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How do irkens (zim) react to optical illusions??? Cause they're highly intelligent (or have huge eyes) do the illusions not work or is it like something they don't have on irk so it just baffles them? Also your thoughts on irkens vs. "magic tricks" please and thank you this much needed data is for science

So I talked about this with @coronarocket and we both agree that Zim would be freaked the fuck out by magic tricks..Like he would pretend that he knows what is going on when he really doesn’t.. 

In the words of my friend, she said Zim would be like ‘“Haha you humans fall for the dumbest tricks, not even an Irken SMEET would fall for such stupidity!” and then he’s alone like WHAT THE FUCK??????” and I think that describes it very well. It would very much rack his brain. He’d be like “Of COURSE I know how it’s done! Simple stupid tricks!” “Then how did I do it?” Then ofc he would just start shouting nonsense or insult the person (Dib most likely) like always to distract from the fact that he doesn’t actually know. 

I definitely don’t think Irkens would know how it’s done because they don’t have it on their planet. They ain’t got time for brain games. They ain’t got the same type of silly things like that because it’s not important to them. So I’d love to see them try and figure out how it’s done. I don’t know what else to tell ya then it’s just straight up baffling to them and they’d hate it because they’d need to know how it’s done! They have to be the smartest species, so something so confusing done by a species they deem to be so stupid is simply unacceptable tbh


Ok but how long are Irken life spans? Tak says she had to wait 50 years to take her invader test on Devastis and an addition 70 when she was moved to planet Dirt and who knows how long it took for her to find Zim!

Plus other episodes hint that long periods of time are practically nothing to Irkens. An Irken is only a smeet for a short period of time before they get all their information uploaded into their PAKs. This was confirmed in the transcript for the unreleased episode ‘The Trial’.

Zim’s age in also a confusing matter. He went to the same education building as the two tallest Red and Purple and yet he seems much younger. (Also mentioned in 'The Trial’ transcript)

Zim will most likely outlive Dib by a number of years while maintaining his small and childlike appearance.

Sickly Smeet

It had been an Earth week since Zim had taken Datrick Pempsey’s smeets hostage, and already Zim was at wit’s end with them. In short, they hated him. On the other hand, they loved GIR. The smeets spent their time almost exclusively with him. The only time they spent with Zim was when he was down in the containment unit room giving them meals, or testing other subjects in the other tubes.

It just so happened that it was time for the former to happen. Zim came into the room with a hover-cart loaded with three small plates of food on it.

“It is time for the first meal of your day, smeets,” he said.

“We still hate you!” one of the smeets said.

“Yeah, we wanna go home! This place is small and dark and really smelly!” said another.

“Yeah, this place is smelly! We’re gonna take your robot guy with us when we leave! We like him!”

“Yes, yes you hate Zim. NOW BE SILENT!” Zim commanded. His harsh voice made the smeets startle. Had they been able to cower together, they would have.

Zim approached each containment unit one by one and passed out the plates. When he got to the third tube, he noticed something was off about the smeet inside. She was paler than the other two, and her antennae were droopy. Her eyes were glassy, indicating she was on the verge of tears or had been crying already. This caught Zim off-guard.

“Eh- What is the matter with you, smeet?” he asked, his own antennae drooping.

“I don’t feel good.” 

“You don’t feel good? Is this merely a plan to trick ZIM into letting you go?”

The little smeet barely moved in response to his question. Zim hesitated.

“Eh- This act has gone on long enough. You can cut it out now.”

The smeet groaned and Zim was filled with dread. She wasn’t faking it. She was really sick and that was bad. If she was sick, she stood a chance of dying. If she died, Datrick Pempsey would be furious and an Irken smeet would have passed on due to his negligence. He didn’t really care about the former, but the latter… 

“Why are you ill?” Zim asked.

“It’s probably your fault, meanie-head,” one of the others snarked.

“It is NOT ZIM’s fault!” Zim protested. “I have no reason to make your sibling ill. That she is is actually detrimental to my plan. She must be made better at once. I will not let her die if I can help it.”

GIR sidled up to Zim and smiled at him with a most trollish grin upon his face. “Awwwwww, you DO care!” 

Zim grumbled. “I cannot let a member of the universe’s most superior race die,” he said. “Not when she is a mere smeet. Only the Control Brain has the right to terminate non-adult lives. Not even the Tallest can do that.”

“Whatcha gonna doooooooooo?” GIR asked.

“Call Pepper. She is far more knowledgeable in smeet care than I am.”

And call her he did. He waited for her to answer with a form of anxiety in which he’d not had before.

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Cutie pie. I need baby Zim.

Zim had made his way over to Tak’s base under the guise that he was upset with her. In complete honesty, Zim was there to check on her. He stomped up to the new base and began banging on the door.


The small Irken was cut short as a large puff of smoke enveloped him…

Left on the front step, was a tiny Irken Smeet, the once tight-fitting uniform now a blanket around him. He looked up with large eyes from under the now-huge wig.