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danny rand bf headcanons?

Oh god okay 😆 Why do I think this is Rae??😄💙

- Forehead kisses? Forehead kisses.
- Him telling you stories about Kun Lun all the time
- Helping him adjust to being back in NYC
- Need for physical contact is nearly always high
- Him trying to meditate a lot. *trying to* because you constantly try and find new ways to distract him
- Him helping you calm down completely during anxiety attacks
- Daily walks to Central Park
- Him teaching you to control your breathing in case you have an attack and he’s not there
- Eating takeout a lot
- Asking him to teach you to meditate and repeatedly failing because you just burst out laughing every time
- Always being fascinated by the skills he has
- Feeling completely safe with one another
- Probably meeting Matt, Jess and Luke at some point
- Probably being best buds with Claire
- Worrying about Danny when he’s out being a vigilante
- He’ll probably offer to stop it if it worries you too much but telling him it’s okay
- Cuddles™

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Sure thing Hun!!😆

- He’d be such a fucking sweetheart but would ever admit to it

- He’d probably develop the habit of casually letting his eyes land on you if you’re sitting watching TV with him, and eventually it would end up being a thing where if you’re in the same room as him, he’d subconsciously have his eyes on you at all times. Not even noticing he does it,but feeling weird when he doesn’t. Like seriously Luke has to punch him in he arm to get him to focus on what he’s doing if you’re in the same room as him.

- Converting him to all your fandoms. Explaining ships and fan-theories and him thinking it’s the best damn thing ever.

- Both of you being book nerds

- Him promising to do less vigilante stuff once you’re married even though you told him he doesn’t have to change for you

- The kitchen being set on fire more than twice a month because of terrible cooking skills on both parts

- Idk why, but I get the feeling that he’d really want kids??? And he’d love to be the one who stays and takes care of them if one of you needs to work???

- His dad was a billionaire, so I guess that’s probably not a problem

- Waking up at about 6:30 every morning but lying there for hours. Not even doing anything, just wig content in each other’s presence

- You picking up on various ways to disarm people having asked Danny to show you a few things

- If you do have kids, Coleen and Luke would 10000% be the god parents, then Jess and Matt, then Claire and Foggy

- Owning a really big dog



The full ‘Doctor Strange’ soundtrack will be released October 21st (tomorrow)! 

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