irish wolfdog

Geordex’s/Twan’s dog Gijs (:

Gijs is a mix between an Irish Wolfdog and probably a Galgo etc…
He is from Spain and was used as a racing dog, but since he wasn’t fast enough, the original; owner wanted to put him down, but a rescue center rescued him, along with other racing dogs that aren’t qualified anymore and are thrown away or just being killed.
Gijs had several owners before and he wasn’t a family dog, until he met my mom-in-law and family. He found his place in their home and is an easy-going dog. Twan raised him, trained with him and is really attached to the dog and the dog is really attached to him.
Since Twan has his trucker-license and had his job with flowers, he was gone alot, for days and Gijs just couldn’t help himself, but walk upstairs, look in his room, in the hope he would be there. And when he gets home again, he is always really excited.
Also when visitors come over, he always greet you, excited. Somehow, he also has gotten really attached to me aswell, since he sometimes follows me, while his head leans on my leg, while I walk and cuddles with you when you sit on the couch.
Not only I just give a lot of affection to him, I think he also knows, now I’m with Twan, he just knows that and also gets attached to me. Wich I don’t mind at all (:

In the future, we hope to get a full blood Irish Wolfdog or something similar to Gijs, since Gijs is also a beauty. That is also a reason why I reblog Irish Wolfdog pics xD
They are just handsome dogs <3