irishthanhy pictures


I was tagged for the selfies of 2017 by @btwowb and @geniusnamjoon. It’s convenient that 2017 was the year I took the most selfies specifically to share on social media where they were easy to find as opposed to when I just send my face as a reaction to something.

I don’t know who to tag. So I’ll just say that if you see this and you want to show off your face you totally should. (I see @cookiemonstergoesfangirl wasn’t tagged so I’m gonna tag you because your face is a good face.)


I was tagged by @btwowb because apparently I get tagged in things now! (Look, mạ, I’m making friends on the Internet!) I can’t believe you tagged me! I’m honored.

My lock screen is a BtoB one I made because I love Brother Act so much.
My home screen is BTS’s Spring Day.
The last song I played is Dreaming because I may or may not be streaming this album almost constantly. (No problems here.)
I snapped a picture just now, at work, because I didn’t have any on my phone and goodness knows when the last one I took was.

I’m always terrible at knowing who to tag and, of course, you don’t have to do it. I’ll go ahead and choose: @gottabemelody, @whysocereus, @lovebtob, @cookiemonstergoesfangirl