irl queen

the signs irl
  • aries irl: hates slow
  • people & laughs v dramatically at dumb jokes
  • internet taurus: eats everything lmao! so romantic! #grounded as fuck!
  • taurus irl: is probably the friend that calls u weird nicknames and likes 2 make fun of u
  • internet gemini: omg the devil stay away at all costs they will lie 2 u 10/10 do nOT recommend
  • gemini irl: has lots of energy and just wants a friend 2 run around w
  • cancer irl: mean as HECK if they don't like u and always want 2 be a rebel
  • internet leo: kween bitch who is probably better than u
  • leo irl: super sensitive and don't like it when people kill their vibe
  • internet virgo: sO orgANiZEd LITERALLY a neat freak!!
  • virgo irl: an artsy gal/guy that likes to party
  • internet libra: peace and harmony all the way dude haha rad
  • libra irl: causes drama for everyone
  • internet scorpio: SEX DEATH AND MORE SEX. SO MYSTERIOUS.
  • scorpio irl: super funny and generally kind. u guys r cool.
  • internet sagittarius: so fun & happy! meme king/queen.
  • sagittarius irl: kinda mean sometimes :/ still cute tho
  • internet capricorn: all I do is WORK WORK WORK no matter what!! #succeSS bItcH!
  • capricorn irl: stays up too late and likes to flirt w people
  • internet aquarius: LITERALLY an alien who even r u
  • aquarius irl: knows a lot of shit/talks a lot of shit
  • internet pisces: will attach themselves 2 u if necessary
  • pisces irl: rlly smart & elegant!! still p emotional.
trr crack theory: the KING is the traitor

look i know i kNoW but hear me out:

  • canonically, prince liam and prince leo are half brothers, which means the king is their father since he’s the one carrying the royal bloodline
  • we know this because king > queen title-wise (this some sexist bullshit but w/e), that’s why irl queen elizabeth’s husband is only a crown prince
  • since neither of their mothers are alive, this means that queen regina is the king’s third wife
  • so…… wtf his first two wives are BOTH DEAD? two dead queens??? 
  • and his kids are like in their 20s (leo could technically be in his 30s but I think that’s pushing it since they JUST tried to marry him off)
  • SOOOO there can’t have been a lot of time in between these first two marriages since liam and leo aren’t that far apart in age
  • which w/e like maybe he’s just a shady man hoe ok this happens all the time look at prince charles, scum of the earth
  • BUT!!!! this comment to queen regina changes the game:
  • “i remember being young once” uhhhh sir didn’t you marry this woman like a few years ago tops
  • look at this old ass man he was NOT young when he married regina so what is he talking about
  • UNLESS regina and this fuckin king met when they were young and she has been his mistress ever since
  • he couldn’t marry her because he needed the other two wives for like diplomatic reasons??? idk this part of the theory needs more work
  • anyway so the wives find out and threaten to expose his lyin ass
  • he had to dispose of his wives somehow so he could be with his side chick!!!!!!
  • ok now sidebar: 
  • drake’s dad died trying to “protect the royal family” (which apparently was a shit job to have since both queens died anyway)
  • read: the king had him murdered
  • why tf u think savannah ran away???? she accidentally found out about it at a beaumont party 
  • who have motive to threaten savannah and would also be in attendance at a beaumont party HMMMM LETS CHECK THE RECEIPTS
  • OH IS THAT SO KING??????? InTeReStInG
  • so clearly he’s like “get out or i will take you out”
  • she couldn’t tell drake or he would also be in danger she just had to flee and leave no trace
  • THE KING KILLS HIS WIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • this is why he needs to marry off his sons ASAP to get them off his back
  • so why is he stepping down from power?? WELL technically leo fucked up all his plans because he didn’t marry madeleine who is clearly the chosen one
  • like they let her into LIAM’S competition even so wtf????? they want her as queen for some reason

fall: a word which here means MURDER

  • maybe she’s related to regina and is the key to keeping their power????
  • this some most wanted book one realness here i am living
  • anyway except why is the king suddenly acting fake af to MC and being all “ah yes you love my son” CLEARLY he has a plan
  • or maybe HE sent tariq and he plans to sabotage MC at the coronation and then use liam’s broken heart to convince him to just marry madeleine since obvs the royal fam knows best right like look what that American girl did to u and look what this other American girl made leo do


  • moral of the story: murder king
From these new pictures, it’s clear that the ladies are going to steal the show in Marvel’s upcoming “Black Panther”

Marvel’s big screen adaptation of Black Panther doesn’t hit theaters until February 2018, but newly released photos from the upcoming film — just in time for Comic Con — have us looking for a time portal because we need this film NOW.

In this first look from Entertainment Weekly, we learn he film picks up where we left T’Challa/ Black Panther — once again played by Chadwick Boseman — after the events in Captain America: Civil WarT’Challa returns to Wakanda as king, following the death of his father, but balancing his superhero role with his responsibilities as king will NOT be easy…especially with Erik Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan) looking to take the throne and Ulysses Klaue (Andy Serkis) threatening to bring Wakanda down.

But we’re not JUST excited to see Boseman and Jordan take each other on. No, we’re SO excited to see the badass ladies of Wakanda light up the screens.

Matt Kennedy/Marvel Studios

While T’Challa may be the official superhero in the upcoming film, it seems the ladies of Wakanda are ALL about action. In the film, Dora Milaje — think secret service meets MI-6 — are made up of women, led by Okoye and played by Danai Gurira. Florence Kasumba plays Ayo, T’Challa’s personal guard, and Lupita Nyong’o plays Nakia, a special ops agent — aka a better James Bond.

Matt Kennedy/Marvel Studios

He may be king of Wakanda, but T’Challa’s mom and sister are just as invested in the survival of their country. The photos show T’Challa’s sister Shuri, played by Letitia Wright, and mother Ramonda, brought to life by IRL queen Angela Bassett, are also willing to do whatever it takes to save Wakanda from forces trying to bring it down.

Matt Kennedy/Marvel Studios

It looks like they’re working with Nakia and CIA agent Everett K. Ross (Martin Freeman) to gain some sort of intel.

According to EW, Nakia and Shuri are the two most important people to T’Challa. T’Challa and Nakia had a romantic relationship before her special ops commitments broke them apart. Still, it seem like there’s still a spark. And Shuri isn’t just T’Challa’s sister, she also a brilliant weapons developer, creating weapons that will keep Wakanda safe.

Matt Kennedy/Marvel Studios
Matt Kennedy/Marvel Studios

Tell me Lupita isn’t embodying all kinds of 007 badassery.

We can’t wait to see this Ryan Coogler directed masterpiece when it lands in theaters on February 16, 2018. Check out all of the photos here!