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Victoria ITV + the real faces

-Queen Victoria, photographed around the age of 25 in 1844

- Prince Albert, photographed at the age of 22/23 in 1842 (this is considered the world’s first official royal photograph)

-Victoria, Duchess of Kent, photographed in her later years, 1850′s.

“foleo is a trans girl and if you disagree your opinion is shitty and transphobic” right, because boys can’t wear girl clothes, amirite?? obviously this character, whose supports reflect he’s very comfortable as a boy and likes fashion, is a trans girl, right? love those outdated and absolutely predictable stereotypes. do you call irl drag queens trans girls too? lmao

tell me why you think foleo is a trans girl without sounding shitty and cissexist. i’m waiting. 

it’s one thing for a trans girl to headcanon this, which is obviously fine, but i keep seeing a bunch of cis folks desperate for brownie points doing this shit and it’s honestly disgusting loool

feminine boys exist and making these asinine and frankly embarrassing posts i keep seeing is not making representation. also please stop putting your western feminism on a japanese game lol. thanks. 

sincerely, a trans boy that dresses like foleo