iron cross 2nd class


This unidentified German SS Oberscharfuhrer from the 1st SS Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler Panzer Division, was allegedly killed in action in the Villers-Bocage area during the battle.
On the body was found a boxed Iron Cross 1st Class with the photo of the victim. (In the photo, he is also wearing the ribbon of the Iron Cross 2nd Class — on his lower left lapel). Since the division did not largely arrive in Normandy until 6 July 1944 (minus 5,600 men),  it is a mystery as to how this man came to be killed in the Villers-Bocage area on 14 June.

Oberscharführer SS Ludwig Köchle volunteered for the SS in 1938. By 1941, he had won the Iron Cross 1st and 2nd class. He excelled in fighting near Demyansk when his platoon destroyed six enemy bunkers and MG positions using hand grenades. Köchle led the defense against repeated Russian attacks with success. For his actions he earned the Knight’s Cross. He was killed near Lake Ilmen from a direct artillery hit on June 9, 1942, aged 21.


WW2 leaders during ww1 

(From left to right)

Winston Churchill - This Liberal mp for dundee was already a larger than life figure in British Politics, Winston Churchill was first lord of the admiralty and was in charge of the British royal navy during the war. He was one of the engineers of the disastrous gallipoli campaign and the dardenelles,Which cost 100′s of thousands of lives, he was removed from the government in 1915 and went to fight on the western front commanding the 6th royal scots fusiliers, he returned to parliament and switched to the tory party, churchill would go on to become leader of the party and Britains most admired prime minister

Benito Mussolini - Leading italian socialist to staunch fascist, this young italian journalist would initially be opposed to the war but would later write articles that could be classed as anti german. Mussolini was drafted to the front in May 1915 and served in the 11th regiment of the Bersaglieri. He would be promoted to corporal for “merit in war” and would return home after a grenade exploded accidentally in his trench. Mussolini would go on to become an infamous dictator and a member of the Axis powers.

Adolf Hitler - Probably classed among the general western public as the most evil soul in history, this austrian national would join up to avoid joining the Austro hungarian army as the “mixture of races” frightened him. Hitler would instead enlist in the german army as part of the 16th Bavarian reserve regiment. He would recieve an iron cross 2nd class and an iron cross first class for bravery, in the final year of the war he was blinded in a gas attack and spent the final months of ww1 in a field hospital. Hitler would go on to say his time serving on the front was “the best time of his life”.

Harry S. Truman - Harry S. Truman dreamed of attending west point and becoming an officer but was refused due to his poor eyesight. Instead he enlisted in the Missouri army national guard and when world war one broke out he was elected to 1st lieutenant He was posted to france with the american expeditionary force and given command of the Battery D, 129th field artillery. Battery D did not lose a single man under trumans commander. When truman was discharged from the army in 1919 he ventured into politics and would eventually lead America during the final months of ww2 as 33rd president of the united states. 

Franklin D. Roosevelt - The 32nd president of the United states spent world war 1 in washington as assisant secretary of the navy under president Woodrow Wilson. An advocate of submarine warfare. Wilson was given control of demobilisation at the end of the war. 

Charles de gaulle - Pictured here with his brothers (Far left) he Graduated 13th out of 230 of his Military class, De Gaulle joined the 33rd French infantry regiment as a junior officer. When war broke out in 1914 De Gaulle was wounded at the battle of Dinant, he returned to fight at the battle of the Marne only to realise his former comrades where dead. He was made a platoon commander and became resentful of the outdaded french battle tactics. De gaulle suffered numerous casualties at the front and was captured at Verdun in 1916. De Gaulle would make 5 unsuccessful escape attempts. But was returned to france at the end of the war to be reunited with his brothers who had all survived. This bold junior officer would later become leader of the french resistance and president of France.

Joseph Stalin - Joseph Stalin was drafted into the russian imperial army but was declared unfit for service due to his damaged left arm. He returned to Petrograd and became editor of Pravda, the communist party’s offical newspaper. Stalin would then be chosen as a member of the Politubro which would kickstart his rise to power and lead to him becoming leader of the soviet union after Vladmir lenins death. 

Luftwaffe Feldwebel, His decorations include the Iron Cross 2nd class, the Reich Sports Badge, the Paratrooper Badge (with eagle) and the Hitler Youth Proficiency Award (with arrow)

Heinz Radlauer learned to fly gliders in 1940, aged 17, and joined the Luftwaffe in August 1941. After Fighter School, in June 1944 he was posted to join JG51 Molders then fighting on the Eastern Front near Minsk, scoring his first victory in October of that year. Heinz Radlauer flew the Bf109G, the Fw190A, and at the end of the war the Fw190D, by which time he had notched up over 100 combat missions, flying his last combat mission on 30th April 1945. Credited with 15 air victories, all on the Eastern Front, he was awarded the Iron Cross 1st and 2nd Class.

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Ruhe in Frieden
On January 24th, 2015 the famed Heer Oberleutnant Otto Carius passed away at age 92. Originally, a loader of a Panzer 38(t), ended his service as a kommandant of a Jagdtiger. Along with it; Golden Wound Badge Iron Cross 1st and 2nd Class, Knights Cross with Oak Leaves (4th Highest of the Knights Crosses), Panzer Badge in Silver, 150+ Destroyed Tanks (The Majority on the Eastern Front), and 1 Air-Target.

Heinz “Esau” Ewald

Heinz Ewald was credited with 84 victories in 395 combat missions.

On 1 December 1941 Ewald volunteered for military service. After his pilot training, which included flight training with the Fliegerausbildungsregiment 23 in Kaufbeuren, he was posted, in the fall of 1943, to 6./JG 52 on the Eastern Front and was soon one of the best young pilots of his group. He accompanied Gerhard Barkhorn (301 victories), on over 100 missions as a wingman. On his fourth sortie, and on his first enemy encounter, he shot down his first opponent on 11 December 1943. He was awarded the Iron Cross 2nd Class, on 8 January 1944; the Iron Cross 1st Class on 7 March. He was promoted to leutnant on 1 May, and he received the Ehrenpokal der Luftwaffe on 25 May.

On 24 June 1944 he was shot down and wounded in Romania, but saved the parachute. In October, he returned to the front in Hungary, where he received the German Cross in gold on 30 November. On 1 March 1945 he was shot down by his own anti-aircraft guns. Fortunately, he was rescued unscathed. On 3 April his engine was hit while carrying out low-level attacks on Russian positions. He made a forced landing between the lines. He achieved his last victory (a Yak-9), on 16 April. Four days later he was awarded the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross.

Heinz Ewald reached 84 victories in 395 combat missions, 82 (plus 15 unconfirmed), on the Eastern Front, including 14 Il-2 Sturmoviks. He was held as a Prisoner of War at Fürstenfeldbruck Lager from 8 May until 22 June 1945.

Obergefreiter of the Luftwaffe, who was captured by soldiers of the 16th Infantry Division of the United States, trying to hide his face from the photographer taking pictures of him in Veyvertts (Weywertz), Belgium.
Captive Obergefreiter awarded the Iron Cross 2nd class, and left to right: “Sports badge» (Deutsches Reichssportabzeichen), «Parachutist Badge Luftwaffe» (Fallschirmschutzenabzeichen) and ”Hitler sign »(Hitlerjugend Leistungsabzeichen

Eisernes Kreuz

Do you know this cross?

You see this thing here:


I have seen many fan of Hetalia who have done this error.

This cross that Germany and Prussia had on the collar of their uniform or like collar….is not the cross of lorraine.

It’s the Eisernes Kreuz.

Iron Cross (Eisernes Kreuz) is a German military decoration which was established as a military honor by King Frederick William III of Prussia in 1813 during the Napoleonic Wars.

The Iron Cross was designed by the neoclassical architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel. 

The decoration consists of four symmetrical points flared traditionally made ​​of steel 

Origin of the symbolism of the decoration is the goddess of peace when his chariot was found in Paris in the fall of Napoleon.

It was delivered to the top of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. An Iron Cross was substituted for laurels.

On the model of the Legion of Honor created by Napoleon, the Iron Cross was the second European military decoration awarded merit without distinction of rank or social category, which contributed to his popularity. 

The highest of the Iron Cross classes since 1813 are among the highest German military distinctions.

  At the same level were only for the “Merit Order” (the military until 1918), but was awarded only to officers, and the Prussian order of the “Black Eagle” rarely awarded.

After its creation, the Iron Cross with a black ribbon was assigned as military’s highest decoration

From 1813 to 1918 there are three classes:

3) Iron Cross 2nd Class (with a ribbon)
2) Iron Cross 1st Class (with clip)
1) The Grand Cross (Grosskreuz) of the Iron Cross  (given 17 times since 1813)

Type => Medal of Merit
Awarded for => Act of heroism


In Hetalia. Gilbert have this cross, in the highest rank of course. He’s a fucking country (Prussia) after all.

Germany have the same cross but only after the WW1.

Yep he don’t have the cross during the WW1.

Proof? Okay

(It was Wikipedia description, I just translated in english)


So….now look at there.

Diederich (Kuroshitsuji)

So…You see a ribbon? No.

You see a clip? No.

So it’s mean that it's The Grand Cross (Grosskreuz).

The Highest Rank.

The rank given less of 20 times since 1813.

And Dee have also decorations (shoulders), who are proofs he is an officer of army.


1) This is a military hero.

2) who did heroic acts

3)A high-ranking officer

4) Who have the highest German military distinctions.

He’s totally a badass man!!

And certainly very dangerous

Matthäus Hetzenauer the Austrian sniper with your rifle K98 caused low 345 on the enemy, his longest shot registered was the 1100 m, awarded iron cross 2nd and 1 St class, infantry assault badge, Sniper Badge (gold), iron cross of Knight, served on 3° Mountain Division of the Wehrmacht.