February 27th conference

All times are EST 

11:30 Introduction

12:00 Soviet

Russia: @ask-the-russian-sunflower
Belarus: @ask-respublika-bielarus
Estonia: @ask-a-dane
Lithuania: @awesomerevolutionarytomato
Poland: @ask-the-fabulous-polska

1:00 2PTalia
2P America: @2p-jones
2P France: @revolutionmyarse
2P England: @cupcakesandsymphonies
2P Canada: @ask-the-canadian-lumberjack

2:00 Ancient 
Caledonia: @daddycaledonia 
Rome: @roma-antiqua-vincit-mundum
Finnic: @askfinnic
Britannia: @ask-mum-britannia
Germania: @fatherofthegermanics
Scandinavia:  @ask-the-ancient-countries

3:00 Oceanics
Wy: @bothercosplay-wy
Australia: @ask-the-aussie-boy
New Zealand: @ask-irl-newzealand

4:00 Nyotalia  
Nyo France: @surroundedbybothersomefools
Nyo Canada: @ask-mapletree-maddie
Nyo Poland: @askthefabulousnyopoland
Nyo Scotland: @betterthanengland

5:00 Scandinavien
Ancient Scandinavia: @ask-the-ancient-countries
Denmark: @ask-a-dane
Sweden: @ask-the-lion-of-the-north
Norway: @ask-hetalia-norge

6:00 Shipping Panel (Wales x Belarus and Ukraine x Denmark)
Wales: @ask-the-welsh-dragon
Belarus: @ask-the-dragon-and-fairy
Ukraine: @askaph-bigsister-ukraine
Denmark: @ask-a-dane

7:00 Shipping panel ( France x England  and Russia x Poland)
France: @ask-aph-francis
England: @gentlemanlybloodyumbrella
Russia: @asktherussianstuff
Poland: @ask-the-fabulous-polska

8:00 Frying Pangle + Romania (HunRom blind date)
Hungary: @theonewiththefryingpan
Romania: @askaph-bigsister-ukraine
Austria: @awesomerevolutionarytomato
Prussia: @ask-the-most-awesome-me

9:00 BFT + Romano
France: @ask-aph-francis
Prussia: @ask-the-most-awesome-me
Romano: @ask-lovifreakingvargas

10:00 Deja Vu

11:00 Deja Vu

12:00 Deja Vu