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why do yall draw keith so pale?? like i dont get it he isnt that pale in canon at all, and like even if you headcanon him as asian that doesnt change anything??? not every asian person (including east asian people) are as pale as fuckign printer paper

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One other thing about Misha-in-person is that he's very tan. On SPN he looks kind of washed out and pale. But irl Misha has a naturally very warm complexion.. not like tanning bed tan, just a sort of natural (and very noticeable) tinge. (Or like he works outside.. naked.. a lot.) He looks much healthier (?) than Cas. LOL (imo, if you're white, unless you want to look like a ghost next to him in your ops, dust on a little bronzer or hit the tanning salon before the con!)

Last night I dreamt humanstuck Gamzee went to sleep every night fully dressed, with a sandwich in his hoodie pocket and all his most vital possessions right by him, because he was constantly waiting for when his dad would finally throw him out of the house. At the same time, next to his own bed Karkat kept the stuff he’d need in order to help Gamzee when that happened.