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Not sure if it's ever directly addressed in the game, but what do you think is Bull's opinion on mages/magic in general?

I know Bull is freaked out by demons. And qunari of course aren’t too nice to their mages (saarebas). Now I can’t remember if he specifically says anything positive or negative about mages in the game. 

As far as approvals/disapprovals: he Disapproves if you ally with mages in “In Hushed Whispers”, and Greatly Approves if you conscript the mages. And in “Champions of the Just”, he Greatly Approves if you ally with the templars, and Disapproves if you conscript them. 

So…I think Iron Bull is definitely wary of mages, likely due to the whole threat-of-demon-possession thing. But it doesn’t seem to affect how he feels about a mage inquisitor, so that’s good. 


Another productive day for the inquisition. 


Ive had a very long two weeks but i’ve been slowly chipping away at this and im so happy i can finally say it’s finished :)

my boss surprised me for christmas by commissioning the amazing @xfreischutz to draw this gorgeous tarot card of my lavellan and iron bull ♥ i’m honestly still in shock, LOOK AT HOW BEAUTIFUL THIS IS *__* ♥ ♥ ♥


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