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Hey girl, tell Tumblr to quit unfollowing you!! I lub you too much! (Don't worry I have notifications on so after a while of you "not posting" I start to notice lol) butttt in that post of bug, ready to risk it all (lmfao) where can I find the skippy peanut butter behind her on the counter? Thank you lovely!

#1: u have notifications on FOR ME?? ;’’’)) omFG thats so amazing….i love u

find the peanut butta here!

  • [Cornelius and a fellow intern are arguing at IC]
  • Cornelius [covered in caffeine patches, not having slept for five days]: Look around you! Do you really think this world is real? You'd have to be an idiot not to notice all the sloppy details. Look, that guy's putting a bun between two hot dogs.
  • Intern: I dunno, man. I've seen some people do that before.
  • Cornelius: Well, look at that old lady. She's-she's walking a cat on a leash.
  • Intern: Uh, Mrs. Spencer does that all the time, Neil.
  • Cornelius: Look, I-I-I don't want to hear about Mrs. Spencer! She's an idiot! All right, all right, there! What about the fact that that guy's got his shirt on backwards?
  • Intern: Isn't that your dad?
  • Cornelius: Oh... Oh yeah.