no but aldertree sent raj to fetch a change of clothes and a cup of tea for clary aka raj probably stood in clary`s room going oh this shirt will go nicely with those jeans and i would like to personally thank him for that because clary looked fly 

Honestly nothing makes me want to light myself on fire quite like the thought of Enjolras admiring Grantaire just as much as Grantaire does him. The idea that while Grantaire was falling in love with Enjolras for his charm, faith, and wholehearted belief in a better future, Enjolras was falling in love with Grantaire for his wit, talent, and inexplicable dedication to their cause.

To get super metaphorical, if Grantaire is a tree, bound to the earth, who looks to a bird soaring high above and sees freedom, Enjolras is the bird who looks to the tree down below and sees home. They love each other in equal measure but for different reasons and it drives me insane

somewhere along the way I stopped talking to people on tumblr, stopped getting random messages and all my posts are queued, i barely ever make any posts I kinda feel like a ghost :]]. Sometimes I’m asking myself if my followers are real people omg, i feel so disconnected from this place like holy shit I actually check out this website everyday what happened? anyway  hello I am Corina, still watching anime, still a loser and I’m currently procrastinating an essay that was due a few days ago