irish tin whistles

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grey, with a circular body, and some cool shades. bald. non-binary. plays the piano. and the erhu. and the ukulele. and the bass guitar. and the irish tin whistle. (im sorry ignore the irish tin whistle) studies composition. likes room temperature to be around 17 degrees (celsius). favorite key is Bb major (or G minor). likes to hang pictures of the french revolution on walls, but otherwise, not very weird (i guess).

are you describing the physique of the anon icon


A little of my background on music.

These are all the instruments I have.

*(Not Pictured) A silver flute. I played flute for 2 years in middle school.

*I love irish music, so that explains the flutes. And I have a plain gold one, a green and gold, and a silver Irish tin whistle.

*I got my Native American pan flutes from my friend who bought them for me from a Renaissance Fair.

*I used to play the recorder in middle school and was actually really good at it! I think I have a brown one along with the black and white one somewhere.

*My Papa taught me how to play the harmonica when I was like 12. I still have it.

*And I love piano so much! I took a year of lessons. To me, it’s the most beautiful sounding instrument in the world. I have a Yamaha keyboard. It doesn’t sound exactly like the real thing, but one day, I’ll have a black baby grand to compare it with.