irl rose

Here’s a shot of my “off-duty” Pharah cosplay from RCCC. I don’t know who the Dad 76 cosplayer is but I wish I could credit them because their cosplay was just perfect. Baby gremlin even has Dorito dust all over her mouth 😂

In the future I’d like to do a full suit Pharah cosplay, cuz when I saw Pharah for the first time I thought, “why does she have my face?” …Blizzardpleasenoticeme.

Ruby Rose Style Variation Ratings

Concept art

new story, new character, looks interesting, 8/10

this is going to be long

Red Trailer

interesting design, awesome animation, 7/10

Volume 1

less mature than she was in the trailer, still ok, 7/10

Volume 2

thats scary 4/10

sinnamon roll 8/10

ruby as a kid, 6/10 not enough


top one, 11/10, what do you mean it’s not canon

Volume 3

powerful, 10/10

RWBY Chibi

big change, looks adorable but can we trust her? might be evil, 7/10

Ruby Rose IRL-wait what

Promo art volume 4

different, not sure how to feel about it, 6/10

Volume 4

maya ruby,older, new, more expression 8/10

RWBY manga

pure, 10/10

For anyone interested by the way, the Tales of formal wear straps are up on sites like Yahoo Japan Auctions and Otamart, though they are a bit pricey depending on the character!