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“It’s the small things. You get onto the bus to the field and Axel’s seat is there. You get into the changing room and normally he’s there. All the little things that remind you of it. 

Then you get to the field and the way the Irish people, the Munster people, do things is very personal and with so much emotion. It was a privilege to experience what we’ve experienced here. It’s just unreal, and I can include all Irish people in that. It’s not just Munster, it’s unreal how personal, emotional – how people do things here. 

It’s tough to understand how one would want to be in any other place than here, after experiencing that. For me, personally, it was just a great honour.”

- Munster’s Director of Rugby ‘Rassie’ Erasmus on remembering Anthony Foley

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When I got on the train home from work there was this really hot dude sitting right across from me. He started talking to me and it turned out we were headed in the same direction. He had this amazing thick Irish accent and asked for my number. I went to see him a couple of days later. After some small talk we ended up cuddling... Then he fingered me... And then fucked me... His roommates were in the next room. That's how I lost my virginity to an Irish rugby player I met on the train. :o

So this is my second attempt at publishing gay romance/erotica. (First one is called Tackling The Issue) and dealing with a gay Irish rugby player dealing with his sexuality…and his ex.

First book is more psychological and looks at internalised homophobia; this one just goes with some more straightforward romance.

It’s available exclusive on Kindle and the Kindle app and you can pick it up at Even better, it’s free 26th and 27th May (2017 in case you see this a few years in the future.)

Go on and share, add it to your Goodreads shelf, pick it up and have a read/leave a review. Have a look at my other books while you’re there, and if you fancy a review copy or a chat, just let me know.

Sean Kevin O’Brien, Irish professional rugby union player from Carlow, Ireland. He plays provincial rugby for Leinster and club rugby for Clontarf RFC.

He is known for his barging runs and ball carrying with the IRB’s Rugby News Service describing him as ‘a rampaging ball of destruction. He is also known for his speed, counter rucking, and defensive tackling.

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