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What other Kara hc's you got based on Bruna? 👁👁

  • *cups hands around mouth* DIRECTIONER KARA
  • kara would Die for beyonce
  • supergirl singing those really catchy songs at inappropriate times and especially when she’s about to fight
  • kara danvers loves bananas and no one can convince me otherwise
  • kara danvers: bisexual and confused about life
  • kara blowing out her powers (again) and calling alex saying she’s about to die and she’s almost crying on the phone and alex is all worried and shit but turns out it was only a paper cut
  • kara is a Tall Person™ and she abuses this power by picking her short friends up (that one time lucy came close to murdering her with just a Look because kara made a “you’re so tiny” comment)
  • things kara should do: go to sleep at an appropriate time
  • things kara doesn’t do: go to sleep at an appropriate time
  • kara watches shrek for the first time and after that she starts making obscure shrek references All The Time and alex is Sick of it
  • she loves musicals so much?? and doesn’t matter she knows all of them by heart, knows all the lines, she Always cries and acts surprised when things happen
  • “*whining* i’m tireeed” “then go to sleep” “*whining louder* that’s too much work, i’m lazyyy”

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Concept: One of Otabek's "mischievous friends" takes an interest in Yuri. Otabek can't for the life of him figure out why it bothers him so much, and then one day it hits him.


  • so disclaimer that just like otabek himself, his friends only look intimidating and scary in reality theyre all just dumb nerds who laugh at fart jokes and otabek is their Mom Friend
  • when yuri visits him in almaty he demands that he meets otabek’s friends asap bc he talks abt them often and hes totally not jealous of them shut up
  • so otabek complies and the next time he and The Squad meet up, he brings yuri along
  • they hang out together for the rest of the day and otabek notices that one of them (the one closest to yuris age, he notices) keeps staring at yuri with the most infatuated gaze he’s ever seen, excluding the stares Viktor always throws at Katsuki
  • if heart eyes emojis existed irl it would be that friend
  • and for some reason whenever he sees it, it feels like an actual hit to his heart??? why is he so bothered??? why does he feel strangely betrayed by his friend??????
  • it gets even worse when he actually pulls otabek aside and goes “yo…. bro…….. yuri is, like, extremely beautiful??? holy shit……….. i think im in love…………….”
  • and that honestly made him feel furious??? he just nods and the friend is satisfied with that bc hes used to otabek not speaking much but yall,, beka’s pissed
  • AND HE DOESNT? ? ? KNOW ? ? ? WHY ? ? ? ?
  • it isnt until after the hang out and he and yuri decide to stop by a cafe before going home and yuri laughs genuinely at him after he says something funny that he realized. oh. his friend isnt the only one in love.

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HII if you're still doing the drawings?? Could you please do C3 Peggy and F5 Laurens? If you don't mind?

“Shall we dance, miss?”
“…I-I dance really bad, I’m sure I would step on you…”
“I’m dying to see it”

Lord, that was a wonderful winter’s ball, for sure.

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The Seven as types of texters:

Annabeth- Totally the one that always has correct punctuation, capitalization, and tries to spell the best she can despite her dyslexia. Answers in record time, and always sounds pretty proper when texting. Sends links if she finds something interesting. Definitely has read receipts on.

Percy- Spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and other grammar stuff is literally thrown out of the window. Uses a lot of abbreviations and throws in a blue emoji whenever he can. It can literally be months before he even responds to a text. Always shares funny videos.

Jason- Like Annabeth, pretty professional and responds somewhat quickly. Uses surfer emojis a lot, salty but somewhat glad there isn’t a brick or staple emoji, but get’s gifs that involve them all the time.

Piper- Average in response time. Literally knows all texting lingo in existence and sometimes people have literally no clue what she’s saying. Sends inspo. quotes a lot, and uses emojis pretty frequently.

Hazel- She might be just as bad at responding than Percy (Just kidding, no one’s as bad as Percy). Doesn’t use a lot of abbreviations, texts exactly how she talks IRL, once she finds emojis she literally uses them in every single text she sends.

Frank- Man of few words, he sees your texts but doesn’t necessarily respond. Usually texts back “k” or just the thumbs up emoji when he can. Never initiates convo unless necessarily or if its with Hazel.

Leo- Gif master of all time, literally sends so many that people have blocked him since he makes their phones crash. Some of his texts literally make no sense, and sends texts that are random af.

omg i can’t believe i’ve been home for like 3 weeks and i haven’t showed y’all this yet

look at this

look who i found at the airport

that’s right it’s…

weird, unlicensed, Winter Soldier-Mickey Mouse…thing!! 

here he is resting on my hand for scale:

this lil dude is hilarious. it’s not showing up well on the camera but his star isn’t even red, it’s orange?? ?? and he’s got that extra silver sleeve? and he looks real mad about it?



his name is Blorpy Bornes and he lives in my purse where he will, no doubt, keep me safe from HYDERP.

My poor Fareeha. She could almost see Satya’s smirk, which always managed to make her nervous and excited at the same time. If you promise not to distract me from my work, you can come over and quietly lay at my feet like a good pup. Satya followed that up with a pretty scandalous string of emojis.

I keep thinking about the emoji movie and like I think they’re trying to capitalize on wreck-it ralph’s success but here’s the thing:

wreck-it ralph was successful because it played off nostalgia. everyone can remember going to the arcade or playing classic video games, or even if you didn’t you still know the pop culture references.

the emoji movie is playing off of what’s popular now, and it sucks as a concept not only because fads change really fast, but also because it’s made by adults who may or may not really understand the nuances of emoji language as we do. so because of this, it comes off as cringey. it’s like those parenting articles that are like “decode your teens text!!1!” and it’s all wrong, either the definitions are wrong or they use phrases a teen would never use irl.

sure emojis might be popular now, but in five years? ten years? this movie is gonna be on the same plane as Adam sandlers pixels: a sad, dated mess, whereas wreck-it ralph will be dated, yet timeless because it’s nostalgic.