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Do you have any blog recs/writer recs for marvel/other fandoms you're into? Thank you!!

of course! this is a list of people I’m either good friends with or I admire a lot, like a TON ❤️ some of them are writers, and others are just blogs that have great content, fandom/aesthetic

@asirenscalling @bovaria @brighterlights @buckybarnesismypreciousplum @buckys-fossil @buckyshattergirl @buckysinthesinbin @buckyywiththegoodhair @cameronahugenerd @canumoveyourseatup-no @crappy-camel @cumonbucky @denialanderror @damneronpoe @fantastic-fantasy-fanfics @gaybybirth @howlingbarnes @helloitscrowley @imhereforbvcky @james-bionic-barnes @jurassicbarnes @lanibonot @marvelousamanda @marveloussssworld @minervaem @mynameisnoelle @myserium @nanbreadnook @nataliarxmanxva @ortizshinkaroff @papertopaz @poe-also-bucky @rotisserierogers @sanjariti @sebastianstanaddictsanonymous @sgtbxckybxrnes @soldatbarnes @spiced @spideytrxsh @teamspider-man @tired-alpaca @thebuttplug @thejamesoldier @thewintersadie @thewinterswimmer @this-kitty-has-claws @whotheeffisbucky @whothehellisbella @whyisbuckyso @winterssmiles @yikesbuckster @zjarrdhebor / @barnescrazy

holy shit that was a long list, but here you go anon :)

Too much fun with the gif creator. But guess who ran THREE MILES ON THE TREADMILL this morning?


Yes, I know, eventually broken toes do have to heal so this was inevitable but still, YAY! Also, why do injury weeks feel so much longer than regular weeks There is definitely still progress to be made since my toe still hurts in certain situations but I RAN. 

I spent all weekend at Rehoboth Beach for the annual Dogfish Dash (where I ran into @erin-irl!). I have to admit, not running it was actually kind of…nice? The pressure was off so I drank beer and sangria all day Saturday, had some delicious fajitas for dinner and on Sunday morning I cowbelled for the runners until my knuckles bled (true fact). It was also a HOT weekend so I’m glad I didn’t have to push myself in the heat!

However, I didn’t love it enough to want to skip the race again next year. Just to be clear. 


I have been the worst at posting.

Soon I will post an update, but for now I just have to say that so many great memories were made last week when @erin-irl came to visit. We hiked Lair O’ the Bear, Garden of the Gods, and Forgotten Valley. We drank lots of good beer and ate good food.

We explored.

All of it was much needed.

I just really freaking love the Internet.

@arborescent because Tucker


NYCC was absolutely magical and I am forever grateful and in love with my best friend who is the PERFECT MARCO @claryizzies ❤️ I am so excited to see the results of our starco photoshoot we did this past Saturday!! ☺️


me & Peanut and me & Sandy were tagged by @aliceinadexterdsworld for a SDS.

We tag @ashleysbipolarlife, @erin-irl , and @livelaughlovearedhead for a SDS with their pets..

Tumblr’s I have met in person and the circumstances.  How many have you met?

@jessilloo (came to my house to watch a marathon and now we’re an item)

@awakemysoul69 (came to my house for Tough Mudder)

@littlerunnergurl (Um…sister wife, duh)

@sagecedarsrunning (came to visit family in MN and went to Surly with us)

@katiegirlwanders (Local girl who *sometimes* calls us when she is home)

@sleepruneatrepeat (local tumblr we have met at tumblr meet ups)

@two-o-nine (Representing Canada, has met up and stayed at our house)

@abqryan (Ran Tough Mudder and let his adorable son hang with me one afternoon)

@zerotomudder (My sister from another mister) 

@iwillrunforfood (a local Tumblr, we celebrated her 40th birthday with her among other things)

@thatgumyoulikeisback (Goof’s dog Mom.  We have shared meals, beers and our love of A Baker’s Wife Pastry Shop)

@coffeeandmuscles (Met her in Hell….Michigan.  We ran naked through the woods)

@runlong (He and @trivialbob go drink coffee when he’s in town at ridiculously early times while I stay in bed and sometimes I cook dinner for him while he is in MN for business). 

@erin-irl (Brought a group of students to Minnesota, we had dinner at the Mall of America) 

@runningmyownrace (I have met this lovely lady several times at different Tumblr meet ups)

@rachaelfightsback (Met at the Minnesota State Fair the first time I had Leinenkugel’s Orange shandy)

@roundisntmyshapeanymore (Local girl, met her on multiple occasions, Pizza Luce, State Fair)

@mrcarlosbc (Met in Ohio while staying with @littlerunnergurl)

@amanda-healthyhappywhole (She let me crash at her place and spoil her animals)

@runeatsleeprepeat (Met at Tumblr meet ups)

@aliceinadexterdsworld (cousin)

@trivialbob (spouse)

@rowdynation (brother)

@almondsofjoy (Bug expert, has dog sat, visited our house and even let us meet the “roommate”)

@snapthistiger (Ran two races together, Minnesota and Texas)

@lesliefindsherstrong (Also met her in Hell but she wouldn’t take her clothes off and run)

@nowforthefunpart (Local Tumblr, we have had dinner)

@marathonmelissa (Tumblr meet ups at the Twin Cities Marathon)

@ruralkate (sister in law)

@exitrowiron (met at local Tumblr meet ups)

@mar-kicksass (Met Mar and her Dad with the Airstream!)

I have met 30 in person (sorry if I forgot someone).  How many have you met?

So we have a patient who is new, her last name is Zhao. And the two nurses were having a debate on how to correctly say her name before calling her in. They were both wrong, and I told them how to correctly pronounce it.

When one of the nurses called her back (saying it how I told her how to say it) the nurse asked Mrs. Zhao if she was saying it right. The lady happily responded it was right and was surprised as this was the first time she’s been to a Doctor office that got her last name right on the first try.

The nurse looked at me with a surprised smile and I just grinned with a nod.

The two nurses after placing her in a room then asked how I knew how to properly say her name. I just lied and said I knew a guy with that name…I didn’t have the heart to admit I knew it because of a nickelodeon cartoon.

this list is composed of all of the blogs that make my dash exciting every day and of the wonderful friends i’ve made c: special thanks to waltermittie for the graphic and everyone else who offered to help because i am completely clueless when it comes to graphics!

almost all of these people are mutuals, and all of them are 100% amazing

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