My two favorite horror comedies, the Irish “Grabbers” and the English “Hot Fuzz”.

They’re both about cops taking on horrors in small towns with a lot of alcohol involved, and they’re both directed by men with Wright as their last names.

Here’s Ciarán O'Shea and Nicolas Angel with their respective partners (both at work and romantically) Lisa Nolan and Danny Butterman.

The moment that made me like O'Shea and Lisa as a couple was when he realized Lisa is the only one who can save him and she says “I’m your knight in shiny armor” and he looks at her like it’s the one thing he always wanted a woman to tell him. Overall it’s just so satisfying to see them both kick ass and O'Shea not just being perfectly happy with Lisa saving him, but loving her more for it. Also, the CGI is really good and the movie has a scene where the monster is chasing them and everyone I’ve seen it with has a “Oh shit!” reaction and comments on how terrifying that looks.

(It’s more difficult to pinpoint my favorite Nicolas/Danny moment, but I have a soft spot for when Nicolas buys Danny flowers and the lady asks if it’s for someone he’s in love with (“Someone special”) and he waits a beat before answering yes)


Since it Eurovision…… Here’s Graham Norton in his best role!!

Carry on down there about three five miles until you come to the gimpy child with the hula hoop. Keep an eye on him he’s a contrary fucker! You never know what way he’s gonna left next! Keep going until you come to a graveyard! With a hen it it! And if that hen is looking at you, and I mean STRAIGHT FUCKING AT YOU… you may as well come home. You’ll have no luck today. What the fuck are you going to Offaly for anyway?
—  Tommy Tiernan on Irish giving directions.

Robogarda - Republic of Telly