iron dan

  • Dan: *borrows Phil's coat* Lmao, it's what the ppl want
  • Dan: *feeds Phil meringues* Lol, just giving the ppl what they want
  • Dan: *looks at Phil with intense heart-eyes* What can I say, it's what the ppl want
  • Dan: *kisses Phil's cheek* Just some phan service, amirite
  • Dan: *makes out with Phil* It's what you wanted
  • Dan: *marries Phil* I did ironically, just serving the phans
  • Dan: *raises three kids with Phil* Giving the ppl w h a t t h e y w a n t
Phil was like ‘I want you to curl my hair with some curling irons’. Who cares? Give the people what they want. Some people were like ‘Dan, you could have done a better job’. I was so scared of actually injuring Phil. ‘Cause these things are like 300 degrees and as I said in the video, there’s so many clips on YouTube of girls curling their hair and doing a tutorial and ripping off their entire fringe. Actually think for a second if I actually ripped of AmazingPhil’s fringe. He probably has it insured. I don’t know but it’s like oh my god. So yeah, I was scared I’d burn his flesh. … I didn’t want to be the guy that melted his face on YouTube. So yeah, I hope you had fun with that.

@danielhowell​ during his live show on the 4th of July 2017

Quotes from Dan (63/?)

Phil’s commentary on Dan curling his hair

Dan being absolutely adorable and so scared of actually hurting Phil by accident.

Person A: When did I get so good at lying that I myself no longer believe what I say anymore‬

Person B: *overheard and tearing up* Y-you mean… you didn’t mean it when you said you love me?

Person A: *sighs* i didn’t mean it like that sweetie. *hugs*

If you are somebody that’s making fun of your problems with depressing jokes that’s a really good thing. It shows that firstly you acknowledge issues and you’re not too proud and you’re willing to talk about things, which is good, and that you accept them and that you don’t take life too seriously and you’re not judging yourself too harshly. I think people that ironically joke about things and themselves and whatever, they are the kind of people who are quite honest with themselves and that’s a good thing.

@danisnotonfire during his live show on the 10th of January 2017

Quotes from Dan (23/?)

Honestly, my admiration for Dan grows every time he does a live show.

Daddy’s Punk Princess

Pairing: Danisnotonfire & AmazingPhil (Phan)

Genre: Smut, Daddy!Kink

Word Count: 4300

Warnings: Explicit content, handcuffs, Officer!Phil Punk!Dan

Summary: When Dan is out late at night trespassing at his local park, it really is no surprise when the nearest officer interrupts his plans. What those plans entailed? Well that might explain the massive problem Dan has to deal with when he gets stuck in the back of a cop-car. Not to mention a fucking gorgeous cop’s car. 

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