iron gian

Digital Age (1/2)

Summary: Peter and Reader go through a long-distance relationship.

Word Count: 1,257

AN: i was listening to daniela andrade’s song WHICH YOU SHOULD ALL CHECK OUT BECAUSE SHE IS BEAUTIFUL AND TALENTED (and i suggest listening to it while reading??? but you do you boo) and i was then inspired by the music video to write this :) pppplease let me know what you think and enjoy!

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March 2017

i’m not going to say that i’m crying but i will say my eyes are sweating

Oh man

What movie did you watch this time?

the iron giant.

I go. You stay.


Oh my god i’m crying again

Okay, okay.

I’m calling

You wiped your tears and rubbed your nose on a tissue you had on hand once you read the new message. Your phone rang, displaying a FaceTime call with your face taking up the screen and making your heart race. After six months, you could never get over seeing your boyfriend’s face. Tapping on the green circle, you watched as the very familiar face popped up. 

“The Iron Giant, huh?”

You rolled your eyes at the grin he had on his face, “Shut up, Peter. It’s a very emotional movie.” You moved the camera up so that only he could only see from your eyes up. 

He shook his head, “No, don’t cover your face. I haven’t seen it all day, I miss you.”

You reluctantly raised your phone’s camera at an angle so that Peter could see everything. “Good. So back to the Iron Gian. Is it really crying material?” He raised his eyebrow, looking skeptical.

“Of course! What are you, some kind of monster?! You cried during Toy Story but not The Iron Giant?”

A boisterous laugh erupted from Peter’s side, making the butterflies in your stomach multiply. He went on talking about the emotional aspects the franchise had and all you could do was listen and admire how, even through some screen, Peter still managed to make you feel some type of way you haven’t had before. Even if he was a thousand miles away. 

Your relationship with Peter started over a year ago, you two met online and managed to keep in touch. Communication wasn’t as frequent for the first couple of months; you’d get a text from him once in two weeks just to check how things were going for you. He gradually started to check in more frequently until the ‘how are you?s’ and ‘what are you up to?s’ were replaced with inside jokes that the both of you still refer to this day.

June 2017

guess who’s done with school FOREVER until august?

it’s your girlfriend

Oh I didn’t realize Daisy Ridley was still in school, cool

w o w that’s cold, peter

maybe i’ll just bang dev patel or arden cho this summer instead of coming to see you.

Wait, you’re coming here?


Babe this is serious.

i’m going to be in ny for a couple of days for family stuff. i can’t guarantee we’ll get to meet up but maybe for a couple of minutes.

That’s still something!

Holy shit i finally get to see my girlfriend!!

don’t get either of our hopes up!

i don’t want to go there expecting to be with you and ending up not even seeing you :((

If we were to go on our first date here, where would you want to go?

let’s meet at the brooklyn bridge.

Why there?

wouldn’t it be cool seeing your girlfriend of nine months in a crowd of people and running up to her and hugging the crap out of her?

You’re the biggest romantic and cheesiest person I’ve ever met.


Three Weeks Later (July 2017)

You sat outside of a random Starbucks with a drink in your hand as the rest of your family waited for their orders. Knowing that Peter could be anywhere in this city kept you off your phone and your eyes focused on the people around you, hoping to see that boy in the phone.

People walked past you with straight looks on their faces as they headed to their destination. Since it was the middle of the work week and still pretty early in the morning, there was a busy, bustling feeling to everyone’s strut.You felt your phone vibrate twice, signaling a new text message. Swiping your screen open, you read the text that said: 

Your side profile is more beautiful in real life compared to the pictures. 

Quickly shooting your head up, your eyes scanned the moving crowd for Peter, a loud thumping in your head and hands gripping the phone.Your brow furrowed and disappointment grew within you as you couldn’t spot those brown eyes no matter how much you moved your head from side to side and behind you. 

“Babe, if you’re going to keep doing that, you’re going to give yourself whiplash.”  

Your head finally stopped moving and you slowly started to stand up. Part of you was afraid to turn around to finally face this boy whom you’ve only communicated with via text and FaceTime calls. You were stuck. 

Chills ran through your body as you felt a hand on your arm, turning you around gently. It was him. It was Peter Parker. It was the boy who somehow hooked your heart through cheesy lines from your favorite movies and simple, yet appreciated gestures. Your boyfriend, who you were miles away from for over a year, was standing right in front of you.

The first thing you did was throw your arms around him, hugging him as tight as you possibly could. You felt Peter reciprocate the tight grip, wrapping his arms around your waist and practically pushing all the air you had in your lungs out. Loosening your arms, you stared at your boyfriend’s face, making sure it was him by touching and poking at it.

“It’s you! It’s really you!” You excitedly jumped in his arms. “You’re not a catfish, and you’re hotter in real life!”

Peter laughed heartily, “Catfish? We FaceTimed practically every night.”

“Yeah, well, technology and all that.” You waved your hand, dismissing her thoughts. You pushed your head back once you noticed that Peter wouldn’t stop staring at you. “What?”

Just then, he leaned in and passionately kissed you for the first time. You felt everything around you melt into itself. Nothing around you mattered except for what was going on right now. You wrapped your arms back around him as you kissed him back deeply. You felt him slowly pull away causing you to pout until he muttered the words, “I love you, Y/N.”  

Without a thought, you pressed your lips against his once more before replying, “I love you too, Peter.” 

November 2017 

It’s been months since you last saw Peter. After you left New York, everything moved in slow motion and it was if time slowed down on purpose just to spite you. Texts and calls were nothing compared to what really happened back in July. It all felt empty

It was late at night and you were sitting at the edge of your bed, staring at the phone in your hands. And as if your fingers had a mind of its own, you were typing in your password and tapped at the phone icon to call Peter. 

After a few rings, Peter picked up and greeted you, “Hey, what’s up?” 

It was quiet on your end. You had a frog stuck in your throat but managed to push it out, “Hey.” You said quietly. 

“Y/N? What’s wrong?” “I just… need a break. I can’t explain it.” You took a deep breath in. “I still love you, it’s just… complicated. I’m sorry. I love you, Peter.”

So, I stay in today for a nice day off and here's what happened.

I roust myself at about 10, I aquaphor my new tattoo, make coffee, grind the verde, and sit down to watch a childhood classic, The Iron Giant. I’m pretty excited, so I’m sitting there enjoying the spoils of war and The Iron Giant got philosophical on me!

Here’s the thing: When I wake up for cartoons and coffee and baking, I want innocent humor and I do not remember The Iron Giant being this philosophical. Damn. I’m sitting here sipping coffee and then they start talking about killing and death and life and shit…

I mean, this is awesome. Way better than I remember and Harry Connick Jr. is in it! Amazing; however, I was by no means prepared to discuss this with anyone, let alone myself. Myself and I can not have this conversation. We will talk and talk all day and I have shit to do today…

Anyway, this is January 13, and this is my rant.