stuff. I’ll even accept creating an original Asian character.

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To bring the “Defenders-landing-in-some-trash” joke full circle, not only should they land in the trash as a group but someone should say something like, “Let’s go take out the trash” before fighting some Hand ninja. 

Three years of build-up for a corny one-liner, I’d die of happiness. 

Also, if someone’s going to say the shitty pun, it’d most likely be Danny. Like, I can see Danny saying, “Let’s go take out the trash”, followed up by Luke saying, “Sweet Christmas, Danny,” followed up by Jessica rolling her eyes and Matt snickering. Then Danny, Luke and Jess look at Matt because he hasn’t cracked a smile since the miniseries started and Matt just says, “What? It was funny, don’t judge me.”