My gramma just told me the best fucking story

When my gramma was in her early twenties (this was early 1950’s), she dated this guy named Larry and he was like SUPER FINE. One night after dinner Larry took my gramma to this bar where there was gonna be kind of a burlesque show type thing. She thought it was kinda strange that a guy she was dating would take her to something like that but whatever, she’s an adventurous lady.
So this blonde dancer comes out and starts her routine and she was super good and really gorgeous. Gramma’s impressed. But then Blondie comes over to Gramma and Larry and ruffles Larry’s hair like she knows him really well or something, so Gramma’s like ???????
Anyway the dancer ended her routine by taking off her bra and revealing that she was a drag queen. Gram says to Larry, “Okay that was cool and stuff but why did you show me this?”
Larry says, “That’s my brother.”
My gramma’s boyfriend brought her to see his brother’s drag show for like their third date.

***EDIT*** stop saying my grandma should’ve married this man bc it makes me SO uncomfortable and also I’ve answered that question like eighteen times in the notes

Last Wise Guys concert on a Kirchentag ever (the band will quit in eight weeks), happening on May, 25th, Straße des 17. Juni, stage at Brandenburger Tor (Brandenburg Gate). Singing Irish Blessings along with 55.000 people - well, it doesn’t matter how distant or close you feel involved into the event’s subject - it moves, it grooves!

By the way: our societies forget about the secret power of singing along! Sing! Sing along! Never forget about that!! And singing along with others (maybe in a choir) is a special healing process for all kind of souls!!! Don’t believe your inside voice, you couldn’t sing - maybe you can’t, but for sure you can learn. A good choir will always have a place for you (if not, they might sing well, but they’re NOT a good choir!).