I’m just still, like, stuck thinking about that person’s post.

Like, my mind is reeling just thinking about every “problematic” statement.

They ask if you’ve ever seen it reversed in the movies and they say “Have you ever seen a woman be fat and useless…” Like, way to go on your body positivity. (That statement just irks me personally because I’m overweight and probably not useful but I’m a good person so I think people would like me???)

But, tbh, they bring up one of their parents basically asking them the exact same thing (“She’s pretty. He isn’t. Why is she with him?”) IN PUBLIC. So, I know where this idea is coming from.

Again, they haven’t even watched the movie. If they did, they’d know Queenie and Kowalski bonded over baking. If they saw the movie, they’d know that Kowalski feels kind of worthless (at least that’s the idea I was getting) and dejected. He doesn’t demand Queenie’s attention, she’s just a genuinely good person unlike the schmuck who’s complaining about the couple.

Queenie is pretty but she’s even more beautiful because she’s kind. Kowalski might not be “conventionally attractive” but his personality and willingness to help these people he’s just met, despite the consequences of being obliviated, really shines through and makes him endearing. That’s all that matters.

Remember, you can be the most beautiful person on earth but if you have an ugly personality (like the person who made the original post), people are going to think you’re ugly.

the yuri on ice discourse on this hellsite is insufferable enough as it is but I think one of the things that really irks me is the amount of people who declare they will never watch it because its queerbaiting - first of all it isn’t and I wish people would stop throwing that phrase around to refer to anything other than full-on gay porn these days, but it mainly irks me because it implies that there is literally nothing else to like about the show.

I mean I definitely don’t doubt that there are a lot of people who literally only watch this show for the central relationship but there’s just so much else? It’s got adult characters with adult problems, it’s got a realistic depiction of the sport in question, its got an incredibly multicultural cast, it’s got really wonderful character writing, it gives Kyushu a spotlight for once hallelujah and it’s just so goddamn refreshing when anime is clearly aimed more at adults than at teenagers. But somehow both the people who haven’t even watched it and some of the people who have just dumb the entire thing down to ‘’just another fujo show’’ which just…doesn’t sit right with me.

BASICALLY I feel like stuff that’s clearly made with a female/queer audience in mind gets judged so much more harshly as being pandering than stuff obviously aimed at straight men (aka ‘the default’) does and its something that will shit me to my grave.

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unless it's made clear through the character's story that they are bi or pansexual, i call it playersexual. i know some use that term in a negative way but i don't really see a problem with game writers making characters playersexual. people ignore canonically established sexuality for a lot of characters anyways. i don't blame the writers for not wanting to establish a sexuality that will just be completely ignored and glossed over by large sections of the fandom

I agree with you there. I call it playersexual as well, unless it’s established what their sexuality is. It irks me when people pretend characters who are just left ‘blank’ on the sexuality card are bisexual (or pansexual or any sexuality including attraction to more than one gender) representation because it’s not.

And I agree, playersexual isn’t a negative thing in and of itself, there’s nothing wrong with the writers wanting to give players what they want - I mean the popularity of mods changing sexuality do send a message - even if I personally, from a story perspective, would have prefer them to actually give the LIs sexualities as it made the characters feel more complete? And more importantly, gave us real representation. (Even if that was ignored by parts of the fandom, some even trying to pretend their HCs were canon.) BUT who knows, maybe we will have representation, but just not in LIs?

And yes, maybe they wanted to avoid the drama by making all LIs playersexual. (Though I find it strange considering that titbit we got before about ‘making the sexualities make sense for the characters’?) But honestly there will still be drama, and people ignoring the sexuality set by the writers, because people will still assign sexualities to the LIs, same way they did that for all da2 characters.

christmas does irk me in the sense that its the time of year where neurotypical ppl are 5x as happy go lucky and neurodivergent people are 5x as miserable and looking around and seeing the difference is so uncomfortable

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Gives you an amused look, because you think he didn't already think of those things? "I've got a towel and toiletries in my bag. That's pretty standard for traveling. Especially when you don't know what you're getting into. Which we didn't. And if you plug that blanket of yours in now, it'll be warm when we get back, and if that doesn't do the job, I will." Gives a somewhat lazy half smirk, because he's tired himself. It's been a long day. "I won't even make you dress."

Narrows his eyes at you, not moving. “…of course it’s standard, why wouldn’t it be.” It irks him a little that you say that like he should know that, but not enough to actually be upset about it, especially after the rather great last few minutes and all. Stares you down for a second longer before huffing again, “Fine, get offa me. You’re not foolin’ me though, I know you’re perfectly fine with me walkin’ around like this.”

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What's so eye roll worthy about wanting body diversity?????

Because that’s what I’ve been saying/ wanting for years by VS, and it’s never likely to happen and that’s really crap. It irks me more than anything.

Just don't...

When women talk about the current state of sexism and misogyny, it isn’t the job of men to derail and change the subject by bloviating about what a goodguy™ they think they are.

When Lgbtq people complain about the state of discrimination, homophobia or trans-misogyny, that is not a cue for straight cis people to interject themselves into the conversation by proclaiming how “tolerant” and accepting they think they are. 

When Black people talk about institutional anti-blackness and racism, that is not a personal invitation for white people to derail by talking about how “colorblind” they think they are. And it also isn’t a challenge for NBPoC to derail with their version of the Oppression Olympics.

When people living with a disability talk about ableism or how difficult it is living in a world not made to accommodate them is, guess what? That’s not a sign that they want abled people to change the conversation to how they (claim to) treat everyone equally regardless of physical or mental challenges.

Come on people. It’s not that difficult, is it? We get it. Everyone gets it: You think that you’re a great person. But your alleged greatness wasn’t the point of the conversation that you just barged into, was it? What does that really add to the convo? Telling everyone what a wonderful human being you think you are might make YOU feel a little better, but exactly what does that do for the people you just stepped all over? Nothing. Absolutely, positively nothing.

And yes, if you do this version of “but not ALL…” then you should feel badly for trying to turn a post about a marginalized group’s suffering into an opportunity to boast about what an outstanding person you believe you are. Trust me, no one’s going to mistake you for an ally when you pull this kind of shit. There is an easily recognizable difference between “I feel bad that this is happening to other people” and, “BUT I’M NOT LIKE THAT!”

Sometimes there are conversations oppressed people have that do not require your input if you aren’t being oppressed. Particularly when said input isn’t showing true empathy, but instead is nothing more meaningful than you trying (and failing) to masquerade your “humble bragging” about how enlightened you supposedly are. Stop derailing. Just stop it. Stop trying to make it all about you.

You know what I’m still mad about? The scene in BoO where Jason says the Greek were unorganized but made up for it with spirit. Percy said one sentence and every camper knew what to do.

Nobody was looking at each other like ‘you wanna take the left? no? ok..’. They all knew. Jason was born a Roman and was used to those strategies, but Greeks are greatly strategic. Athens and Spartan strategies won wars, and if you remember, most of those same campers helped win a war against Kronos. These kids were so in sync and so much of a team. All they needed was 'Let’s I’m fight stuff’ to know where to go what to be who to target first.

The Greeks may not huddle or shout orders all the time in the war, but they are organized. The Greeks are an army, and a great one. They. Are. Organized.