irish seascape

‘Under the Dome’

Low tide at (Rough Island) Island Hill, Strangford Lough, Northern Ireland.
With about an hour to go before sunset, and the forecast for patchy cloud and rain, convinced myself to take the 25 minute drive to Island Hill. Glad I did!
The causeway to the island is exposed for several hours at low tide, and light rain added to the lush colour of the scene.
‘Between the tides, a range of habitats appear from differing grades of mud and sand to boulders and salt marsh. The area is rich in worms, shellfish and other small animals that are a vast food source attracting migratory birds and waders, with some species found in internationally important numbers during the winter. Eelgrass is abundant and is the principle food source of Brent geese, many thousands of which migrate to the Lough during September and October.’

‘The Chaine Tower Lighthouse’

The Chaine Tower is a cylindrical stone lighthouse at the entrance to Belfast Lough at Larne, County Antrim, with a bit of 1914 gun running history
Most people think it’s just a memorial tower for James Chaine who developed the sea route from Larne to Scotland as well as establishing the port, but it is also a really beautiful lighthouse originally built to represent an old Irish Round Tower.
When I was shooting there the Keeper of the Lighthouse arrived to turn the light on and invited me in!

Milky Way over Dundrum Bay, County Down, Northern Ireland, so lucky to get a spectacular iridium flare through the middle of it!

The iridium flare in the middle of the Milky Way is a direct reflection of the sun’s disk caused by the reflective surfaces (such as solar panels or antennas) of an iridium satellite. The flares can be 20 times brighter than Venus and last from 5 – 10 seconds before the satellite disappears from visibility.

….. but it looks like an exploding planet!