iron cycles

This is Zöe by the way, my girl. Named by a 2 way connection when I brought her home.

1) I’m a Firefly fan, and this girl is black and bad ass.

2) When I got her home, a little dog approached me, I took her to the vet who scanned her chip and she was named Zoe.

So my post earlier is about my sweetheart. And if my lucky goes well, she’ll be joined in the garage by a Ducati Cafe in May. Dont know what I’ll name her.

My scooter is a Stella (from Genuine), which is designed and built or were, in the factories from Piaggio, which is why she looks like a vintage Vespa. She’s avocado green and her name is Bamboo, because of the green and she was built in a country that has a lot of Bamboo export.

In case anyone cared.

The 5 phases of Tony Stark

Step 1: I feel guilty for this terrible thing that happened because of me.

Step 2: I should Do Something About It.

Step 3: I’m ignoring the advice of people that I love & trust and Doing the Thing.

Step 4:  world goes to shit.

Step 5:  Oops

(go to step 1)

I couldn’t take it anymore. I went for a ride in the rain. 






not my division!// old man logan

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There are next to no Old Man Logan gifs that I haven’t used.. So I’m just going to start using ones of Logan both old and young. This prompt was so amusing to think about that I just wanted to start with this one! This is ¼ requests for the day, but bear with me.. I’m sick as a dog. Enjoy!

Requested by Anon: Would you mind doing an insert set during Logan, were the reader is on her monthly  and he’s so inexperienced with dealing with her human mood swings? He makes a fool out of himself buying her lady products, etc while Laura tags along? 

Warnings: mentions of blood, Logan being completely inexperienced with women and menstrual cycles / It’s really short compared to the other ones I’ve written. 

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Looking for Blogs!

This is my new book blog and I need more people who post books and book fandoms to follow~ Fandoms I’m looking for include:
The Shadowhunter Chronicles
The Maze Runner trilogy
The Raven Cycle
The Paranormalcy trilogy
The Iron Fey
The Hush, Hush series
His Dark Materials
Percy Jackson
The Throne of Glass series
Anything by David Levithan
Harry Potter
The Ender Quintet
The Giver Quartet
The Lorien Legacies
Vampire Academy
The Perks of Being a Wallflower
Howl’s Movie Castle
Tuck Everlasting
Books of Ember
Basically any book fandom please.


ALL CASUAL [8tracks] [spotify] [playmoss]     

“He never put lyrics to the second secret, the one he kept to himself. But it still played on in the background.”

Komaeda Nagito (Danganronpa series): Character Study

TL; DR: Komaeda is a plot device for the creators  – placed into the plot during important moments in order to act as the catalyst for certain events in the story line. Komaeda is not, objectively speaking, an inherently evil character. He genuinely cares about those that embody hope. However, he cannot understand other people’s feelings due to the effects of his dementia. Therefore, he projects his desires, like creating the ultimate hope, onto others without apology, believing they should be willing to die for this common goal. 

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Throwback Thursday: How Fast Do Stars Run Out Of Fuel?

“This is why a star whose temperature might be half that of the Sun can live hundreds of times as long, and an incredibly hot star — like R136a1 (at the core of the cluster below), with 260 times the mass of the Sun — will live less than 0.1% as long as our Sun.”

If you ever wondered how stars lived, died, and transitioned through their life cycle, this is where the answers you’ve been seeking are.

If the boys were kings, they would not rule with an iron fist but
  • Noah: An iron thumbs up to encourage and support
  • Gansey: An iron hand with all fingers up to unify
  • Adam: An iron pointer finger to guide and lead the way
  • Ronan: An iron middle finger to get himself kicked off the throne
  • (and Queen Blue would rule with an iron ring finger, connected to her heart by the vena amoris)
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