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“I saw smoke early this morning.”

“Are you sure?”  Lauren turned to her mother.  Smoke meant fire and fire meant other humans.  This was their chance. “Where?”

The old woman pointed out across the water. “Out that way toward the cliff.”


Lauren belongs to the lovely @musicalsimmer-sims4.  Thanks for letting me use her!

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HII if you're still doing the drawings?? Could you please do C3 Peggy and F5 Laurens? If you don't mind?

“Shall we dance, miss?”
“…I-I dance really bad, I’m sure I would step on you…”
“I’m dying to see it”

Lord, that was a wonderful winter’s ball, for sure.

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Mood Board Challenge: Augustus Winters

I enjoyed doing this the first time around, so I went ahead and did another one, heh. I may or may not do a few more…depends on time and such ^_^; Ideas for Gus’ just randomly popped into my head and demanded to be realized :P Anyway, hope you guys think they’re cool to see too <3333

Scenarios if all of the boys lived together

-Everyone making a big deal when Vik comes out of his room.
-All the boys joke around and call Josh dad
-Simon, JJ, and Harry all pranking each other (constantly)
-Harry and Tobi being the only one awake during the day.
-Movie evenings so they spend time together not recording
-Someone remembering someone else’s normal food orders from another place.
-Simon yelling at Harry to chill with the 4 showers a day bc he’s taking all the hot water
-Random pizza nights
-The Cals coming over randomly to mess with them
-Sarah comes over with them, and plays piano with Vik
-Kay, Freya, and Emily coming over to hang out with the boys
-One of the boys’ family comes to visit
-Remembering other boys’ favorite sweets or cereals and getting them at the store
-Accidentally taking others clothes while it’s in the washer
-Tobi yelling at Vik to get some sleep
-Tobi not-so-secretly being the real dad of this family
-Random yelling to get items back from others
-Someone (*cough* Harry *cough*) stealing everyone else’s food, to the disdain of everyone else
-Random surprises with food
-Random rap battles
-“Odds on?” Being shouted a lot
-Along with “Oh my days.” “Oh Neil!” “What do you mean?!”
-Ethan’s laugh echoing through the house
-Harry’s yelling during FIFA pack openings waking Vik up
-Someone making tea for everyone else
-Harry losing his keys somewhere and just waiting for someone to open the door for him
-Harry getting a new chair every month, with everyone making light banter about it

Sweetening Jars

Sweetening Jars are part of that brand of magic known as ‘bottle spells’. These types of spells are found in a variety of cultural practices, from Southern Hoodoo and Conjure traditions to old world European practices.

This spell aims to use sympathetic magic to draw ‘sweet things’ to the spell’s subject.

I used this spell recently, at the start of the year, when a coworker of mine was being particularly malicious. I realized that she felt unjustifiably insecure, and lashed out at others (particularly myself) when the feeling struck. As she was the boss’ wife, there was no way a banishing spell would have worked - nor would it have done to lose her, since she was important to the business. However, I was nearing my wits’ end, trying to figure out how to combat the negativity and toxicity she created.

And then it came to me - if she was insecure, then the thing to do, which was the least negative, and which would probably be the most effective in the long run, was not to run her out by magical purposes, but to build her up by them - to help her, to support her, magically, so she no longer sought to lash out at people.

To that end, I decided an old-fashioned sweetening jar would do the trick. Within a day, I noticed a huge shift in our interactions, and in her confidence levels.

Sweetening Jars use sympathetic magic to attract positive, ‘sweet’ things to the spell’s subject. You can create a sweetening jar for a friend who’s had a run of bad luck, or for a coworker or boss who’s creating friction, and needs to be ‘sweetened up’ towards you, or even for yourself, to draw positive, helpful things into your life.

Spell Items:

  • Household sweetener (Honey, sugar, splenda)
  • A jar
  • A square of paper
  • A candle

On the square of paper, in the center, write the ‘sweet things’ you wish to draw to the spell subject (for instance: Self-esteem, contentment, love, happiness, stability).

Then, without picking the pen/pencil off of the paper, write the spell subject’s name nine times, encircling the ‘sweet things’ at the center. 

Fold the edges of the paper inward (to draw the ‘sweet things’ in) and make the paper as small as possible.

Place the folded paper at the bottom of the jar. As you fill it with the sweetener of your choice (Honey is traditional, but sugar is less messy, and works just as well, in my experience), envision how the spell subject will be with those ‘sweet things’ in their life. See in your minds’ eye the positive change they’ll make, and murmur over the jar and the sweetener what you wish for the subject, and what you see for them once they obtain these ‘sweet things’. Call upon whatever spirits you choose to aid in the endeavour.

When you feel finished, seal the lid on the jar, and give it a good shake to activate the magic. Set the candle on top of the jar lid, and light the wick, letting the wax drip onto the lid and ‘seal’ in the magic, as well as add fire to the working. 

Over the next few days/weeks/months, whenever you feel like it, give the jar a shake, and focus on the sweet things being drawn to the spell subject. Vocally wish upon them the sweetness you’re drawing for them, and their acceptance of it into their life.

Over time, you’ll begin to see a change in their luck, demeanour, or behaviour.

XOXO, Delta