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Can I have a match-up please? I love music (I belly dance!), fashion (lolita!) and video games. Introverted. I've got degrees in psychology and theater arts. I have chronic depression and anxiety, but work hard at coping with it. Sewing and cosplaying is a big hobby of mine. I'm honest, sometimes too much. I love wordplay, but am bad at conversing back due to flustering (but I like that too >_>). Side note, the theme song for SSLL's Reader is King of Anything by Sara Barielles. No substitutes.

I’d match you with Swapfell Sans.

Okay, hear me out.  Sans is definitely into music (NTT jams, yo), and did I mention he makes his own attire?  Yeah, the battle body is all him.  Mutt taught him to sew, and then he went from there.  On the Surface, he makes all of his own clothing as well, usually adding studs, spikes, and the occasional skull iron-decal onto his attire for flare.  He cosplays all the time without even realizing it!

You’d be good at evening him out because… seriously, Blackberry could use some honesty.  Rus has been feeding his ego since he was a babybones, and he needs some of the air let out.  He’ll fluster you–and when he does, he’ll keep trying to get you in that state, finding himself with a cocky grin.  He doesn’t quite understand how to handle depression, but he’s great at combating anxiety and he’ll help to bring you further out of your introverted nature because he’s the polar opposite.  Also, your psychology degree will likely help you in better understanding Blackberry–and seeing who he is behind the boisterous tirades.  

(*And I just looked up King of Anything, and I totally agree.  Damn, you guys are so good at finding perfect songs! )

*Matches are closed.

The third wave of feminism, ushered in during the 90s by activists like Rebecca Walker, existed alongside the explosion of the internet, the creation of blogs, and the invention of digital social media.

The digitization of information largely means the democratization of info in Western countries, where citizens have access to the internet via public and private institutions, but it also means corporations and institutions can exploit these ideas for money, seeing as these ideas (due to social media and the internet) now have larger followings. Lots of ideologies have been watered down and exploited for profit in the last decade.

Feminism’s been exploited by capitalist industries, no doubt.

Young teens, third (some argue fourth, who knows anymore? boundaries between the two and between generation z and millennials are murky and constantly fought over) wave feminists, can now explore sexism and misogyny via their Twitter timeline or a graphic posted to Tumblr. 

Corporations know this, and are desperate to lure in young audiences (in their minds, potential buyers and lifetime customers).

So how do they get us?

Feminist merch. Straight up, feminist merch. Shirts with pictures of Frida Kahlo. Jelly bracelets with the term “feminist” strung around it on heart-shaped beads. Cheaply made baseball-tees with the term “feminist” and a dictionary definition of the term beneath it in bold typeface.

Are these things cute? Sure, no lie.

Should we buy these? No, because feminism has been commodified. It’s no longer a politicized term, but a buzz word that translates directly into dollar signs.

The retailers and brands selling you feminist merch pay their factory workers terribly. They don’t provide maternal or paternal leave. The proceeds they make off feminism, off of the struggle of women, don’t go to non-profits or to breast cancer survivors or low-income families; it goes to the pockets of large corporations

Frida Kahlo would HATE that. Actually, I know she’d hate it. 

The corporations selling you feminist merch don’t care about feminism. They don’t believe in it. They’re using the word to make money. They’re appropriating a cause, one they have no intention of supporting.

True feminist merch is handcrafted by you, the consumer. It’s the bracelets you make with friends and the shirts you make with thrifted shirts and iron-on decals. True feminist merch is made by feminists. There’s often no profit involved, and if there is one, it’s donated or given meaning. 

True feminist merch is political. It reiterates feminism’s beliefs and values and disrupts capitalism, misogyny, ableism, clasissm and etc. 

Stop buying feminism and benefiting the same people who don’t care about you

.Make feminism. Spread feminism. 

Reclaim the term “feminism” one home-made tee at a time.

does anyone know if theres a way to help remove iron-on decals from clothes? bc i have a bunch of like perfectly nice base tshirts with cracked homestuck symbols lmao and i Could try to just peel it off but that takes a lot of time and concentration and is messy

All You Can Do, Is Live It

Destiny carries without assistance
inches from finger tips, out of reach

Life spans keeping quotas
in data banks, with check marks
if, when, and will see

Futures are ironed out like decals
pressed on t-shirts made of cotton
preshrunk for perfect fit

Sizing up was done at birth
using unchangeable codes
encrypted for our safety

We are moving through motions
expected, from mere mortals
reading the written script on a stage
of sold out performances
no cancellations
no rain out dates

It’s destiny
all you can do, is live it…

  • Baby: m..m...
  • Mother: what is it? Mommy?
  • Baby: Marvel being sold out to Disney makes absolutely no sense and I just spent two hours reading about Universal vs Disney World and what they are and aren't allowed to do. I, personally, feel like things will start changing when rides at Universal need updating to keep people interested but cannot proceed based on the current contract. Also can we talk about how Epcot monorails couldn't use the iron man decal because of the places of the park it travels in? Plus, with other countries not having the same deal, it means that places like Hong Kong and Paris are going to get some insane Marvel rides that the States will be jealous of. And where does Disneyland fit into this? Anyways, Hulk is the best coaster of all time and i hate to see anything happen to it