After the Endgame: Part 2

With Trespasser quickly approaching, I figured I’d start writing about Isii’s life after the end of Inquisition. Obviously reading Part 1 will give you the proper context.

Post-Game Stories so far:
Still Hurting 
After the Endgame Part 1: Rough Night

Content Warming: sexual situations (not smut).

Part 2: The Bull

Dorian said this was fine.

He reassured her, this was fine.

He got annoyed when she kept asking if he really meant it.

“Kaffas, woman, yes. It’s fine. We’re all adults here. Do whatever you want.”

So why didn’t this feel right?

Bull’s hands were too big. His chest too broad. Muscles too hard, flesh too firm. Too tall. She wasn’t used to someone towering over her. It was strange to feel so small.

Isii tugged on his harness, pushing him to sit and he obeyed without a word, sinking down onto the end of the bed. Better, she thought. This was better, having him closer to her level, face-to-face as she stood between his legs. His hands went to her waist, gentle as he pulled her closer. “We’ll take this nice and easy.” His voice was low and reassuring, but she still felt a weird tension in her belly. She smirked over her nerves.

“What?” she laughed, straddling his lap, “Think I can’t handle the mighty Iron Bull?” His hands slipped lower, cradling the curve of her backside as she sat against him. She kissed his neck, tasting the strangeness of unfamiliar sweat as she trailed along his jaw. “Hmm. Are Qunari ears as sensitive as Elven ones?” she whispered teasingly before running her tongue along the pointed curve. He hummed approvingly, hissing as she bit him.

“Harder,” he grunted. She bit down, tugging roughly on his ear with her teeth and he let out a pleasured snarl. Alright. He likes pain. I can work with that. She bit along the column of his neck, hard enough to mark him, alternating the sharp sting of her teeth with the flick of her tongue. She could feel his hips shift beneath her, his hands tightening their grip as he let out a low, growling hum. She grabbed one of his horns, forcing his head to turn as she slated her mouth over his own.

And felt nothing.

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  • Inquisitor:Ok, this is is how it's gonna go down. Iron Bull, you run point and keep the enemy off us.
  • Iron Bull:You Betcha!
  • Inquisitor:Varric, hang back, find elevation, and start picking them off.
  • Varric:Can Do.
  • Inquisitor:Cassandra, anyone who doesn't go right for bull, you need to keep on you.
  • Cassandra:Got It.
  • Inquisitor:And Cole?
  • Cole:I found a frog! His name is Tyler and we are the best of friends!
  • Inquisitor:...You keep on being adorable.
  • Cole:Look! A Rainbow!
  • Inquisitor:Atta Boy.
  • Inquisitor:ugh, this Druffalo won't budge... Bull, see if you can talk to it or something.
  • Iron Bull:Eh, What? Why me?
  • Inquisitor:I dunno, you both got horns. Maybe it will listen?
  • Iron Bull:*shrugs* uh.. Ok... Druffalo... Come on. Move now. Go home.
  • Solas:Perhaps if you tried speaking in its native tongue?
  • Iron Bull:uh... Moo?
  • *Druffalo immediately becomes enraged, starts charging as the party runs like hell*
  • Iron Bull:I DONT KNOW!!!

servantofclio replied to your postSee, now you’re making me want Cassandra and…

Meanwhile Cullen and Traynor play a highly competitive match.

And at first the Inquisition and the Normandy crew watch, cheering on their respective champions, but the match takes so long–and in perfect, respectful silence–that basically everyone gets bored and wanders off.

Except… for Urdnot Wrex and Iron Bull.

Who watch in rapt fascination throughout, and eventually start making side bets.

Afterwards whoever is the winner of the side bets uses it to buy the other drinks, and they get splendidly, roaringly drunk together in Herald’s Rest. And after that they a) commit significant property damage, and b) leave a complete, well-thought-out, tactically sound battle plan for capturing some keep or other tacked to the war room door.

(Cullen and Sam, sane and sober, show up at the war room door the next day, untack the battle plan, and elucidate its many advantages to the rest of the advisors the next day, while Bull and Wrex sleep off their epic hangovers.)

cullen and bull are like.. opposite….

cullen keeps saying he’s changed, but really he still fears/hates mages. when he’s not actively talking about how he’s different now and all regretful, he totally slips back into “meredith was kinda right” and “mages are so spooky and things always go bad with them”

but then iron bull SAYS he’s still part of the qun but irl he’s so chill??? he’s terrified of demons but he’s one of the nicest to cole anyway, he doesn’t *say* the treatment of saarebas is wrong but he has mages in his company no problem. he thinks he thinks the qun is right, and his big-scale tactics are still anti-mage, but when he’s not actively like “oh right the qun yeah that’s me loyal ben-hassrath” he totally slips into being chill & nice.

Ashalla and Iron Bull remind me of Takeo and Yamato from Ore Monogatari like:

cole outing their relationship:

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killing a dragon together:

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iron bull when she gave him the dragon tooth:

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her following him during a battle to put a barrier on him:

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Dragon Tamer, Chapter 12 by tralala
Leliana's search for a qunari translator produces results. Cassandra is less than pleased.
By Organization for Transformative Works

Story Summary: When Tsun sends the Dragonborn home after Alduin’s defeat, something goes terribly wrong. She wakes up shackled in a prison cell, with a glowing green mark upon her hand and no memory of how she got there. A world in peril needs a hero once more, but with little means to communicate with the people around her she’s the last person anyone trusts to do what’s needed. Is Thedas doomed?

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