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Quick-fixes do not work.  All lasting inner change requires time and effort.  Persistence is the mother of personal change.  I’m not saying that it will take years to make profound changes in your life.  If you diligently apply the strategies I am sharing with you every day for only one month, you will be astonished at the results.  You will begin to tap into the highest levels of your own capacity and enter the realm of the miraculous.  But to reach this destination, you must not get hung up on the outcome.  Instead, enjoy the process of personal expansion and growth.  Ironically, the less you focus on the end result, the quicker it will come.
—  Robin S. Sharma, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari
  • Iron Bull: Keep feeling like I'm gonna bang my horns on this crap.
  • Cassandra: Would you like me to go first?
  • Iron Bull: I wouldn't mind the view.
  • Cassandra: (laughs)
  • (If Cassandra is Divine)
  • Iron Bull: Wait, I probably shouldn’t do that, now that you’re Divine Victoria.
  • Cassandra: Don’t stop. I’ve missed being Cassandra. You know what it’s like being two different people.
  • Cassandra: Are you comfortable fighting Qunari, knowing they are hostile to the Inquisition?
  • Iron Bull: I'm not Qunari anymore. Whatever they're doing, I'm ready to stop.
  • Iron Bull: And until then, there's nobody I'd rather crack skulls with than all of you.
  • Iron Bull: You just focus on keeping your guard up, your Worshipfulness. Rough seeing you so out of practice.
  • Cassandra: Oh, you will pay for that.

Hey Tumblr, if you wanna talk ableism and shit, why do I never see anyone talk about all the people without ADHD who have abused the medications so much that people WITH ADHD have a really hard time getting the meds they need???

Because that’s a thing. I’ve experienced it personally! I can’t get my ADHD pills on auto-refill, I have to have my doctor hand write 3 months worth of prescriptions at a time and even then I can only get one bottle a month, so if I somehow run out early I’m screwed and if I can’t get ahold of my doctor to write me new prescriptions I’m screwed. You know why? Because people make meth out of ADHD pills and stupid kids who don’t have ADHD like to take these pills because they think it’s some magic focus drug (ironically, ADHD drugs have the opposite effect on those who don’t have the condition).

While I was in High School I literally had someone ask me to bring in my ADHD pills when I mentioned I have the condition. I politely told them “no, I actually really need these pills and can’t afford to waste even one” but still!

It’s a huge problem and yet I don’t see this asspit of a website mention it, despite how much they LOVE to talk about ableism and the problems those with mental illness have!

~ Yukari Yakumo


Congrats to Fox and everyone involved especially Deadpool’s daddies, Fabian Nicieza and Rob Liefeld as well as all the great creators like Joe Kelly and Ed McGuinness who have made him the man or whatever he is today. And a special shout out to Director Tim Miller who’s love for comics is truly resonating with movie goers.

Most people may not know or even remember but close to 10 years ago Tim and I worked on a Marvel project together.

As we at Marvel began plans on the first Iron Man movie our focus group research showed that we had some serious awareness issues with the character, especially amongst kids. One of the major takeaways was that kids who had zero knowledge of the character had no interest in him because they thought he was a robot. But when they found out that there was someone in the suit suddenly interest went off the charts and they wanted to know all about him and who could build no less kick ass in such awesome armor. Information like that helped us sculpt a plan to build awareness way in advance of the movie.

In early 2007 Marvel assigned a small group of us to create what would eventually be called Iron Man Advertorials: Three animated shorts with a simple clean story that would introduce Iron Man to younger viewers using our two most recognizable characters at the time as bait. Our marching orders were to…

1- Clearly demonstrate that there was a man inside the armor.

2- Show off his wide range of cool powers.

3- Position him clearly as a hero on the same level as Spidey and Hulk by having those characters show how cool they perceive him to be and valued him as a peer.

We also felt that if we really wanted to grab kids attention we needed to go high level CGI and Marvel gave us the budget to do it. This was a huge vote of confidence at that time because things were still tight in those days. That’s where Tim and the incredible team at Blur came in and knocked this assignment out of the park. Working with Tim was a joy (you’d have trouble finding a nicer more creative guy) and immediately his love of all things Marvel and comics was evident. He took the scripts and created beautifully visceral action scenes while never forgetting to keep things lighthearted with the classic Marvel sense of humor running throughout. Attached is episode one, two and three to follow. Considering how long ago these were created and how far computer graphics have come, I think the shorts hold up pretty darn well and what always makes me smile when I watch them are the little bits and pieces that would later come to influence certain moments in our films. See if you can spot them. What’s also fun to see is how even back then Tim’s wonderful and mad cap directorial skill was clearly evident.

Congrats Deadpool, congrats to the  creative teams and congrats to the comic industry, fans and pros alike. Over the last decade comics have changed the face of popular culture and none of this happens without you. Deadpool is just another example of what the industry, it’s people and its ideas are capable of.


I agree with both sentiments. However, you guys are largely talking about kids shows aimed at little boys ages 6-11 ( the primary goal, function and revenue stream for Daytime tv networks). If animation was truly a medium in America, it’d be treated to ALL genres like drama, horror, R-rated action, adventure and fantasy. Commercial animation in America is largely considered a platform to talk to preschoolers under the iron fist of focus groups, S & P Gate Keepers and prime time comedians (even if it’s rated R).

If we’re “just getting started,” then show me
Some examples. Until then, I’ll keep looking to The East for a more accurate representation of the animation medium regarding story telling genres.

I do love the kids shows and prime time comedies through. ^^

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Adoribull, 38: “You fainted…straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”

(1134 words)

It is cold, and the red templars are relentless. Iron Bull has to focus on walking in a straight line.

Blackwall takes the rear, dragging his heavy armor through the snow. Dorian shivers, complaining bitterly about the weather, and glares at Iron Bull’s bare chest whenever he can. Cadash buries herself in two extra coats and, after one long fight, warms her hands over a still-burning corpse.

“This is undignified,” says Dorian, grimacing. Cadash rubs her hands together.

When they make camp, Iron Bull takes first watch. He sits, greataxe resting over his legs, and watches the shadows until Blackwall wakes.

“I got this,” Iron Bull says, keeping his voice low. Blackwall used his shield more than usual today, and his left knee always gives him trouble in the cold.

Blackwall shakes his head, mouth twisting stubbornly under his beard. “You had my watch last night.”

“Not for long. The boss took over,” Iron Bull says, because a lie is easy. Especially the simple ones. “Rest up. We’ve barely touched the quarries. Tomorrow will be a long day.”

Blackwall gives in, eventually. He murmurs his thanks and disappears into the tent, and Iron Bull returns to his watch.

Hours pass. Dorian is a heavy sleeper, and Cadash is when she’s exhausted, so neither of them wake. Iron Bull lets them sleep and lies again in the morning, telling Cadash and Dorian that he slept while the other took watch. That lie can’t last forever, but it will survive until tonight, at least.

Sleep is necessary, but he can function without it. Has, before. In Seheron, he managed just fine.

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Soldiers from 1st Battalion, 36th Infantry Regiment, 1st Stryker Brigade, 1st Armored Division assumes a fighting position after jumping from a UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter flown by 3rd Battalion, 501st Aviation Regiment, 1AD Combat Aviation Brigade, during hot-load training prior to an air assault outside the village of Shirvan, as part of an Iron Focus exercise on the Fort Bliss range complex, March 26, 2015.