reasons why louis should rip open one of niall’s button-downs next:

  1. to see niall’s bare chest. duh
  2. to see just how much chest hair has in fact accumulated on said chest, for research of course
  3. to see that little tum of his unclothed
  4. its been far too long since my eyes have been able to travel down his happy trail
  5. despite the calm and cool he showed when louis ripped his jeans, niall hates when his beloved possessions are fucked with and would likely become the most adorable grumpy little irishman you ever did see

I had always heard about how great Rosetta Stone was for learning languages, but I thought it might be an exaggeration…especially for someone as awful as me at learning languages.

But I’m trying it out (with Irish, because…well my family is from Ireland and I thought it might be fun) and it actually is really as awesome as people say it is. It works with exactly how I learn best…critical thinking. 

I might be able to actually learn a second language finally…


personal deities

The Sin Eater

Part of my pantheon includes dead gods, which is a term that I’ve coined myself in reference to divine entities that have lost their god status, had it removed from them or fell out of time and history until they dissolved in such a way that they could be remanifested into something else. The Sin Eater is one such as these. 

Her origins have links within existing Norse, proto-Irish and pagan Irish mythos, one of the things that has led me to be able to accept her existence is these links and the reality of the way she fits into the patterns of the gods I already follow. She and her mate, The Sky Chaser fill two roles in terms of the relationship that the wild things have with man, and that predators have with their prey.

A primordial figure of the Northern Wilds, she is one of the First Wolves, a consumptive spirit and pathfinder. She is a healer, in the way a wild animal knows to eat greens to force them to retch up an offending meal, or the instinctive way they know to hunt or forage. As man came to the world and began building their houses and castles, she attempted to bridge the gap between the Wilds and the Men who were forgetting how to speak to them. She helped them learn how to tread the forests, which plants would kill and which would heal. 

A psychopomp in the way that she walked the edges of so many worlds, she took special interest in dying warriors, the ones who sobbed and cried in agony as they lay alone in their blood. Sin Eater was the name given to her by man, as she ended their lives for them in the dark of the bloodied sky and easing their passage into the next world.

The further than Man removed himself from the Wilds, the more he began to fear it, and the more desperately she sought to bridge the gap; until finally Man began to hate the Eyes in the Dark and hunted her down, tricking her with hope that they were coming back to the world they had finally denied and began to destroy. 

Irish people.

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Woman kidnapped and brutally raped and shot along with her boyfriend and family members for reporting sexual assault. Her mother’s barn was also burned down. Maine police didn’t bother to send a unit to help her and claim she wasn’t injured.

Brittany Irish, one of the five victims of Anthony Lord’s northern Maine shooting spree is speaking out against Maine State Police.

“I hope that the State Police are held accountable for a man dying and not being able to raise his children,”

Irish told the media that Lord had released her after she promised to not contact police. But once free, she immediately contacted Bangor police, who then directed her to Maine State Police.

Irish said police then contacted Lord to notify him the incident had been reported, and that is what set him off.

Irish said State Police then told her they did not have enough manpower to send a trooper home with her when she told them she didn’t feel safe.

Irish stated that it was Lord’s fault and State Police’s fault that Kyle was killed last week. She said she just wants justice for her boyfriend and for everybody else involved.

“Police say I have no injuries, and that’s a lie because I was shot first. I was raped, I have bruises all over me.” Brittany said “They’re [State Police] not willing to tell the truth to anybody. They’re trying to bury it like nothing happened, like this wasn’t their fault.”


Police supporters often say that no matter we hate cops, we’ll call them when shit happens. Well shit happend… Here it is a situation where the cops could be useful. What the police did? - They ignored the opportunity. I have already said that the cops do not care about our problems. They defend themselves and the ruling class. This story is a directly proof. Police kill not only with their hands, they also kill by their shitty performance of duty.

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