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13 times 'The Defenders' roasted Iron Fist so you wouldn't have to
He had it coming.
By Proma Khosla

1. Luke: “Who’re you?”

2. Luke: “Just some skinny white kid.”

3. Luke: “What’s the deal with that fist?
Danny: “I earned it.”
Luke: “You what?”

4. Danny: “I’m the immortal Iron Fist.” (this isn’t a burn, but try to keep a straight face when he says it)

5. Luke: “I’m not some billionaire white boy who takes justice into his own hands and slams a black kid into the wall because of his personal vendetta.”

6. Jessica: “Who’s the Karate Kid?”

7. Danny: “Hi, I’m Danny.”
Jessica: “Jessica.”
Danny: “And you are…?”
Matt: “I can’t, I’m not doing this.”

8. Matt: “Why are you here, Stick?”
Stick: “Because this one, the immortal Iron Fist, living weapon and protector of the ancient city…is still a thundering dumbass.”

9. Danny: “It’s chi.”
Jessica: “It’s not.”

10. Sowande: “You’re the dumbest Iron Fist yet.”. 

11. The entire cold open of episode 6 is basically fan service for everyone who hates Danny (the “you can’t go outside” conversation.)

12. Claire: “Danny’s been preparing his whole life for this fight. He’s the Iron Fist.”
Colleen: “And he will tell that to anyone who will listen.”

13. Jessica: “Let’s go, Ironclad.”
Danny: “It’s Iron Fist.”
Jessica: “I know.”

Also, every time they tell Danny to “calm down.” I feel like they said that to him A LOT. 

Some of my problems with Iron fist: Living Weapon

I really hope Secret Wars deletes 2014s Living Weapon: Rage and Redemption storyline by Kaare Andrews from whatever the timeline will be after all the universes “smash together” or whatever is happening. 

Barely any of Danny Rands character traits or motivations which have developed the character over the years were even remotely touched upon. Focusing rather on his most overdone theme, his relationship with his parents, The same thing happened to Davos aka Steel Serpent, who was treated similarly, abandoning all character growth for no reason other than “shut up hes evil lets give him a metal robot tentacle arm”. 

Strange that Danny and Davos are the only characters from Iron fist to really show up, (other then his parents and Shu-Hu the Lighting which deserve their own post/rant) plenty of classic characters are killed or just don’t show up and instead we get very one dimensional new characters that are meant fill in a very “Frank Miller” esque character roll.One of which from recent issues may infact turn into the next Iron fist, an interesting idea I wanted sooner or later but I would’ve preferred done much better.

There is one final issue left of the series which I’m of course gonna have to read because I want to know how Danny and Davos are going to be left before Secret wars, whether I dislike the series or not Iron fist is my favourite marvel character and this has been the first series were I have to reread several times to find something I enjoyed. 

Iron Fist Countdown: 7 Days

Danny’s Superpowers

    Danny is the most powerful member of the Netflix Defenders team. Or at least, he has the greatest power potential. In addition to his mad kung fu skills, the uses for the chi of Shou-Lao could (and, in fact, do) fill an entire book, and the vast power it grants its wielders is ever-evolving. Even Danny hasn’t yet learned everything he’s capable of. Here are some of the highlights of what various Iron Fists have achieved over the years, and of what we might possibly see in the show.  

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