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I finally open commissions!  (´• ω •`)ノ

Here is my art tag!

I will draw: original characters, fanart 

I won’t draw:
irl people 

highly detailed outfit  +7$
 if your character has more than two arms/legs +35$
 I also won’t draw irl people in “portraits”, every “portrait” costs $35

If you are interested or have questions contact me via
or my side blog @vikcon

Payment via PayPal only!


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Recently I just got some extra fees dumped on me, plus I’m moving out in the next few days so I could really use the extra money

Headshots/Busts: $10 USD
Waist Ups: $16 USD

More info under the cut!

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helloooo…i decided to open up some chibi commissions!

they’ll be $6 each and will be neater than the examples above lmao (esp the 1st one 💦)

will do:
•acnl mayors
•anime/cartoon/video game characters

won’t do:
•extreme mecha
•irl people (i.e. you and a friend? if that makes sense)

you can message me here or email me at if you’re interested! (rts are appreciated) thank you~


comissions are open!
I wont draw:
-irl people
-nsfw stuff

if you wanna some please email me at or use tumblr
Paypal only!
+sketches are $10


Hi everyone!! my good friend loony convinced me to start commissions!! (thank u for helping me put this together omg ur the best) i’m only starting off with busts and waist up commissions because i dont have a lot of extra time right now and i dont want the time it takes to finish a commission to be too long ;;  also i only have 3 slots open at a time and it’s on a first come, first served basis! 

Sketch: $7 (USD)
Lineart: $10
Color: $13
Waist up
Sketch: $17
Lineart: $20
Color: $25

*$10 per extra character*
Will do: 
- fanart, oc’s
Wont do:
- nsfw, mecha, realism, irl people, animals, backgrounds (unless theyre simple like flowers or smth but that’s a little extra)

1. Email me at with the email titled “Commission”.
2. Please pay in full as soon as I approve the commission! (PAYPAL ONLY)
3. I will send you the high resolution image via email.

*Please provide reference images for me! (it saves me a lot of time) *

- Taken
- Taken

Thank you so much for reading!!  ♥ ♥ ♥

Reopening comissions!
 I will draw:
   -original characters
   -fanart and/or fancharacters
 I wont draw:
   -irl people
   -mecha and complex machinery
   -nsfw stuff 

Each +1 character for both lineart and colored pieces is +5$ (up to three characters overall). Sketch page includes 3-4 sketches, each of them may be of different characters.