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NYCC was absolutely magical and I am forever grateful and in love with my best friend who is the PERFECT MARCO @claryizzies ❤️ I am so excited to see the results of our starco photoshoot we did this past Saturday!! ☺️

So we have a patient who is new, her last name is Zhao. And the two nurses were having a debate on how to correctly say her name before calling her in. They were both wrong, and I told them how to correctly pronounce it.

When one of the nurses called her back (saying it how I told her how to say it) the nurse asked Mrs. Zhao if she was saying it right. The lady happily responded it was right and was surprised as this was the first time she’s been to a Doctor office that got her last name right on the first try.

The nurse looked at me with a surprised smile and I just grinned with a nod.

The two nurses after placing her in a room then asked how I knew how to properly say her name. I just lied and said I knew a guy with that name…I didn’t have the heart to admit I knew it because of a nickelodeon cartoon.