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New altar setup! I’m so delighted to finally have a bundle of lavender, and I wanted to show off my Celtic harp instead of keeping it hidden on the ground; ta-daa! ~ I really like this color scheme / arrangement, especially since this is the first time I’ve changed it in awhile.


Sky, Water and Earth (stone)

Druid lore contains an elemental system of its own: a set of three elements, sky, water and earth (or stone).
According to Druid philosophy, everything in the universe is made up of these three elements in some combination, with one being dominant.

Cursing stones

Bullán or bullaun is a word used to describe a naturally occurring phenomena in which chemical weathering in the form of rain water causes a depression in rocks and boulders forming a bowl shape. After this has happened water can pool up inside it and sometimes small rocks or pebbles can be found in it, sometimes they appear round by being dissolved in the water.

Bulláns have cultural and significance in many Irish and Scottish culture and sometimes religion, though they also appear in other cultures such as Lithuanian, I believe.

It has been said that rainwater collected in the bowl of a bullán has healing properties. Strangely, bullán as a ritual tool still existed in the Christian period. Also many bulláns have become associated with certain churches. They’re known as ‘cure’ or 'curse’ stones because in order for events to happen the bullán would be used by turning them whilst praying for someone to be cured of their ailments or for them to be cursed. I’ve heard thit stones can be called butterlumps though I’m unsure of this.

An interesting story about the healing properties of bullán can be found in the story of the birth of St. Áed mac Bricc, an Irish Bishop and saint. When his mother gave birth to him, his head rested above the stone and made a hollow depression in it after which remains to this day. When there is water in the depression, it is relieves all the ailments of believers. This is just one Irish tradition of the bullán having spiritual significance.

I’m not sure if it possible but it I’ve wondered could someone make on out of clay, and if so would it be able to have the same properties? Though they are made naturally could it be possible? I mean you just could go looking for one, but I wouldn’t because since they’re usually found in certain places, spirits and fae could have special ties to this object and it would be inappropriate to remove it.

‘The Steppimg Stones’

Early morning as the sun rises and wonderful golden light gradually reflects through the trees at Tollymore Forest Park, County Down.
The park consists of 1600 acres of magical woodland at the base of the Mourne Mountains.
It has numerous beautiful walking trails along the Shimna River, with numerous small gorges, gothic bridges, grottos, and a beautiful old stone Hermitage.
It is awash with colour in the Autumn.
Little wonder that due to it’s magical nature, it has been used often for ‘Game of Thrones’ location shoots, as well as ‘Dracula Unbound’ and was one of the inspirations for C.S. Lewis for the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe.


Connemara marble

Connemara is a famous region in the west of Ireland. It means “Inlets for the Sea” in the Irish language and has a tremendous rugged beauty. Connemara Marble is a rare form of marble found in the region which is typically greenish in colour: colour and markings in the marble reflect the natural beauty of the mountains of Connemara. It is said to be one of the rarest forms of marble in the world due to its limited supply and dates back over 600 million years. 

Connemara marble is also said to bring serenity to those who keep it close: in Irish folklore, rubbing a stone crafted from Connemara marble (Irish worry stone) is believed to relieve worries and bring luck. For many centuries Connemara marble has been used as a traditional gift between families who vowed friendship through generations.

Fishermen would carry a worry stone with them while out at sea to ensure success in their undertakings and a safe return. It is also given as a gift to remind people of Celtic origins of their homeland, though they may travel or live overseas. A precious and magical gem to carry with them always.

‘The Giant’s Ring’

'The old Oak Tree, the Giant’s Ring’
This old oak tree sits alone on top of an 11ft high circular earthwork bank called the 'Giant’s Ring’, that surrounds a henge enclosure 596ft in diameter (6.9 acres), in the middle of which sits a neolithic tomb at least 2700BC consisting of 5 upright stones and a capstone.


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20 & 21 please, if you are still taking drabble prompts? No pressure,I can wait if it's *years* (which i actually did after i read the "road...") Also, i have difficulty deciding which of your story is my fav. The road, of course, but the recent drabble fest is giving me a tough time! Thank you for sharing your work. :)

Thank you <3  

“D..did you just make that noise?” / “He’s a bad kisser.”

“He’s a bad kisser.”

Molly made a face over her mug.

“Just repeating what she said,” Mary said, sipping her own (decaffeinated) tea.

“She really said that, after everything she told the tabloids and whoever else would listen?” The that slag was heavily implied.

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‘The Chaine Tower Lighthouse’

The Chaine Tower is a cylindrical stone lighthouse at the entrance to Belfast Lough at Larne, County Antrim, with a bit of 1914 gun running history
Most people think it’s just a memorial tower for James Chaine who developed the sea route from Larne to Scotland as well as establishing the port, but it is also a really beautiful lighthouse originally built to represent an old Irish Round Tower.
When I was shooting there the Keeper of the Lighthouse arrived to turn the light on and invited me in!