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Name: callum

Nickname: cal

Zodiac sign: scorpio

Height: 5'3-4ish

Ethnicity: scottish/irish

Orientation: ??????

Favourite fruits: bananas!! and grapes, satsumas, strawberries, fruit is just really good my guy

Favourite season: summer 

Favourite books: Cinnamon Toast and the End of the World, Girls On Fire, I’ll Give you The Sun, there’s more but my brain is fried

Favourite flowers: cyclamen, chrysanthemum, sunflower, uhhh not many others i know the names of off the top of my head

Favourite animals: dogs, monkeys, foxes

Favourite beverage: green tea, peppermint tea, black coffee

Average hours of sleep: ???? 4-7 hours i guess

Favourite fictional characters: the wammy boys from death note, the entire belcher family, chandler bing, buffy summers, aunt viv from the fresh prince, the guy making copies from that one brandon rogers skit

Number of blankets you sleep with: 2 in the winter 1 when its warmer

Dream trip: no specific place - mass road trips are the dream trip tbh. just anywhere that isn’t here

Blog created: december 2014

Number of followers: 450 on this blog, 413 on @callisto-draws (!!!!)

What do I post about: aesthetics, memes, shitposts… it’s a mess

Aesthetic: (lmao olwyn your aesthetic list was p close with mine) sunsets, clouds, dyed hair, plants and flowers, neon lighting, cityscapes, fields, liminal spaces like gas stations after dark, abandoned places, messy rooms, morning lighting, silhouettes, messy/smeared makeup, glitter 

Favourite band/artist: oh jeez… there are many. recently i’ve been listening to a lot of hole and nicole dollanganger, as well as lightsandsounds10 and thelazylazyme’s channels

Favourite character I’d date: L Lawliet because he has money where i don’t have standards or self-respect

Hogwarts house: a quiz i took a while ago said ravenclaw so??? that i spose

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They’re all here! I took it upon myself to create an illustration of a Mythological creature or character for every letter of the alphabet, trying to span across a multitude of cultures and creature-types. Another thing I wanted to accomplish with this project was to find some the more unusual and/or obscure creatures that don’t get as much representation in artwork. Individual Tumblr Posts with said creatures’ descriptions are below.

Again, I’ll be making this into a small run of books as a way to test the waters. If there’s more demand for a larger run, I’ll definitely be looking into it!

All REBLOGS are appreciated! 

Bestiary Alphabetum: Each Entry is clickable!

A is for Ammit

B is for The Beast of Gevaudan

C is for Cockatrice

D is for Dullahan

E is for Eurynomos

F is for Faun

G is for Grendel

H is for Harpy

I is for Indus Worm

J is for Jersey Devil

K is for Krampus

L is for Lamassu

M is for Manticore

N is for Nuckelavee

O is for Otoroshi

P is for Penanggalan

Q if for Questing Beast

R is for Rangda

S is for Succubus

T is for Tzitzimitl

U is for Ushi-Oni

V is for Vegetable Lamb

W is for Wyvern

X is for Xing Tian

Y is for Yara-Ma-Yha-Who

Z is for Ziphius

The signs as stereotypical Scottish things
  • Aries: Nicola Sturgeon's unbridled rage, unleashed during FMQ at fools who think they can take her.
  • Taurus: Square Sausage and Well Fired (aka burnt) Rolls.
  • Gemini: "Whit school dae you go to?" aka "I need to know if you're Catholic because sectarianism."
  • Cancer: Being put on a lucozade drip by your mum when you're ill.
  • Leo: That time Jim Murphy got egged and acted like he'd been shot.
  • Virgo: People who pronounce "Alba gu Brath" with a 'th' sound.
  • Libra: That one week of summer. The topless middle aged men with beer bellies. The only six pack they have is of Tennents. The Tennents is warm. Also you can smell weed and stale piss.
  • Scorpio: "Gaelic was never spoken here" said by people from places where gaelic was most definitely spoken.
  • Sagittarius: That time Alex Salmond threw a Saltire over David Cameron's Heid.
  • Capricorn: My dad watching Football on BBC Alba and still only knowing "agus" (and). Says it so slowly it doesnt actually sound like the same word anymore but still full of pride.
  • Aquarius: Neil Oliver's Haaaaaiir.
  • Pisces: Drinking Irn Bru on a rainy beach in summer. Cold, and full of pathos.
The dream

Scotland and Northern Ireland break off from the UK. Northern Ireland unifies with Ireland and the two of them hang out while we all watch the British Empire fall to pieces. The sweet jazz of Baker Street plays in the background. Scotland and Ireland clink two bottles of whisky together as the sun sets.

That’s the dream baby, that’s the dream.

Endangered langblrs #2

This is the second post of this kind. As in the last post #1 I want to introduce you to important helpers of revitalising and documenting endangered and lesser-used languages here on tumblr. So, I will name some langblrs that deal partly or wholly with those languages. If you know more of such langblrs please tell me right away and I will mention them in a next post.


Kalaallisut is a lesser-used language and certainly a minority language within the Danish realm.


Laz language

ლაზური ენა, lazuri ena, or ჭანური ენა, ç̌anuri ena is an endangered Kartvelian language spoken by 22,000 people in Turkey and Georgia that is related to Georgian. 



Chikashshanompa’ is a Muscogean language that is currently spoken by less than 75 people in Oklahoma.



Gaeilge is the national language of Ireland but only has around 74,000 mother speakers.


Scottish Gaelic

Gàidhlig is also a Celtic language as Irish is and is spoken in Scotland and Canada by only 57,000 mother speakers.



Kernowek is a revived Celtic language that has gained some new mother speakers again.

@fortheloveoflanguistics (Also about language revitalisation in general)

Sami languages

Saami languages are Uralic languages, related to Finnish and Estonian, and are spoken by around 30,000 mother speakers.

@selchieproductions (Southern Swedish Saami)
@fara-learns-sami (Northern Saami)

I really hope that this will inspire more of you to submit other blogs that deal with a certain endangered, lesser-used or minority/regional language or with language endangerment and revitalisation in general. The network and possibilities of tumblr are such good resources for languages that have hardly any visibility elsewhere and especially no resources to learn with. So, let’s spread this message further, so I will get more submission of endangered langblrs to share with you. Thanks a lot!

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Hey!) What are you doing ??? Tell me, please, some facts about dogs:) And, send me foto)

Hello! Here is a fun fact for you + a picture!

(above, ¼ merle smooth collie ¾ greyhound by edloborn)


What are they?
Lurcher is a fancy term for sighthound mix. A sighthound is a dog that hunts by sight and speed (Borzoi, Greyhound, Whippet, etc).

Why are they?
While lurchers can be classified as a sighthound mixed with any breed, they originally served an important purpose.  In the 14th, 15th, and early 16th centuries the English and Scottish governments banned commoners from owning sighthounds, such as Irish wolfhounds, Scottish deerhounds, and Greyhounds. So, lurchers started to be bred in order to avoid legal complications. But that’s not all -  the lurcher was actually a more specified type; A Sighthound mother combined with a working dog breed.

Poachers and hunters discovered that breeding certain breeds with sighthounds produced a dog better suited to hunt, giving the lurchers a combination of speed and intelligence.  Collie crosses were popular, given the working instinct of a sheepdog. The sighthound was used as the dam due to Greyhounds making better mothers, the genes of the mother being more important than that of the father, and that the larger female is less likely to have problems in birth if a smaller male mates with it.

Where are they?
Lurchers are still around today! They have adapted to becoming family pets, hunting companions, and dog sport champions. Since they are not purebred dogs, they are not recognized by any kennel clubs.

Bonus fact!
Sighthounds mixed with other sighthounds are seriously called Longdogs. They are bred with the intent on creating better coursing dogs, and do not have the same working capabilities as Lurchers.

This or That - Langblr edition! ☆

Duolingo or Memrise? Class or self-study? Movie immersion or music immersion? Learning a few languages or just one language at a time?

Romance hoe or Germanic hoe? Japanese or Mandarin? Egyptian Arabic or Morrocan Arabic? Italian or French? Irish Gaelic or Scottish Gaelic? Swahili or Zulu? Latin or Ancient Greek?

It’s Union Day!

The day we celebrate the union of our kingdoms into the greatest kingdom that ever graced this earth. So I’m gonna be posting some mofo’ng British pride. My fathers family is originally from Corcaigh, now it’s mixed Irish/English heritage, I still got mad love for my Welsh & Scottish brethren though. 

Northern Ireland - The Ulster Banner & Saint Patrick

Wales -  Baner Cymru & Saint David

Scotland - Flag of Saint Andrew & Saint Andrew

England - Flag of Saint George & Saint George

United Kingdom - The Union Flag


Mythological creatures around the world



Selkies appear in Scottish and Irish myth and are said to be seals who can cast off their skin and become human on land. If someone should find their seal skin they can hide it, forcing the selkie to remain human and often forcing them into marriage as well. If the selkie should ever find their skin again, they will immediately transform back into a seal and return to their beloved ocean.