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TBH Uncle Iroh would not approve of Zuko and Mai simply because of the abusiveness of it all. Is there any evidence of things he said that would support Zutara over Maiko?

Sure there is! All we have to do is look at Iroh’s values, and whether they more closely align with Katara’s values or with Mαi’s.

Iroh believes in being invested in the world around him, so Katara’s compassion for people (and even her need to meddle) more closely aligns with his values than Mai’s hands-off approach to politics and ethics. Iroh values his children more than anything, so Katara being the team mom vs. Mαi’s treatment of her own brother in the show … there’s no comparison. He believes in the effectiveness of wise counsel, so we only have to compare Katara helping Zuko get up the courage to ask for forgiveness, one of the most important moments with Zuko he ever had, with “(yawn) I just asked if you were cold. I didn’t ask for your whole life story” and “Just remember what happened at the last war meeting you went to” for Katara to win out. We also know he values gaining knowledge from all the Four Nations, so Zuko having a partner who is from his elemental opposite, versus someone who grew up with the Fire Nation propaganda mindset and never truly left it behind, would be a big bonus.

And I wouldn’t consider Iroh a selfish man, but there’s one more point of comparison. While Katara volunteers to heal him from Azula’s lightning strike before they are even officially on the team, Mαi endangers not just Zuko, but Zuko’s mom, younger sister, and even Uncle himself by letting Ukano go in the comics. Katara was an enemy who behaved like a friend, and Mαi was a friend who behaved like an enemy, both to Zuko and himself. 

Besides, your statement that Iroh would not approve of Zuko and Mαi is tacitly agreed upon by A:TLA, which jumps through quite a few hoops NEVER to have Mαi and Iroh meet up in a way that would build their relationship. It’s quite astonishing how Iroh never has an official meet and greet with Zuko’s future wife.

my 100% awesome korrasami wedding fic, originally posted on facebook

korra walked into the super bright golden light and was like “come on asami babe lets go”. they smooch A TON. iroh sr. comes out and is like “wow u 2 are so super romantic and in love and not just friends at all” and korra and asami both blush and asami is like “yeah, korra is the most important person in my life. also i love her in a gay way” and iroh is like “oh dam” and then iroh makes them wife and wife. even koh comes to the wedding and is into it cause korrasami makes even the meanest spirits happy. wuko is invited and tahno too. everyone thinks lin is there stag but then she pulls out the giant kabob from her pocket and puts it on the seat next to her. it has a bowtie on. it is her date. korra and asami are in wedding dresses and are super pretty. korra does cool bending and asami makes them a literal ship with her mechanic skills. they are in their dresses and korra bends water into an ocean. she bends the air so they sail off on their ship into the sunset. everyone is happy and accepts that it is 100% real.

raiko is in the corner. “theyre just really close friends guyss, ugh. i choose to see them as just best friends,” he saids all pissbaby like. “makorra forever” he says as he cries. everyone hates him. he is wrong

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Okay. I'm rewatching the Avatar the Last Airbender series and suddenly I realized: Where in the buckets is Iroh's wife? Is there something I missed? Did she die? Did she escape? Was she a plant that blossomed Lu Ten? What gives?

What in the buckets kind of phrasing is that

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But what if Iroh used to tell Zuko stories about his late wife and son, to give Zuko a better sense of family after his father exiled him. Even though he never met Iroh's wife, he named his daughter after her, because to him, He associates the name with a happy, loving family.