I was a human, breathing and thinking eating and drinking, philosophizing I was a human, before you killed me and ripped my heart out, I knew what love was, now when they ask me, I just reply slow and sound like an iPhone I do not know love, I am a robot
I used to know love cause I had a fire, passion and desire now all I require are circuits and wires. Inside was an ocean of soul and emotion
Then you cut me open, now all that I know is. I am a robot, thoughtless and empty. Don’t know who sent me, don’t know who made me electric robot, everything’s gray now
Numb to the pain now,

I am a robot

These are some cards that I got from my trip to Germany this summer!! They have pictures of interesting places, cities or events that are in Germany. Each card has a unique picture, and I went to a few of those places. The two upper-left pictures are: “Schloss Nauschwanstein” (a castle that we visited) and “Mt. Zugspitze” (the highest point in Germany). BEST. CARDS. EVER. #cards #playingcards #awesome #instagood #germany #munich #zugspitze #schloss #neuschwanstein #iRobotics (Taken with Instagram at Reading Harry Potter)

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