irish princes


YAAAAAAS! Somebody got the first time he sang! I have another version from later in the night where he’s got his arm around Jen and he’s being all into it that I still need to post LOL

I can’t stop watching him… he is just so … … . . and his eyes are so… … but his lips are so kissable … . . and he is just… .  FINN

“Do you know how lucky you are missy?” Your husband Finn, very serious by the way, asked your infant daughter, their blue eyes matching each other.”You stole mommy’s boobs from daddy and you get to kiss them and touch them whenever you want” He playfully played with y/d/n nose, trying to get a giggle in return. You try to contain yourself from bursting into laughter as you enjoyed watching Finn bond with y/d/n.”When are you planning on giving them back to me missy?” Finn held y/d/n up, questioning her.”Help a daddy out baby girl.” Tilting his head onto his shoulder, he gave your daughter a pout.”As soon as you finish smack talking our daughter, who by the way doesn’t understand a word you are saying, you’ll find me in our bed, in lace, waiting for you to unwrap me.” You yell across the hall, making your way to your bedroom.