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i'm sexually attracted to mogai flags.

the rainbow flag on the outside represents the inherent queerness of being sexually attracted to mogai flags and the aplatonic flag on the inside represents the most marginalized flag of them all

i was so tempted to just put a little picture of wheatley or something on the header

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A local bar, The Scratch, ran a competition to design their new bar mat a few months ago and though I did not win, they did end up printing my art on a bar mat anyway (and they gave me a copy too), so that’s neat! My dino bar dream came true, eh.

I’ve been quiet lately cause my leg and possibly lower spine…area……are not doing so hot and I’m on like three different pain killers at all times haha. But I’m gradually getting stuff done and getting treatment for my bajillion intersecting health problems. :U 

IRL Marauders

Let me tell you a story about these 4 boys that went to school with me and how they were the marauders okay here me out.

Jared= James Potter

Jared was on the football team. He started playing in the eighth grade and played throughout high school. He was always getting into some fucking trouble like this kids was bad about it and he was their little leader. At the same time he was good about his grades and never really did anything bad enough to get him into serious trouble.

Ryan= Sirius Black

He had it rough where he lived. He got kicked out and moved in with Jareds family like he was trouble but his parents were absolute assholes he never did anything that bad.

Adam= Remus Lupin

He always acted like he was bad but really was the good kid out of all of them. He made good grades and all that. He was always looking after the other three

Matt= Peter

He was always kinda shy but hung out with them and was always really loved by them but after highschool he kinda just wandered away.

Josh= Severus

He was literally the kid that got made fun of all the time. Then the girl he loved so much told him that she’d always be there for him one time in the cafeteria and he said “i don’t need a bitch protecting me” and she said “fuck you” and never spoke to him again. It was savage I was right there

I’ll get to Lily later she’s not that important in this story,

Why am I telling you this?

These kids where the closest thing to Marauders as it gets. I grew up around them starting in the sixth grade. Jared(James) followed the Lily girl around and annoyed the fuck out of her and she HATED him like omg it was funny.

And just the love and support between the four of them i jsut can’t seem to protray enough here.

Alright so Jared(James) also did get the girl of course.

Thats me.

I am Lily.

I am the Lily of this story and it occured to me the other day when I was moving stuff into me and Jareds new apartment and he said. “I loved you since the 6th grade ya know and it’s literally a dream come true moving in together.

I am in tears thinking about this because I am living my favorite love story of all time and it just i can’t seriously imagine anyone else in this situation.