• Iron Bull:Oh, this is gonna be fun. The old team together again to kick some ass!
  • Iron Bull:How 'bout it, kadan?
  • Varric:You’re still doing nicknames? Nicknames are my thing, Tiny.
  • Cole:“Kadan.” It means different things. Heart, and chest, and you, and sometimes there are ropes…
  • Iron Bull:All right, Cole, don’t hurt yourself. “Kadan” isn’t that complicated.
  • Sera:Is that your naked name? The one you save for when it’s dark?
  • Iron Bull:It’s a title of honor for the man I love.
  • Sera:I’ll bet. Get “honor,” and stay on…on him? Wait, I swear this works.
  • Varric:Aw, a romantic after all. You blushing up there?
  • Iron Bull:(groans) This was supposed to be about hitting things, remember?

Oh Gawd! OH GAWD! This is better than I imagine. Ofc you can tell who I prefer drawing -ahem- Solas….
Anyways. This morning I realized I didn’t do anything for V-day however a great idea popped in my head while I was listening to The Darkness. Rock-Band.
I’m hoping to do a 30second animation with these guys and I Believe in thing Called Love by The Darkness. I hope I can have it done by V-day, so stayed tuned. I wish I could have drawn Bull better. I’m loving this Solas so much!!!

anonymous asked:

If you're looking for non-fetishized Iron Bull fic, check out Our Daily Bread over on Ao3. The first half is all DA2 stuff, but it goes into the qunari and how they work. Some of it is kinda headcanon, but the Iron Bull stuff is all heavy character focus that's way more 'what's in this guy's head' than 'what's between this guy's legs' - it's good stuff.

Ohhh I am intrigued already! Thanks for the recommendation. 

Our Daily Bread by Riftwalker

They called him Hissrad, once. ‘Keeper of secrets.’ And even though they took his name away, he never wavered in his duty or his role. Oh, some say he failed the Qun, others say he left it behind, but none of them knew that he held the biggest secret of them all behind all those rippling muscles and swagger. A secret that could take down an empire, if he ever let it free, or so he says. But he never would. And in that, he served the Qun more faithfully than even the most devout.

DA2/Post DA: Inquisition (Pre-Trespasser)

Bull why you so hard to draw??? Scribbley as hell pencil doodle of Iron Bull but it looks good from far away or if you squint your eyes lol. Referenced from a screenshot of him in the trailer video.

I wanted to draw him though because he seemed like he’d be difficult and I wanted a challenge. ;-)

Going to try to draw more DA characters for practice now! Who next I wonder! Any ideas or requests my friends?

he slouches when she’s near him. it’s subconscious, a growing habit, and he doesn’t realize it until vivienne points it out to him in that terse tone that reminds him of a tamassran scolding him for not eating his greens.

“you’re slouching again, my dear.” she says shortly after the inquisitor leaves the party to chat with harding, the two dwarves going off to do some target practice as everyone else gets settled down to camp for the night. a late evening glow hangs warmly on the horizon.

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it’s midnight and i need to get some feelings out, this is basically me just rambling. is it worth putting in the tags? probably not, but it’s worth a shot anyways

The Emerald Graves, in a way, strike at something just beneath his ribcage. It causes a flutter that the Bull can’t quite call nervousness, not quite unease. Fighting is as easy as breathing, as easy as lifting one foot after the other. Sure, the bum knee might do something shitty eventually, but it’s still walking.

Baby steps, his Tama had told him. But he’s a grown man, with footprints left in the dirt - moist, dark brown, soil? Not like Seheron - that are much larger than his Tama’s.

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Another productive day for the inquisition. 


Ive had a very long two weeks but i’ve been slowly chipping away at this and im so happy i can finally say it’s finished :)