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So I just hit 1k followers and I’m so happy, I’ve been running this blog for 2 years now and this is a big accomplishment. Thank you to every one that read my stories, I appreciate every single read, like and reblog I’ve ever gotten. I know I’m the shittiest updater ever, but I just want to be sure all of my stories are good quality, so thank you for sticking up with me. Also thank you to all my mutuals who support me, you guys mean so much to me. 

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Adam| Gasoline |Cole

Title; Gasoline

Pairing; Adam Cole/reader 

Words; ~3,200

Summary; You’d do just about anything to win. And you really did mean anything. Part ½

A/N: welp. Here it is. First tumblr fic post. Feedback is encouraged like woah. Sorry for the random lurker trying to tag y'all in stuffs. ;D

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Strawberry Liqueur
Irish Cream
Whipped Cream
Strawberry Syrup
Red Sugar
White Sugar

1. Rim shot glass with strawberry syrup and white sugar.
2. Half fill shot glass with strawberry liqueur.
3. Use a spoon to layer irish cream on top of strawberry liqueur.
4. Top with whipped cream and red sugar.

#cocktails #drinks #shots #baileys #drink #cocktail #whippedcream #donut

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Age: 22

Place of Birth: Chișinău, Moldova

Current Time: 0:23 aka 12:23 AM?

Last Call: Mom

Last Drink I Had: Irish Breakfast tea with whipped cream

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Easiest Person To Talk To: Online friends. And mom I suppose.

Grossest Memory: OH. My baby nephew “doing stuff” on me. xD I held him on my lap for a bit, so my sister could prepare everything to change his diaper… and then it happened. Welps.

Favorite Song: I have a lot of songs that I adore. But this one is the most re-played according to my account [Bring me the horizon - Throne]

Horror or No: I like horror, but not with stupid plot and cliche things as zombies and vampire. You know, Gogol’s “Viy” type of horror.

Number of Siblings: An older sister~

In Love: with Percival Graves, Newt Scamander and people’s writing/art of them.

Killed Someone?: No??? I’m fluffy? I can’t kill anyone?

Jealous of People/Anyone?: Well, actually I’m jealous of some people. They have no limits and it frustrates me how easily they throw chances away. They are capable of things I never would be and yes, I’m salty and jealous.

Question You Are Always Asked: “What did you do today?“

Vacation: Home, or maybe a nice adventure-trip. I CRAVE FOR ONE. Someone come and take me away for an adventure.

Reason to Smile: All the lovely people over there and FBAWTFT fandom stuff.

Middle Name: No?

Worst Habit: LAZINESS. I’m so lazy sometimes you have no idea. I’m lazy even to breathe. That’s the limit level lmao

Time I Woke Up: Seven AM.

Love at First Sight or Walk Past Again?: Idk what is this about, but I don’t really believe in love at first sight.

X-Rays: Lots. Limbs, ribcage, teeth, head. I’m clumsy I guess? Though most were done when I was a kid.

Favorite Food: I love desserts. Sweet tooth all the way.

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that video of aliyah and…who is that? lana? with the miscommunication over the irish whip or whatever the hell happened there, is literally one of the worst wrestling related things i have ever seen in my 10+ years of watching

So my fourth training session went really well :D

I landed my first irish whip and i did a successful lock up sequence :D

Still gotta work on my rolls and my ropes but im moving up really really well and the help i’ve been getting from the other wrestlers there has been great like one girl did all my lock ups with me and she went over them during her freetime like she was so lovely for doing that with me

Big Night - Finn Bálor

Request: Oh gosh, so I’ve fallen in love the your Finn/Ava series. Dad Finn is so cute. I was hoping I could request something where the reader is actually on the roster as well and Finn decides to take their kid to see her in a big match?

A/N: When we say big match… I’m thinking PPV, Championship match… So what match could be the best? Read on to find out. ;)

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When the storyline approached, you were quite skeptical, but knew you had everything in you to carry it out. Production had decided to switch up the storylines, now making you the center of attention and the next contender to try and reach for the RAW Women’s Championship which Charlotte held proudly.

Back in January, the rivalry started with you returning after you took a short hiatus due to an injury that took around a month to heal. You made your big and much awaited return, only to declare war against Charlotte Flair, claiming you were coming for what was rightfully yours.

Even in your NXT days, you and Charlotte squared off when it came to the NXT Women’s Championship. Thankfully, you scored a big win one night, soon becoming the new crowned champion. Not only were you excited to say you held your first title, but you weren’t alone. Just so happened Finn was the current NXT Championship holder and soon led to be the longest reigning champion.

As the weeks continued and the months passed, the tables were being set. Finally, it was settled. It would be you against Charlotte on wrestlings biggest night. WrestleMania. Now, your nerves were getting the best of you. April 2nd was here before you knew it.

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Baron | Trophies | Corbin


- from @mrs-foxx-1233 - You and him are tag team partner against Simon Gotch and Alexa Bliss and after the match,you go to the hotel room ;)

-from anonymous-  So this is gonna sound dumb, but I’ve got really low self esteem right? And I also got really bad Baron Corbin smut feels right? Could you maybe help me out? BTW you’re freakin awesome!

(( combining these two to make one I have this killer idea for it!!!! also, I would have had this posted sooner but I got busy over the weekend and forgot about having it finished and ready to post when i was online yesterday. I really, really hope you like this, guys.))



Baron Corbin - WWE


SMUT AHEAD! There. I warned you.. And fluff.




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Seth Rollins Imagine #2

“This is why all your matches are horrible because you never have any good spots! If all you care about is safety then maybe you shouldn’t even be in this business!” My head snapped up after hearing what my boyfriend of three years just told me. I stood up and stormed out the dressing room going straight for the womens locker room to find my opponent for tonight, Paige. “Paige, we are going to turn this place upside down tonight, I swear to god we are going to show every single person in those stands and every single person back here that this womens division is not to be fucked with!” I ranted pacing back and forth as she watched me. “So, you’re telling me because you got into a fight with loverboy you want to prove to him, through our match tonight, that you can be just as risk taking as he is and show that this division is in the best place its ever been?” She asked looking up at me. “Yeah, I mean our storyline is already as personal as it can get so lets fire it up a little bit.” I reassured her hoping she wouldn’t back out of the plan. After a few seconds of thinking about it she smirked and held her hand out to me. “Let’s light this shit up tonight” She smirked as I grabbed her hand shaking it. We sat back down on the bench and started to go over the plan for tonight.. The bell rang signalling the start of the match between me and Paige. I immediately ran after her tackling her with a Thesz Press and started throwing punches at her. Soon she rolled on top of me and we both fell out of the ring. I stood up and brought her with me then drived her kidney first into the apron. She yelled out pain but bounced back and hit me with a clothesline. After 10 minutes, Paige had the upperhand and was dominanting me. I was irish whipped into the barricade and the steps twice but was still fighting. We were currently outside of the ring and it was a mess the announce table was destroyed but neither one of us has yet to go through it, the stairs were all over the place and the black mat was torn up and folded over as Paige tried to set me up for the rampaige but I countered and suplexed her right onto the concrete. She yelled out in pain as I stood up and dragged her by her hair, hitting her head on everything that came into my way. We both were counted out a long time ago but we wanted to get our point across and werent going to stop any time soon. I made my way up the ramp with her and suplexed her again on the metal, she yelled out in pain but I kept going. I picked her up and drove her into the wall of lights right where we come out. I turned her around pushed her off the stage and went for a cannonball flip onto her but she moved out the way and I landed right on my back. We continued to fight and the crowd loved every second of it as they couldn’t pick a side cheering for both of us every time we hit a spot. But everything came to an end when I picked her up as we both stood on the announce table and I hit her with her own finisher, the rampaige and we both fell through the table. She was knocked out but I was still slightly into it. The crowd roared with excitment when our brawl had offically ended and refs came over to check on us. They stood me up and I threw my arms over their shoulders as the helped me backstage, I took one last look at Paige and she looked over at me and winked. I smirked and was brought backstage. Immediately the superstars were back there and erupted into cheers as I was helped through the curtain. “You good or do you need to go to medical?” One of the refs asked, making sure it was okay to break kayfabe. “I’m fine but stay here, I want to wait until Paige comes back here.” I panted still exhausted from the battle I just had. Just a few seconds later Paige emerged from the curtain hanging onto refs as well but when she saw me a huge smile came onto her face. I got off the refs and trudged over to her and engulfed her into a hug. “That will be talked about for a long time.” She laughed as we pulled apart, but her smile faded as Seth came up to us. “Here to talk down onto your girlfriend some more? Cause if you are don’t even bo-” Paige was cut off by Seth grabbing my arm and dragging me away to our dressing room. He slammed the door shut behind him as I sat down onto the couch. “Y/N, are you fucking kidding me right now?! You could have gotten hurt out there! I was back here freaking out because I didnt know if my girlfriend was going to survive that out there!” He yelled at me as I looked up at him from my position on the couch. “Seriously Seth?! You’re gonna yell at me about being worried?! Now you know how I feel every night when you do shit like out there! But I do it once and suddenly it’s not okay to do that? You fucking told me and 2 hours ago that my matches sucked and when I go out there and put on a show like I’m supposed to, now it’s not okay! Paige and I fucking had fun out there doing that! We wished we could that shit every night but we can’t because we are women and we’re supposed to just look pretty while people like you get to run around and do whatever the fuck you want! My matches "suck” because thats what Vince wants, Seth! He doesnt want us to show off our talent because it will get more attention than the men! So when you decide to stop being a dick and support me and the decisions I make, I’ll be waiting.“ I finished as I stormed out the dressing room heading straight for the hotel.

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Aliyah confession

I honestly don’t hate Aliyah, but damn she needs A LOT more training. She’s a decent wrestler, but she is a hell of a long ways away from being good enough to go against the likes of Charlotte, Sasha, Becky, Nikki, Naomi, Bayley, and so on. I mean look at her “Batista moment” from her match with Lana at an NXT house show back in March. She performed an Irish Whip on Lana then just fell flat on her back for no reason and tried to play it off with a kip up. And her gimmick makes no sense. “The Cat’s Meow”? What the fuck is that? She needs more training and a way better gimmick. Eva Marie is leaving WWE soon and at this point I feel like Aliyah will be taking her place as the most hated WWE women.

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What’s cookin’, good lookin’?

I got 70 submissions this week. Wow! So happy to see you’re trying (and adding) recipes :)

We also learned:

Other interesting things from this week:

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And these are this week’s top recipes!

Last week I limited those recipes to 10, but why would I do that. Enjoy!


Molten Chocolate Lava Cakes



Sun Dried Tomato Basil and Parmesan Orzo with Chicken

Cheesy Bowtie Pasta Bake


No-Bake Chocolate Tart





Bailey’s® Irish cream muffins with Bailey’s® Irish cream chocolate whipped cream

Overnight French Toast Bake

Crock Pot Teriyaki Chicken

Baileys Cookies and Cream Parfaits!

And always let your kitty do this.