irish tin whistles

me 6 hours ago: im gonna try to go to bed early, so i can, get up early, but i want to look into some things first

me, right now: i just, I love the 4 leaf clover thing going with the lepers, its really endearing?

its so cute all the little character details in this game are cute or heARTBrEAKIng


A little of my background on music.

These are all the instruments I have.

*(Not Pictured) A silver flute. I played flute for 2 years in middle school.

*I love irish music, so that explains the flutes. And I have a plain gold one, a green and gold, and a silver Irish tin whistle.

*I got my Native American pan flutes from my friend who bought them for me from a Renaissance Fair.

*I used to play the recorder in middle school and was actually really good at it! I think I have a brown one along with the black and white one somewhere.

*My Papa taught me how to play the harmonica when I was like 12. I still have it.

*And I love piano so much! I took a year of lessons. To me, it’s the most beautiful sounding instrument in the world. I have a Yamaha keyboard. It doesn’t sound exactly like the real thing, but one day, I’ll have a black baby grand to compare it with.