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gonna be super gross and mushy in the tags and it’s not even abt like hockey or anything lmao literally don’t read them i’m such an emotional mess it’s embarrassing


Look at these two sweeties! I put them both where they could possibly crawl into their hives on their own since it had rained and I think they got stuck on the ground because they got too wet to fly??? I’m glad I got pics of these two little friends!


the signs irl
  • aries irl: hates slow
  • people & laughs v dramatically at dumb jokes
  • internet taurus: eats everything lmao! so romantic! #grounded as fuck!
  • taurus irl: is probably the friend that calls u weird nicknames and likes 2 make fun of u
  • internet gemini: omg the devil stay away at all costs they will lie 2 u 10/10 do nOT recommend
  • gemini irl: has lots of energy and just wants a friend 2 run around w
  • cancer irl: mean as HECK if they don't like u and always want 2 be a rebel
  • internet leo: kween bitch who is probably better than u
  • leo irl: super sensitive and don't like it when people kill their vibe
  • internet virgo: sO orgANiZEd LITERALLY a neat freak!!
  • virgo irl: an artsy gal/guy that likes to party
  • internet libra: peace and harmony all the way dude haha rad
  • libra irl: causes drama for everyone
  • internet scorpio: SEX DEATH AND MORE SEX. SO MYSTERIOUS.
  • scorpio irl: super funny and generally kind. u guys r cool.
  • internet sagittarius: so fun & happy! meme king/queen.
  • sagittarius irl: kinda mean sometimes :/ still cute tho
  • internet capricorn: all I do is WORK WORK WORK no matter what!! #succeSS bItcH!
  • capricorn irl: stays up too late and likes to flirt w people
  • internet aquarius: LITERALLY an alien who even r u
  • aquarius irl: knows a lot of shit/talks a lot of shit
  • internet pisces: will attach themselves 2 u if necessary
  • pisces irl: rlly smart & elegant!! still p emotional.

anonymous asked:

If chuuya's mother is kouyou and kyouka's current parental figure is kouyou does that make chuuya and kyouka (step) siblings ??? P.s. I love your blog !!

- It does actually.

- Chuuya was salty when Kyouka joined and stole Kouyou’s attention but then he warmed up to her eventually because she is tiny and cute and despite what he says he likes things that are tiny and cute.

- But because he was a soon-to-be-mafia-executive-suck-it-Dazai-I’ll-be-there-soon at his prime 17 Year Old Of Unrivaled Chuunibyouness he didn’t really show it.

- Instead he bought her sweets and cute phone straps and put it in her room at night. She knew it was him but she didn’t say anything because Chuu-nii’s teenage pride is fragile and she’s not Dazai.

- He got her nice kimonos and did her hair occasionally too because “Ane-san will lose face if you show up all sloppy in front of other people”, but the truth is he’s just a really doting onii-chan who also happens to be really lame.

- When she joins the ADA Dazai’s phone starts buzzing like crazy because “If you mofos don’t let Kyouka eat breakfast at precisely 8:30 AM I will personally come and toast your asses with a nonstick frying pan. P/s. Not that I care.”

- When Dazai proposes to Chuuya and Chuuya finally says yes, Kyouka comes up to Dazai and says in the smallest, gentlest voice “If you hurt him I will [censored] [censored] [censored] everything you love. I wish you happiness.” 

- Then she walks away and starts eating crepes because clearly that’s what you do after threatening your soon-to-be brother in laws’ entire existence.     

Daily Challenge 31/03/2017

today’s random prompt: “A trans person”

I’m not kidding, out of hundreds of little papers inside a pencil case that’s what came out today. Isn’t that appropriate as fuck!?

And so I drew Jocelyne from Dumbing of Age today, I almost drew Carla again because why the fuck not? But I thought then about drawing Jocelyne out, and it was settled. I’d like to think Joyce picked out her clothes but she’d probably have a better fashion sense than me. It might be obvious by now, but I like Dumbing of Age

Now, today is the Day of Trans Visibility, and I thought of a way to, uh, “commemorate”… Well, not really. I’m just gonna stop beating around the bush about something here.

Well, this blog is run by a trans person. A girl. A girl who’s so in the closet irl she’s the goddamn queen of Narnia. So, yeah, I’m not sending any photos today, but I’m leaving this here so it’s clear for anyone who reads it

Coincidentally with all this, today sorta really sucked. So I’m ending writing this right here.

Have a good day