iron fist 2013

Batman & Nightwing Vs Captain America& Iron Fist w/Daredevil commission by John Byrne. 2013.

John included the request by the commissioner:

18" x 24 commission of Batman and Nightwing vs. Captain America and Iron Fist. The matchups are up to you. The details are:

- please draw Batman and Nightwing back-to-back; with Batman holding or throwing a Batarang and Nightwing holding his fighting sticks

- include a defeated Daredevil somewhere in the illustration

- background is your choice of a cityscape or Avengers Mansion

- Batman in the Adams/Aparo costume

- Nightwing in Perez costume

- landscape orientation

- In the lower margin, please personalize the illustration “To Pauson, With Best Wishes, John Byrne”