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just once I want a Sherlock Holmes adaption that recognizes that Moriarty was a not uncommon Irish surname (well, the anglicized version of one). I mean it’s not like a John Smith level name but it’s not like only one person in the world has it and it would be excellent to see that as a plot point. have Sherlock find a Moriarty and then realize that nah, this one’s great gramma was from Kerry, whoops sorry to scare you turns out you’re not a murderer you just have the same name as one my bad oh by the way you have seven cats, are failing maths, and had two sugars in your coffee today have a nice day goodbye. 

In case you are wondering about the Until Dawn kid’s Last names:

Sam Giddings: It’s an English last name meaning, “people of Gydda”

Chris Hartley: it’s an Anglo-Saxon last name that taken apart is a combination of the old english words for “Hart” (a red deer), plus “leah” meaning “wood” or “clearing”

Ashley Brown:  It’s a scottish/Irish/English last name

Jessica Riley: It’s an Irish and English surname meaning “rye clearing”

Matt Taylor: It’s an English last name, and is derived from the latin word, “To cut”

Emily Davis: It’s a very welsh last name meaning “son of david” (david meaning, “Beloved”)

When I was in P5 I had a teacher who was one of those “Woo Scotland!” people and one day she added as an extra bit of homework that we should look up and see if we “had” a tartan (based on our surname). Anyway my surname is an Irish surname which does not have a tartan associated with it and so I of course (being 9) was upset that I didn’t have this cool thing I could claim & at the same time got to further other myself in my (“non-denominational”) school.

Also a significant portion of the class was Pakistani so I wonder how they felt.


i was tagged by @comehitherniall to go onto urban dictionary, search my name, and post my two favourite definitions. i’ve never seen this tag game so i’m excited! thank you!

the first is just super cute because someone actually went on and typed up that definition for their girlfriend and i just find that silly and sweet. 

i actually stumbled upon the second, the story of “meggies” and cleethorpes, england, while researching seaside resorts in england for a fic i’m writing. that story in the urban dictionary definition is only one of many i read but they’re all interesting. (i also think it’s neat that whoever wrote that definition tagged it with “pirate” because my last name is an irish surname that translates to “pirate.”)

i’m going to tag @1dfourinfinity, @lia-is-in-love, @12trees, @dadshirtking, and anyone else who wants to do it! 


Boycott - “Surname of Irish land agent”

A boycott is an act of voluntarily abstaining from using, buying, or dealing to inflict economic loss on the target. It stems for an Irish land agent named Charles Boycott’s refusal to cut farm rental rates during a bad crop year, and the town’s subsequent decision to shun him from all business deals, to the extent that the postman would not even deliver him mail. The episode was estimated to have cost the British government and others at least £10,000 to harvest about £500 worth of crops.


Regular Black

“What are you mixed with?” ..shout out to everybody who’s just Regular Black Black Ma & Black Dad Black, nappy Black, ashy Black, light skin/brown skin/dark skin Black, made up name Black, English/Irish/Scottish slave surname Black, relaxer in the kitchen Black, coconut oil and kinky twist Black, got different daddies Black, big lip/wide nose Black, got a big ol’ booty and long ……Black, just Black, Regular Black. We good enough, pretty enough, sho’ Black enough. That’s why everybody tryna be like us and hate us because they will never be us. #RegularBlack

2manyfandomstocount  asked:

Hello! I'm making some OCs, and I was wondering if you knew of any good sources/websites for Scottish, Welsh, and Irish surnames? Sorry if this has been asked before and/or I'm being a bother, and thank you very much for your time.

Hmmm, let me see…

I honestly use a combination of different sites, I rarely keep track of which ones I use? For the Irish surnames I mostly used my own knowledge of them and a few books, for the Scottish and Welsh surnames I looked at several websites. If you want a really good starting point, I would suggest this excellent site which hosts a list of Irish, Scottish and Welsh surnames. It’s mostly indicated when a surname is Anglicized or native and what the meaning of it is. When you choose the surnames, a thing you can do is to google them and check that the meanings remain the same from website to website. 

Hope this helps! 

quick psa here. it is not race bending to have a muse of mixed race even if the face isn’t. (but also, newsflash people zayn malik is of mixed race) furthermore, these constant anons to people berating players for having a zayn without a “traditional pakistani* or muslim” name is just ridiculous. i have one white parent and one hispanic parent and my last name is hispanic. plenty people of mixed race have last names that don’t reflect as traditional. zayn’s mother’s maiden name is brannan and that is an irish/gaelic surname. had his mothers race and his fathers race been flipped he would have been zayn brannan. stop applying these gross stereotypes to characters. thats like going up to a mexican with the last name smith and going “but you don’t look white”. fucking stop. its fucking racist. STAHP. you guys are all so caught up in not being racist and culturally aware that you actually come off as hella fucking racist and culturally ignorant. 

Jim pencil doodle i slapped colour on with ipad~
Also bit inspired from Gotham by Midnight.

I headcanon Jim as irish tbh. It’s partly cos of Emmett but he also has “kiss me im irish” mug in GbM and “Corrigan” is an irish surname~
He’s just trying to blend in and speaks with the southern accent :’D