What do I do with my free time? Apparently, this.

I am 100% in love with the idea of Daniel Rand being Asian-American or at least half-half. :) I really hope they go this route if he gets his Netflix series, I would totally watch it. 

Can’t decide if I want him to have partially-dyed hair or not though. But have some samples from my sketchbook! :D

On another note I’m going on vacation to Hawaii! :D I’ll be back in a few weeks, while I’m there I’ll be working on tutorials and getting some of my confidence back (I’ve been in an art slump lately and it really sucks)

Marvel honestly makes me so fucking tired. Like….it’s honestly so upsetting that I have to yell and fight for roles like the Ancient One or Iron Fist to be played by Asians when…these aren’t even good roles. They’re still steeped in orientalism, and making sure they’re played by the proper race doesn’t change that. Like I’m literally here fighting for scraps, exotic, orientalist, scraps. I can’t even dream about a well developed asian/asiam superhero making their way to the MCU, the best I can hope for is not yellowface. How pathetic is that?


ESPN The Magazine’s Body Issue comes out tomorrow, and includes a section on Marvel superheroes.  I was very happy to contribute this Iron Fist piece!  (Me, in a SPORTS magazine?!?)  More here.

Did this traditionally in pencil - a rarity for me these days.  I kept reaching for Command-Z.  :)  Colors by the great Laura Martin.  

The original is up for sale at the store.  


The Defenders are here to fight street level crime, and a dragon that one time.

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