iron fist 10

Power Man & Iron Fist #10 by David Walker & Sanford Greene

Amidst the ridiculousness of Civil War II (yes, that’s still going on), various heroes teamed up to help people falsely imprisoned due to hackers changing their criminal records. Y'know, something actually heroic.

As a 100% certified fan of superhero team-ups, I approve. I think Walker’s superhero stuff has an interesting, different perspective to it, and I recommend it highly.

Also, seeing Misty and Colleen together is always A+++.


ROG-200 and his many friends commission by John Byrne. 2009.

This was commissioned by Nathan Greno who included a little bit about what his request was:

The idea: “35 Years Before the Mast” A commission to celebrate JB’s 35 years in the comic biz — I’ve included as many characters as I can afford to represent 35 years of JB magic. Can JB please put something about “35 years” in there somewhere?…ROG 2000 drawing comic book pages…….any fun details would be nice — please include the historic train/chalk board drawing in there somewhere… The chalk drawing made on JB’s grandfather’s lap. Thanks!

Included is a checklist of the characters drawn that John posted.

1. Nova 2. Green Lantern 3. The Silver Surfer 4. Starlord 5. Mister Fantastic* 6. Belabet 7. The Hulk 8. Iron Fist 9. Power Man* 10. Babe 11. She-Hulk 12. The Thing 13. Doctor Doom* 14. Spider-Man 15. Sprite* 16. The Human Torch* 17. Wolverine 18. The Invisible Woman* 19. The Sub-Mariner 20. Darkseid 21. Kuno 22. Wonder Woman 23. Cyclops* 24. The Scarlet Witch 25. Franklin Richards* 26. Bounce 27. Penny Dredful*  28. ROG-2000 29. Wheelie 30. Captain America 31. OMAC 32. The Torch of Liberty* 33. Robotman 34. The Beast 35. The PROTOtykes*** 36. The Mole Man* 37. Puck* 38. Poe* 39. Trilby   40. Superman 41. D'Arcy 42. Oldest Extant JB Original 43. Batman 44. The Black Fox 45. Guardian 46. The Demon 47. Unnamed “Critical Error” Girl 48. Moonbase Alpha Astronaut*

* Characters not on Nathan’s original request list