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Awwwww thesun.)ie/news/1600011/irish-rockers-hudson-taylor-are-talented-good-looking-and-definitely-have-the-x-factor-but-thats-not-all-they-have-in-common-with-niall-horan/

awww, omg, that’s such a cute background story? I didn’t know that they knew each other way before! 

Harry went to school in Mullingar — he received a scholarship to the prestigious St Finian’s Music college — and knew Niall when they were just kids.

On the train home from an All-Ireland final, when he was just 15, Niall confided in Harry as he was a big fan of the Hudson Taylor brothers’ musical output.

On this train ride, Niall told Harry that he’d auditioned for the X Factor and had got through and was being put into a group of male singers. It was top secret at the time.

Harry wished him all the best with it and never realised just how big a break this was going to be for young Niall.