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if i’m not mistaken, the white lotus tile that piandao gives to sokka never comes up again in the show? first of all, this is notable as one of the few things left open-ended in atla. second of all that means i get to fill it in! i feel like sokka pursued this at some point maybe 6 or 7 years after the war, and joined the white lotus. but he figured out they were corrupt* and left the order to serve republic city instead

*ok not to be negative but something i noticed is like… piandao is the “greatest swordsmaster and sword maker in fire nation history” and lives in a giant castle. he’s obviously rich. from… selling swords. to… the fire nation military. :/ meanwhile iroh was living it up as a fire nation royal, pakku was being a sexist ass, they let the red lotus happen, they kept korra prisoner, like… the order of the white lotus does not have a good track record lmao sokka probably dipped the scene FAST

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PROMPT: Unexpected Visits (Day 7; January 5)

To Iroh, it was not a surprise when Zuko would drop by Ba Sing Se once a month to grab some tea and seek wisdom from his uncle. Iroh looked forward to it because praise from his customers can make him a satisfied owner but seeing Zuko inhale a pot of Jasmine in a few minutes makes him undeniably happy. 

But today Iroh almost dropped his cup when he saw Fire Lord Zuko arm in arm with none other than Katara. 

“My, Zuko, Katara! This is quite a sight for sore eyes,” Iroh sang. “What brings both of you here?” Iroh asked while wiggling his eyebrows. “Together?”

Zuko did not look pleased and he only shook his head. Katara smiled sweetly to Iroh and replied, “Zuko and I, well…It’s obvious now, isn’t it? We’ve already told our friends and my family. Zuko here wanted you to know. He told me that the Jasmine Dragon was the first place he felt at home after he was exiled. I thought this would be appropriate.” 

Iroh’s eyes glistened as he stared at Katara. Zuko only grumbled under his breath but his cheeks were starting to tinge. Iroh wiped at his eyes, smiled, and yelled at his waiter, startling everybody in the shop, “GET THE FINEST TEA FOR THE FINEST COUPLE IN BA SING SE. HURRY UP. ZUKO ISN’T GOING TO GET A GIRL LIKE HER AGAIN.”

and that was the tale of how Uncle Iroh became the biggest Zutara shipper. I LOVE UNCLE IROH!!!

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Lmao you know there are people out there that look at you stupid when you tell them Bryke ruined Zuko's friendships with Katara and basically everyone from the whole Gaang. Like Idk what comics they are reading but it's pretty noticeable Zuko doesn't look close with anyone despite everything they've been through together, the Gaang doesn't trust him or treat him like a friend either, they think he's gonna mess up, such good friends right, shout out to motherfucking Bryke for messing it up..

Yeah, I don’t know what comics they’re reading. It’s pretty obvious to me and it was the main disappointment I had with the whole series. Every single one of his relationships was unsatisfying.

Katara immediately urges Aang to accept his promise to end him if he “goes bad”. Aang is reluctant and tells him he’s not his dad, but Katara insists. Clearly, she thinks he could go bad at any time and turn into his dad.

Katara once again telling Aang she supports his decision to kill Zuko. But of course, her relationship with Aang is her main concern. I’m sorry, but Zuko and Katara do not seem like friends at all.

I guess Bryke didn’t think it felt right to make Iroh and Zuko go back to being as close as they were after Zuko betrayed him. Zuko and Iroh are extremely distant after the events of ATLA. Iroh happily lives in another country while Zuko is nearly dying left and right.

Aang tells Zuko he’s changed and almost kills him. For some reason he has a much easier time with ending Zuko than Ozai.

Mai dumps Zuko in the beginning and thinks he’s turning into his father.

She nearly lets her dad kill him. She agrees he’s a bad leader and that other people’s feelings don’t matter to him.

Suki is the only one who thinks Zuko is even worth talking to. Everyone else thinks he’s going to turn evil at any moment. Zuko’s character with the constant war of good and evil got so redundant after Book 2. It’s not the least bit entertaining.

Lee and Mushi Stay in the Lower District

Zuko and Iroh remain in the lowest district of Ba Sing Se as tea servers all the way through the Fire Nation conquering the city…and beyond Book 2’s finale.

No one knows who Lee and Mushi actually are. Azula makes her play in the upper ring with the Dai Li and the gaang. She does not have the opportunity to discover the whereabouts of her brother and uncle. Maybe she leaves Ba Sing Se after she conquers it. Maybe she stays and rules from its palace. Aang and his friends never cross paths with Zuko in the city.

Meanwhile, Zuko and Iroh are in increasingly desperate trouble. They struggle to hide their identities to stay safe from other refugees and Earth Kingdom citizens who would hate them for being Fire Nation royalty. They hide from the occupying Fire Nation force because of their traitor status. But all of this now happens within the crowded walls of Ba Sing Se, among people with whom Zuko and Iroh have lived and worked for months.

The tea shop owner. Jin. Jet, Smellerbee, Longshot. The people Iroh helped on his way to honor Lu Ten’s memory. Baby Hope and her parents (and other very newly arrived refugees from the Serpent’s Pass).

Poor and desperate people who ran from the Fire Nation until they reached Ba Sing Se and have nowhere else to go.

Born and raised Ba Sing Se citizens who are genuinely shocked to find that yes, there is a war, and that their side basically lost when their city fell.

Some occupying soldiers start clashing with the inhabitants of the lower ring. For awhile, Zuko tries to help as “Lee” or even as the Blue Spirit, but it’s only a matter of time before his cover is blown when he stands up for his neighbors and demands honorable conduct from his countrymen.

At which point this powder keg of a situation could go many ways.

Awesome Quotes from Avatar

Not only ATLA & LOK are probably the best shows on earth; they have the most relevant quotes. Save em, share em, stick em to your wall - remember these words to keep your day goin’. Flameo, hotmen.

“There is nothing wrong with letting people who love you, help you.“ - Uncle Iroh 

“The true mind can weather all the lies and illusions without being lost.“ - Lion Turtle

“Revenge is like a two-headed rat-viper. While you watch your enemy go down, you’re being poisoned yourself.”

“Perfection and power are overrated.“

“Its time for you to look inward and begin asking yourself the big questions: Who are you? and What do you want?“ - Uncle Iroh

“It is important to draw wisdom from different places. If you take it from only one place it becomes rigid and stale.“ - Uncle Iroh

“We’re all living together, even if most folks don’t act like it. We all have the same roots, and we are all branches of the same tree.” - Huu (Swamp dude)

“No matter how things seem to change. Never forget who you are.“ - Ursa (Zuko’s mom *sniff) 

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So since the spirit portals are open... what about Koh? I mean can the spirits just freely enter our world when they please and what about the regulation of trying to keep that all in check? I know the whole comic is meant to be so quirky "spirit world turned into an amusement park" but that has got to be like one of them parks in a horror movie or ghost story. "Sure it was great at first until that day when everyone started losing their faces because most people aren't stoic bad-asses."

Yeah, exactly. The Spirit World is just portrayed so differently in The Legend of Korra, that it doesn’t even feel like the same universe. In ATLA, it was a separate dimension altogether that overlapped with the human world, but it wasn’t accessible to most people. There were no portals to let just anyone go in. It should have stayed that way. One of the main themes in ATLA was how humanity is still very destructive to nature and that affects the Spirit World.

Just opening up the portals and calling it a day is crazy. People like Zhao exist who have no problem destroying the Spirit Library, and spirits like Wan Shi Tong exist, who do not like humans and have no problem attacking them if they see fit. The amount of destruction that would happen would be devastating.

When you meddle with the Spirits, it can throw the entire world into chaos. Zhao almost destroyed the Moon by killing a fish, for crying out loud. Humanity is not ready to have free access to the Spirits. And the Koh issue is obviously something that is never addressed. You’re just gonna let him out and you think he’s just going to try to get along with humans? Mai and Longshot would be the only humans left.

People could occasionally be dragged into the Spirit Word, and it was very dangerous for them. Sokka came back, but Ummi never did. The Spirits are not to be trifled with. It just shows how Bryke kind of made their own continuity in TLoK. It has similarities to ATLA, but it’s almost like an AU. They did their own thing with the Spirit World, but it doesn’t really feel like the same concept.

The Lion Turtle is a big one. In ATLA, it was mysterious and ancient. We never got to learn much about it, but it definitely seemed like it did not have much to do with humans, and hardly anyone would have seen it in hundreds of years. In TLoK, people lived on top of the Lion Turtles and they gave people bending. 

What happened to the concept that people learned bending from the creatures? Yue said that waterbenders first learned to bend by observing how the Moon pushed and pulled the tides. The Dragons taught humans firebending, earthbending was learned from Badger Moles, and airbending from Sky Bison. It’s just different mythology altogether.

And I really dislike the concept of Raava and Vaatu. The Avatar is supposed to be about balance. This includes light and dark energies. That is one of the main themes in Eastern philosophy. Darkness is not negative or evil, but simply another force in the Universe, and part of the human condition. All people have darkness, and that is not a bad thing. If the Avatar Spirit does not include darkness, then it cannot represent humanity and be the bridge between the two worlds. And this is where Bryke take liberties with the philosophy aspect and just do their own thing. Like Korra losing her past lives, and it not really being important.

And my final complaint was the idea of dead people going to the Spirit World. I really did not like Iroh living there in TLoK. It felt like a cheap excuse for a cameo, honestly. And he’s just there having tea parties with cute spirits? I thought that was a lame fate for him. Bryke don’t do Iroh justice either, like in the comics. He loses all of his humanity and quirkiness, and he feels like he just exists to dispense generic “wise sage” advice. In ATLA he felt more like a real parent to Zuko. A human being. In the comics, he’s in Ba Sing Se and apparently doesn’t care what happens to Zuko in the Fire Nation. And Zhao also should not have been in the Spirit World, either. He drowned.

This is one of Uncle Iroh’s quotes that I live by. He is my favorite character from the entire Avatar series. He’s just like this incredibly wise mentor who is willing to make sure you take the right path. He is also kind, loving and incredibly caring. It’s something I try to emulate from him. Everyone deserves an Uncle Iroh in their lives every now and again. :)

Bryan confirms that Mako and Bolin’s family live in the same apartment that Zuko and Iroh lived in. He is thankful that fans like the continuity, but he says it’s really just because they don’t have time to design new stuff.