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Destiny 2: GOLD WEAPON SKINS! Iron Banner Grenade Launcher, Secret Inventory, Trials & PC Beta - Unknown Player

Black Widow pt. 7 (Bucky x Reader x Steve)

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WARNINGS: Mentions of torture, blood, suffering, almost death experience, violence

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A sudden calm covered the atmosphere. The only audible sounds were the howling of the wind, and the ocean’s big waves hitting the battleship.

It was a disturbing kind of calm. Countless men were laying on the ground, dead or unconsicuos. The smell of blood was in the air, the pool of blood seemed black rather than red because of the darkness.

None of the group of heroes knew how much time had passed. Half an hour? A couple of hours? Maybe a day?

They couldn’t tell.

The dark clouds were covering the sky, no moonlight was seen. They could see only by the dim ligthnings the sheep had.

“Status, everyone.” Bucky heard Steve’s tired voice through the small communucating device.

“I am collecting the weapons. All agents are dead, I suppose.” Tony answered.

“I am checking the rooms. No one else seems to be around.” Natasha added.

“I am on my way to help Stark with the weapons.” Clint stated.

Bucky looked around himself. He was standing between a pile of bodies. He could feel the cold wind hitting his skin through his uniform, it made him feel vulnerable. He didn’t like the cold, or the darkness. Those two things brought him flash backs:

Images of The Winter Soldier fold in on each other…He saw things he forgot happened, like a door unlocking in his mind.

Torture. Slaughter. And training others in their use…So much horror.

He felt his stomach burning. He felt like throwing up for a second, but he woke up by the sound of his bestfriend calling for him.

“Bucky? You alright?”

He took a deep breath before answering. “I am fine.”

He didn’t know a way of dealing with his flashbacks now that (Y/N) was gone. He used to feel warm, safe, happy when he was with her. Her existence, even a sight of her smile, or the sound of her voice would make him feel better. His heart would warm up when her small hands touched his cheeks before she would pull him into a kiss to relax him. He could still remember the way her hair smelled, her gorgeous eyes shined everytime they were together, her soft lips curled up as they broke away after a kiss.

That was all gone now.

Bucky stepped away from the bodies as he took another deep breath. He tried calming himself before going to where the others were.

“All done?” Steve asked Tony.

“Yup. I programmed FRIDAY into taking these ships the location Maria gave me earlier.”

“And no one is left alive. All safe.”

“Seems like we are done, then.”

“Don’t speak so soon, Captain.” A male voice ranged through the speakers on the ship.

They all froze. Looking around to see what was that about. No one, or nothing seemed to be around.

Until, something sparkled in the darkness next to the sheep.

Their eyes widened as another sheep, a battle sheep appeared in their sight.

“W-was that just invisible?” Tony asked as he took a step back.

Before any of them could do anything, the large ship hit the ship they were in with a missile.

The ground shook, and everyone layed on the ground as somewhere they couldn’t see exploded.

(Y/N) jumped in her seat as she heard the sound of the explosion. Her eyes widened in fear in thought of her friends getting hurt. She got up from the seat she was handcuffed too, and tried to look outside of the window of the jet, but she was too far away. She tried to get rid of the handcuffs for the 100th time. She shouted in anger as she sat back. She couldn’t hear what was going on from her device either, she was cut off by Tony.

Tony rised to the sky in his iron suit, he threw grenades, aiming the agents on deck on the other ship. Natasha, Clint, Steve and Bucky all hid behind something. Bucky held a machine gun in his hand, and started shooting at the battleship standing in front of them. Clint was firing explosive arrows as Natasha was shooting everyone she saw on the deck of the other ship with two guns, one in each hand.

“(Y/N).” Steve breathed out, and looked up at the sky. He wished they couldn’t notice the quinjet on the sky filled with the dark clouds.

“We are going to run out of fucking bullets!” Bucky shouted as he kept shooting. As he shot one man, two more took its place. There were too many agents on the ship.

“This ship is full of weapons! We can use the-” Natasha started to speak, but she was cut off by another explosion.

“SHIT!” Clint shouted as they saw that they had blew up the storage. Where the all weapons were in.

(Y/N) screamed. Second explosion? Something was clearly wrong. She picked up the small device Tony had given her. She didn’t know how it worked, so she started to click every tiny bottom she saw.

“Dammit!” She shouted.

“(Y/N)! I am kind of busy at the moment!” Tony shouted through the device.



That was all he said before hanging up. She couldn’t reach him again. His promise didn’t make her feel any better.

“WE NEED THE QUINJET!” Clint shouted to others, his voice could be hardly heard from the all the gunshots even though he was shouting.


“(Y/N) CAN–”





If they got to the quinjet, they could blow the whole ship. But Tony’s suit didn’t have the power to fly miles up the sky.

They all exchanged looks. Clearly, their enemy hadn’t noticed the quinjet yet, otherwise they would have already shot it; it was the smartest thing to do considering that the quinjet was a strong weapon.

“What the hell are we gonna’ do?”

“Fight.” Steve answered, his grip on his shield tightening. Natasha clenched her jaw, holding her guns back up as Clint pulled out another arrow of his.

“Alright then.” Bucky added, pulling out another gun from his belt; “Let’s fuck this shit up.” He said to motivate everyone, including himself.


They are The Avengers! I told you this was a suicide mission!” A man in a white shirt and tie yelled out to the other one, who was wearing a lether jacket and a kevlar underneath. 

“Yes. The half of em’!” The other man answered as he watched the dark sky. Gun shots could be heard clearly from his cabin.

“That doesn’t seem to matter! Stark already blew up the half of the–”

“His suit is going to shut down.”


“They will run out of bullets. This is a fucking battleship, we won’t go down easy.” The man answered as he kept his calm in the reverse of the other man standing beside him. His didn’t change the volume of his voice or his mimics didn’t move at all, even thoough the situation they were in. His eyes searched for the moon in the very dark sky, he looked clearly but he couldn’t see a damn thing. His eyes caught a blue dim light when he looked closely, but that was clearly not the moon.

The quinjet.

Now that he was looking closely, he could see the black jet with an ‘A’ on it clearly.

The man chuckled, he knew damn well how smart it would be to shoot the thing down. It was over 250 million worth weapon/jet, and it was their ticket back home. 

Why are you laughing?” The man in the white shirt and tie asked angrily.

The quinjet. Tell the men to shoot that fucking thing down.” 

A smirk took it’s place also on his face, “Gladly.”


Everybody froze when a sudden sound, an explosion with made even louder sound, ripped through the night. The sky lighted up in flames, making Bucky drop his guns in surprise. Steve, Bucky, Natasha, Clint and Tony all froze. Their eyes turned up to the sky, a pain shot through them.

The quinjet was shot. (Y/N) was in there.

“NO!” Steve shouted in shock, she was in there. His girlfriend he would die for.

“(Y/N).” Her name fell out like a whisper from Bucky’s mouth. 

“OH MY GOD!” Natasha screamed, the quinjet was up in flames, and it was falling down.

All of their minds went to (Y/N). There was no way she could have survived that. Steve fell on his knees as Tony and others shouted.

Bucky stood still. No. That couldn’t be happening. There was no way on earth he would accept that she could die. His heart ached as the quinjet met the ocean; the waves made a loud sound as they hit the quinjet. 

Bucky didn’t waste any time running towards the edge of the ship, to jump out and save her. 

A several gun-shots were heard, but he didn’t even turn to what was it.

Natasha screamed behind him, (Y/N) was dead. There was no point of him jumping in the freezing cold water of the Pacific, even he could die.

He didn’t mind. He jumped into the ocean, she had to be alive. She couldn’t leave him.

Steve couldn’t move or speak, tears streamed down his face. Natasha and Clint kneeled down next to him as the quinjet dissaperead out of the sight, sinking into water.

Natasha held her friend, sobbing, as he screamed in pain.

Bucky dived in. The adrenaline pumped through his body, he couldn’t feel the cold. He swam as fast as he could to the jet. It was hard to see in the dark water, but his eye caught the huge frame of the jet. He swam in easily, not wasting any time. His eyes could see (Y/N)’s figure. He swam towards her way too fast, and held her tight. He used his metal arm to break the handcuff, and then swam out of the jet, holding her. When they reached the surface, he shouted her name, “(Y/N)! (Y/N)!” He shook her, she wasn’t opening her eyes.

She was uncontiuos, was she even breathing? 

Bucky felt his heart ache, and his brain went blank from the fear of losing her. He held her tight as he climbed back on the battleship. 

Steve’s eyes found Bucky’s dark frame carrying (Y/N) in his arms. Her head had fallen back, her white shirt had red stains. He got up ran towards them as Bucky layed her on the ground. 

Natasha and Clint stood in shock as they watched the two man kneeled down next to her. 

“Come on, don’t leave me.” Bucky whispered as he started CPR.

He placed the heel of one hand on the center of the chest and other hand on top of it.  

She didn’t start breathing.

Steve watched as Bucky gave her breaths, and heart-massaged her. She still wasn’t breathing. He felt like his heart was being ripped out.

“Please,” Bucky whispered, his voice cracking. He was now crying, she had to wake up.

He had to stop the CPR now. If she would have been awake by now. Natasha and Clint watched as Bucky kept giving her breaths.

She was dead. 

But no, he wasn’t accepting. Neither did Steve.

“Come on!” Bucky shouted.

That was the moment she started coughing water. 

Steve took a deep breath of relief, wiping his tears off his face.

Bucky helped her sit up straight, holding her as she tried to adjust. 

“You’re okay. You’re safe.” He whispered as he held her hand. 

“Bucky?” A whisper fell from her mouth. 

“It’s me doll. You’re gonna’ be alright.”

Steve looked up and down at her, as he was checking if she was hurt. 

Why was her shirt red? There was a pile of blood on the ground where she had been laying, but she wasn’t the one bleeding. 

Steve’s eyes found Bucky in fear, he was bleeding. He spotted the bullet hole in his side. 

“Buck.” He said in surprise, Bucky’s eyes followed where Steve was looking. 

Bucky had been shot. 

He hadn’t even realize being shot from the adrenaline. He wasn’t even feeling the pain, until that moment.

“I’m alright.” He said. 

“Take her. She’ll freeze out here.” Bucky said to Steve, he felt like he couldn’t even move.

“You’re shot.” Steve repeated in shock.

“Steve, take care of her.” Bucky added, and with that Steve took (Y/N) off the the ground. She was half concsious, but she was alive.

He kissed the top of her head as he walked to the stairs, downstairs weren’t blown up, and it was warmer. 

“Holy fuck, Barnes.” Natasha said as she helped her up the ground. Clint grabbed one arm of his, and threw it over his shoulder as Natasha did the same. They helped him walk towards the stairs behind Steve and (Y/N).


“Hey pal.” Tony said and waved his hand at the man, who was standing right in front of him.

“So, I blew up your whole ship.” Tony said casually when the man didn’t respond.

“…And you don’t seem to have any weapons you could use.” He added as he took a look around. 

The man remained silence as Tony lifted his helmet up.

God, he looked angry. He felt rage building up inside him. That nazi son of a bitch had almost killed (Y/N), attacked the whole team.

“Which means I am gonna kill ya’ now.” Tony said, looking directly at his eyes. 

“Cut off one head, two more shall take it’s place.” The man spat.

“We’ll keep cutting heads off then.” Tony said as he raised his palm up towards the man. 


Tony landed on the ship his friends were in, and started searching for them.

“Steve! Natasha!” 

“We’re here!” Natasha responded, appearing at the stairs. Tony rushed towards her, “How’s she?”

“She is fine. But we have to get her body tempature back to normal. And Barnes needs medical help, like right now.” She answered as the two of them walked down the stairs.

(Y/N) was sitting on Steve’s lap, a blanket on top of her and Steve’s arms wrapped around her. She was freezing. Bucky was right next to them, he had a piece of clothing pressed to his wound, but he was still bleeding out. 

“How are we gonna get help? FRIDAY is down. Our devices aren’t working.” Clint asked.

“We’re gonna be alright. FRIDAY is down, which means the tower will be sent a message that we’re in danger. They are probably on their way already.” Tony explained. 

Natasha took a deep breath, ran her hand through her hair, “Thank god.”


3 Days Later

I watched him laying down on the hospital bed, unconscious. His brunette hair was pulled into a pony tail -by me-, his skin was paler than ever. This was not my first time seeing him hurt, but this time he had gotten hurt while he was trying to save me, which made it harder for me.

It was now past 2am, and I was sitting beside his hospital bed, wrapped in a blanket. I had sent Steve to our room because he clearly needed resting. After the mission, he didn’t even take a brake. He was either with me, checking if I was okay or he was in Bucky’s room, checking up on him. 

I layed down on the couch, my iPad on my lap. I opened Doctor Who. I didn’t have my earphones, so I turned down the volume.

“You have always been such a geek.” I heard his voice, which mae me almost drop the iPad.

I turned to him in surprise, he had a small smile on his face, he was looking at me.

“Buck.” I said, my face lighting up. He was awake. 

I pushed the iPad aside, walking up to him. I hugged him in happiness, smiling.

He wrapped his arms around me, “Hey doll.” 

I heard him grasp a few seconds later, ehich made me pull away immediatly, “Oh-Did I hurt you? I am so sorry I-”

“It’s okay.”

“Does it hurt bad I-”

“I am fine.”

“But I-”

“Doll, please stop freaking out. I am okay.” 

“How do you feel?” I asked, calming myself down. I had to be his doctor right now, stop freaking out and be a professional.

“Like I’ve been shot.” He said.

“NO time for jokes. Does your wound hurt? Do you feel tired? Have a headache? Maybe-”

“I want fresh air.” 

“Answer my questions.”

“I just need to get out of here right now. I feel fine.” 

“Yeah that’s not happening. You need to re-”

“I am a super-soldier. I’ll be-”

“Serum doesn’t change a fucking thing. You had 3 bullets in your stomach.”

He didn’t listen, of course. He forced himself to get up.

“You are going to rip the stiches- god!” 

He didn’t listen again of course. He groaned in pain, which made me push him gently back to bed.

 “You’re not going anywhere.” I said as I made him lay down.

“I like it when you get bossy.” 

I placed the blanket on top of him as he continued: “…and lay me down like that.” 

My eyes widened. “I think I gave you too much morphine.” 

He chuckled. 

Same old Bucky. Even being shot and the fact that I was dating his best friend didn’t stop him throwing a dirty comment. He was compeletly fine. 

“Where is Steve?”

“I sent him to sleep. He has been here for 3 days.” I answered as I sat on the edge of his bed.

“What time is it?” He asked.

I checked my phone, “2.30.″ I answered.

“You should go to sleep.”

“I am fine. There is no way I am leaving you alone.” I said.

“So what do we do?”

“You’ll sleep, because you need rest. And I will watch Doctor Who.” 

“I’ve been sleeping for 3 days. I am watching Doctor Who with you.”

“Okay then.” I answered as I grabbed my iPad. He opened up some space for me, and I layed next to him. He pulled the blanket back on top of us as I placed the iPad on my lap.

I turned to smile at him as the theme song started, we used to ‘sing’ it everytime we watched it. He was already looking at me, a weak smile on his face.

“I really missed this.” He mumbled as we both turned to the screen.

“Watching Doctor Who?”

“No,” He chuckled, “The way you used to smile at me.”





Hey people. It has been a long time. I’ve finally decided how rest of the story will go! So I am sorry if this part was not good enough, but I can promise you that I will do everything I can to write better, so next parts will be more fun to read.

And just so you know, I closed ships -I will do the ones that are already sent- because I want to focus on writing requested one-shots, and my series such as this one and Miracle. 

Much love everyone, please tell me what you think of this part! xoxo

Ps: I realized I suck at writing action scenes. Whoops

Black widow gadgets:
- widows bite: use your wrist gauntlets to fire a ten-thousand volt charge of electricity that stings enemies to fall weak.
- glock 26s: powerful guns, small, safety lock on/off. Shoot with red room aim 90% kill on first shot.
- Widow’s line: swing across wide ranged areas on a grapple line or adjustable zip line that can withstand the weight of Steve Rogers. Also a mini version to use in combat, deadly around throats.
- widow’s kiss: a puff of deadly smoke knocks down enemies which Natasha is immune to due to red room serums, not advised to use in team situations.
- Anti-Personnel Grenades: throw a pair of grenades that stun enemies with KGB smoke leaving them vulnerable to the widow’s attack.


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