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A Chat with Mr. Alton Brown...

  Some people only seem to know Alton Brown as a food guru, famously from the Food Network.  Mr. Brown is a huge part of the Food Network’s success, as he hosts a multitude of shows and has an incredible following.  Personally, I know Alton Brown for his demeanor and style – he has become my personal “Style Icon”.     Alton Brown is much more complex than his ability in the kitchen, and most people understand that.  What most be people miss (well they’re missing it less…) is Alton’s impeccable taste for quality and elegance when it comes to his wardrobe.   Mr. Alton Brown, I found out, is more complex than I could have imagined and that is a wonderful thing.  Find out more about Alton’s sartorial mind-set for a minute and learn about the man outside of the kitchen…   _________________________________________________________   How would you describe your own style? Elegantly shabby…or maybe shabbily elegant.    

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