Hey everyone! First, I would like to thank all those who entered, the response to these awards was unbelievable and I really am touched. A lot more people entered than I thought would, and even though I told myself I would cut down on winner this time around, fuck it, its my awards so I make the rules, and so there are 4 winners per category! :D I’ve really enjoyed looking through everyone’s blogs and I know this is cliche but I really wanted everyone to win, however I can’t really do that :( So, the winners are:



Mobile Themes


Original Posts

***Flawless People

Nicest People

Favourite Non-Humour Blogs

Favourite Humour Blogs

And finally, my Favourite Overall Blog is


Congratulations to all those who won, I’ll go and follow those I haven’t already, tag me #illegalaustralien if there’s a post you want me reblog, and message me for a promo anytime :D (you could also talk to me, send me an ask, that would be cool too)

Happy Holidays everyone! :D xx